Fire Emblem: Awakening: Knights of Iris Comics (1)

So I got nothing for you today. But these Fire Emblem Tsundere people at The Kilographic’s been slaving away with Awakening posts, so decided to reblog one of their efforts, and that is them posting translations of the Knights of Iris comics. So go give those a read, and also tell them to stop being so Tsundere (especially Ashley)

The Kilographic

Note: Page 177’s comic can be found here, and 179’s here.

In the Fire Emblem: Awakening; Knights of Iris book (Japan only), there were a few comics here and there that were fairly amusing. I ran across a badly scanned/photo image of the Knights of Iris comic. I posted it at the end of the article for anyone who’s curious. It is from Page 181 of the book.

I decided to do the fandom a favor and give it a clean scan and my own translation. The raw image is provided too, and as a bonus, the empty image to make your own silliness out of. You know, just for the fun sake of it.

Remember; it’s read from right to left.

Hope it was useful for someone out there. More to come. Have any other requests from the Knights of Iris book? Let us know.

Here’s the…

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8 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Awakening: Knights of Iris Comics (1)

  1. Life is always more fun with a bit of tsun-tsun! And hey, Bam loved the game! Oliver did too! We don’t alllll hate it, right? Ha ha~ thanks for the reblog though! Hope you enjoy the translations! There’s still much more to say about Fire Emblem before we get tired of talking about it! That’s a good thing!

    • just stop acting like Severa x10 and admit you all lovveeee Awakening and Chrom wait whoa where the hell did you get that axe from put that thing down

      Well, I’ll be looking forward to them of course, though I can’t say I’ll comment on them consistently (secretly being a jerk) 🙂

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