Ask Your Questions About Fire Emblem

Let this be the general center for any Fire Emblem question you may have. Whether it has anything do with the games, the creators, etc, ask and you shall get your answers. Just a note:

1) Here’s a decent guide to get you started:

2) Youuuu…probably don’t want to ask me questions about Fire Emblem games that have never come to the states. Except Shin Monshou No Nazo. Outside of that I only know vague info on all the FE games released in JP. So you can ask your question, but you should hope someone else answers.

3) I’ll try and answer any questions in a timely matter, but I may not be around so…yeah.

Outside of that, whatever you have is fair game. Now here’s my game face:

Sigurd crazyAsk away.

So, I Guess I’m Gonna Be On Another Hiatus Thanks to…

…Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Well, if anything, my hiatus will probably not last long as I’ll try and crank out a first impressions post this week. I have little idea what I’m about to get into, but at least now I can prepare for the SMT x FE crossover that I still expect to come next year. I wonder if I’ll like this game though…

Anyways, I’ll try and write some stuff about this game, my progress, etc. Might even try and tie it into FE somehow. But I’ll see. For now, time to game!

10 Questions About Fire Emblem, All of Them Answered By Walters!

I guess this is my questions face.

I’m back. Well, not really. I just got settled into my hours at work, but as long as I schedule myself, stick to my schedule, and get good sleep, we should be good to go. Though I have to come up with some new content for the site in the next few days. Well, I have an idea at least.

I’ll explain it in this question segment! While I was gone, there were burning questions involving Fire Emblem, Robin and Lucina, and other video game stuff that I’d like to answer. Let’s get to that!

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Sigurd's Predictions

So yeah, I’m working now. Actually have a part time job. Yeahhhhhhhh

So i.e, I’ll be away from the site for at least as long as I can set my schedule and crap. That probably means I’ll start writing on Monday or Tuesday. It may be longer, but I don’t believe so. But I want to concentrate on this job here. So bye bye for now!

Super Smash Bros. Famitsu Scan Translation (1/4)

Featured Image -- 1376


Famitsu translations from the great Kantopia of Smash Bros’s newest characters. 3/3.

Originally posted on kantopia: provided some Super Smash Bros. scans for Wii U and 3DS featuring the newly announced Fire Emblem characters. I decided to translate and edit the pictures here. I split them into four pages. While Avatar/MyUnit/Rufure/Robin was first page number wise, I decided to do Lucina first.

UPDATE: Robin’s first page can be foundhere!

Robin’s second page can be found here!

It was really hard to read some kanji due to poor image quality of scan (when zoomed), so there may be some mistakes as I had to work around them with context.*

My Edit/Translation:


Original Image:


More to come!

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