Why Genealogy Vs Thracia 776?

Fire Emblem Seisen No KeifuFire Emblem Thracia 776

So ok. In my attempt to stall for content (because stalling is the best thing to do when you start your blog; fill the masses with unneeded information), I guess I shall explain why the hell I have genealogyvsthracia776 as my domain name since I did go and explain why I named the site FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM. Well, here are the potential reasons why I might have named it so:

  1. Name search: Maybe I’m just a ridiculously savvy blogger that understands what it takes to find a blog and how to get hits. With a domain name like this, I can easily rank high on all the various search engines since there are people who really want to find out who would win in a fight: Genealogy of The Holy War or Thracia 776. Which is a debate that you can rage yourself; I haven’t played either of the games! So I can’t say for certain at all. I was just politically accurate with my desire to say, “Yeah, only Fire Emblem fans of the hardcore level might find this blog via search!” But then you ask, why not have a name that relates to the games released in the West? But what’s the fun in that? (Ok, I kid) Let’s just say maybe I’m hoping the most experienced FE players will know to check out this blog.
  2. Love for the Jugdral Saga games: For someone who has not played any of the games, they just look awesome yet frightening at the same time. I would probably be willing to play any of the older Fire Emblem games (Gaiden, Monshou no Nazo, and Binding Blade) instead of playing any of the Jugdral games because based on videos I’ve seen, it looks massive, elegant, but hellish in difficulty. Yes as a theoretical rule all Fire Emblem games are notoriously difficult, but in the case of those games (and to an extent the other older games), time is just on their side, and not in a good way. I think they are in dire need of an update before I even touch them. I might consider also playing Thracia and Genealogy if the patch is updated, because I…I don’t like the look of those translations. I mean it looks terrible. Yeah, kudos for allowing people to play it, it is definitely a lot of hard work (especially since it’s FE), but come on now, what’s with that gibberish. But anyways, how best to express my love without actually playing it by combining the two to fight against each other. Or just combining the two, it’s not really a fight!
  3. Came up with it for giggles. I mean, surely I came up with this random domain name just out of the blue. It is a possibility. A .1 something something something something chance, but there is a chance…

Ok, enough about that. I think I’ve explained why. You can decide for yourself which is the reason I came up with this blog, or maybe it’s a combination of the three. Anyways, I should probably point out that yes, you can share for yourself which game is better in the comments below and why. Just be respectful. That is all I ask.

Hmm, on the note on comments, I guess that’s gonna be my next post. Wow, my jerkish ways continue since I’m still not talking about FE…anyways, I encourage you to suggest content for me to work on for the site, it would be cool if possible. I would also like to ask if there is anything else you think I should do, is the site designed all right, etc? Granted, I’m on a WordPress blog (and I’m doing this for fun, so no to paying for a domain and dealing with the crap that comes with it) so design choices are limited, but hey, will do what I can.

About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

8 thoughts on “Why Genealogy Vs Thracia 776?

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  2. Fire Emblem games really do have lovely game artwork too, and unique character designs. I’m sure you’ll attract a lot of traffic to the blog with Fire Emblem art alone.

    May I draw some Fire Emblem fan art for your blog? I need to make use of this Wacom tablet sitting around collecting dust.

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  5. “I mean it looks terrible. Yeah, kudos for allowing people to play it, it is definitely a lot of hard work (especially since it’s FE), but come on now, what’s with that gibberish.”

    As someone who worked on Project Exile, part of the reason that the gibberish shows up is that adding English text to the game increased the size of the cartridge to be over 4 megabytes. The reason that’s bad is that the original Famicom, at least to my knowledge, can only really comprehend cartridges under that threshold. Once you go past that, it start weirding out. This is why Project Exile only works on certain emulators.

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