It’s Time We Talk About Awakening

FE Awakening

So I bet you thought I would merely be content with just working on parts huh? Well, no, I decided to go work on something else. Mainly, it involves the 13th edition of Fire Emblem…that 13th Edition is Fire Emblem: Awakening.

After being one of the people who pre-ordered it at Gamestop only for Nintendo to slap everyone in the face and say they ran out of copies, I ended up getting the game eventually. Let’s just say I played the crap out of it. Some FE Western vets who have played every game since FE7 will probably take offense to calling this game the best of the series released so far. The reason I say it is the best is merely because of what it is able to do now that prior games of the series could not do. Let’s go get this started:


Fire Emblem Awakening Classic

In the end, it is 2013. Nowadays we have more than just hardcore gamers playing games. While prior Fire Emblem games forced you to go hope your units don’t die (except the unreleased worldwide New Mystery of Emblem), Awakening gives you the choice of going classic or going casual. With casual gameplay, you can be as flexible as you need to be since your units won’t die. This of course sends a FE fan into a tizzy (and that includes me), but the flexibility just allows more people to play the games. More people playing FE games = more people maybe curious about FE history. More people maybe curious about FE’s history = more FE love that it has needed since it’s debut in 2003. And in thinking about it that way, it’s a win-win for everybody!


Fire Emblem Awakening DLC

Let’s just say with the addition of DLC, spotpass, it has cured the ails of what previous FE games failed to do. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the GBA line of games had a multi-player arena feature which involved pairing up your strongest teams and pitting them against other Fire Emblem users. Please admit in the comments section that you played this feature alone. I seriously don’t want to be the only one to admit I played that feature alone. Anyways, if you thought that was another good step, then came Shadow Dragon and the ability to play other people online on maps with your units. I never actually bothered with this feature to be honest (so call me out if I’m doing this a disservice!). Awakening however, puts it all together, giving us a steady stream of content that can theoretically keep you busy for at least 2 years…and with the support and marriage function system, the main storyline, and paralogues to play, no other game in the series can say it can provide as much content as Awakening can, and that’s because it’s on system that allows it

Voice Acting

Fire Emblem Awakening VA

I’ll call it an underrated feature, but voice acting is a major key in this series. When I played the demo, I admit to getting pretty annoyed with it, but when I got the game itself, I didn’t turn it off because I was curious about how everyone else sounded. And alas, I still haven’t turned it off. It really gives the game something fresh rather than just text on the screen and just voice acting in cut scenes. It definitely makes one wonder how a fully voiced RPG would work out, as I hear that hasn’t been done just yet…or at least for this series it hasn’t. Guess that makes one wonder right?

So did I just declare Fire Emblem: Awakening the best Western release in the series? In one sense yes, and in another sense, no. I never did talk about the story, characters, gameplay, etc compared to the other games in the series. And yes, I did promise one day (but I want to save that for now) that I’ll tell you how I rank the series I’ve played (the list will include New Mystery). But in another sense, it’s accessibility compared to previous FE games I think makes it the series to beat right now.

…Don’t worry, you can say I contradicted myself in the comments. I…I won’t cry.


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

8 thoughts on “It’s Time We Talk About Awakening

  1. Awakening has spoiled me a lot, so much that I may never be able to go back to playing classic style again… Is that what long-term fans are afraid of? Because most of the new fans are probably not going to go back and play the old games since they are so expensive and hard to find.

    The only other Fire Emblem (Sacred Stones) I played also was not liked for allowing a player to grind in random battles and in the Tower. I guess that makes me an “anti-fan” since my favorite parts of these games are getting supports and class-changing my units.

    The voice acting is a mixed bag for me. I kind of wished they only did battle quotes since I’m not really a fan of reaction noises in regular dialogue. Also sometimes there are weird pairings of voice clips with the actual dialogue being spoken.

    • Actually, in stalking Serenes Forest (because apparently this is what I do, I stalk forums) I know of some people who can’t back to prior Fire Emblem games that don’t have the skill system (that would be the GBA and DS line). I can’t say for certain. I have been playing prior Western released games for the site so far (Shadow Dragon is one of my priorities), but haven’t run into trouble just yet. But I’ll see. As for casual/classic, I hope that’s not a fear…but I don’t intend to worry about it since I…I feel compelled to avoid casual lol

      Uh, my only problem with Sacred Stones was that I remember it being incredibly easy. But I have to replay that in my spare time too, so I’ll get back to you on that. Many many months from now!

      It took me a while to get used to the voice acting. I heard it in the demo and was certain I’d turn some of it off, but I still haven’t done it in the full game. I guess it’s because of the variety for me.

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  3. Sacred Stones wasn’t bad because of the grinding thing, that made it pretty cool! But at the expense of that content, the story was shorter and the missions less imagined, though the split path, when combined, still gave it a fairly average length. But I liked that one, and loved the Tower and Ruins!

    It’s not that hard to go back to Classic even if you are a veteran. Casual is great for a harder game like FE12, where you may want to experience the story, but the game can be punishing on higher difficulties and such.

    It is sad that the older games will be more inaccessible though for those new fans who DO want to go back and see what they were like, though…

    And nope! I got to do Link Arenas with two people! Also, when doing so by yourself, you could still compete with a friend if they had another file on the same cartridge. Sorry Walters!

    • Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Sacred Stones is bad 😀

      Ok in all seriousness, I didn’t mind the grinding, I just found it really easy. Maybe when I replay it I’ll find out, but I’ll have to see.

      Well, I can deal with battle saves (which I used a lot in Radiant Dawn), but eh…I can’t convince myself. Just that knowledge that I have to be careful with what I do to my units or else they die just feeds into my strategy plans. Also, I’d probably routinely rush in and not bother with any strategy if it was casual…most of the time. Or take more risks 😀

      It really kills me to say that, and to see anyone else say that. But it’s just true ;_;

      Man, I can’t believe you actually knew a friend who played Fire Emblem. Lucky bastard!!!

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