How You Can Keep Up With This Blog

Fire Emblem 2

So ok, my ideas for coming with posts has been refreshing. My ego has been sated. I guess it’s time to finally talk about Fire Emblem talk about how you should keep track of this blog.

…I am so original.

Being the savvy blogger that I am, I understand that RSS is not quite as easy a follow as it should be. Mostly because some just don’t use it, or somehow just don’t understand it. So I will do my best to explain exactly what RSS and how you should use it to keep track of this blog.

Wait…some of you already know how to use it? Well. Um. Hmm.

Just read my spiel anyways!


Definition obviously stolen from this site:

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

HOW DO I USE RSS (I came up with this one):

You add blogs you like or want to keep track of to any number of readers that accept RSS.

See, it’s not that hard right? Well, except the fact that Google Reader is supposedly going out of business (ok it is but stay with me), so that kind of means it’s even harder to keep up with blogs right? No, of course not. There are other options. Here’s my option:

My Yahoo



…So ignoring the lack of content, you can merely add a feed by taking this blog’s name, go to content, then you’ll see Add RSS feed. Not too hard.

Other options:

Follow by Email: Don’t want to deal with all that complicated stuff and you check your email regularly? Welp, go follow the blog by email. I mean, let’s just say that makes it easier and you don’t have to deal with all this RSS reader nonsense I’ve been spewing.

Other reader options: Um…they…they’re out there. I swear. Surely some of you smart ones have a featured reader you use that you can share to the rest of the class? Anyways, here’s a few that are listed. Oh, and you should go search your browser for RSS apps. You might find one that you like.

Bookmark it: I bet some of you just think the Bookmark feature is useless. Well, let me tell you…it’s not! Honest! So therefore, if you want to easily get access to this blog, then just bookmark this blog. If you don’t know how to bookmark on your browser (especially when it should be easy thanks to updated browsers), then there is no hope for you of ever learning how to bookmark, and you should just go back to elementary school!

Add it to your blogroll: Well, this option is just for anyone else who has a blog and actually has a blogroll. So if you have a blog, go add my blog to your blogroll. I admittedly don’t want to have my blogroll be too big, so chances are the content’s gotta hit me like a ton of bricks (I gotta be sold for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and be early, if you want me to add your blog. I probably will just maintain that first come is first serve on that front. So please don’t have a blog that’s not good ;_;

WordPress Follow: That nice little follow button you see at the top? Well, you can go follow me that way too. Somehow you’ll see it in your reader. Honest! But you need to have a WP blog to see the follow button. Everyone else? Too bad!


At the early stage of this blog, I…I’m not all that certain if I want to maintain one or the other. Twitter is probably instant access, but at best, I’ll just use that for posts and status updates. Facebook is something I use (not often); not sure I want to bother maintaining that, but at best, I’ll just use that for posts and status updates.


Well, I guess in the end, it’s up to you if you think I should bother getting a Twitter or Facebook for this blog. I wonder what I should name the Twitter. But anyways, getting ahead of myself. Now, I’ve written and stalled for as long as possible. It’s still not time for any Fire Emblem talk. Why? Because there is one more off topic post that I want to do before there are any posts involving Fire Emblem. And that…is who I am. Who is Walters? Welp, you’ll get to figure that out…someday. For now, just go share your best FE game. If you haven’t already. If you did….well….

…Deal with it 😀

About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

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