I Hate To Say It But…

This blog’s gonna be updated on a inconsistent basis. (In case you couldn’t tell already)

Quite simply, the other site I write for on the internets is taking off, and real life work has been crazy. With people getting hurt or simply going somewhere else, it’s left a lot of hours on the table, and I’ve had to fill them. So yeah, shifts have been long, I haven’t been able to game much…that means no FE updates at the moment, at least until something about FE If surfaces, or any other pertinent FE news.

It sucks, as there’s some features I wanted to do, but well, they’ll just be on hold for now until I learn how to manage my time better. And not be stuck with a lot of work.

Random Off The Cuff Thoughts on Fire Emblem If

Fire Emblem If 4So I thought I would present to you guys a heavily researched, confident, and bold opinion on the Fire Emblem If trailer that came out in last week’s Nintendo Direct. But my time is still taken, so my thoughts are about as random and ill-presented as you’ve become accustomed to know.

So I’m just gonna roll with it. Oh well.

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Fire Emblem 14 Announced In Today’s Nintendo Direct, Looks Exactly Like Awakening

Well, aside from the Eastern style bent this particular edition of FE has, which only makes me more excited.

Fire Emblem Awakening System: YES
A familiar (as in, the samurai theme) yet new type of setting in the FE world: YES!
New storywriter: YES
The characters have feet: YES!!!

There’s a lot to get to, including how this could tie into SMT x FE (!!!) based on the Japanese title and Iwata mentioning making choices in this game, grabbin some screenshots, and some other stuff but I just got back from work and need to watch this trailer for the next hundred hours. Discuss anything you want about the 14th edition of the FE franchise, and any speculation.