Some of My Favorite Supports In Fire Emblem 7 (GBA)

Fire Emblem 7

One of the many reasons why Fire Emblem 7 is great, and you should have played it when it came out way back when (2003), is the ability to have your characters talk to each other. Well, more like the ability to support each other. Supporting in Fire Emblem 7 had two benefits — the ability to increase your character’s stats, and the ability to achieve different endings with certain characters if you reach A support. Now, there were a lot of supports in Fire Emblem, and no, you had a limit back then so I couldn’t pair up with everyone, but here’s a few of my favorites.

Hector & Lyn

Hector X Lyn

Actually, this would normally rank on my low end of favorite supports — but the reason I’m including it here is because of the benefits it provides. Now, it’s not a bad support, it’s pretty entertaining — if only because poor Hector and him not believing in how strong Lyn is — but Hector & Lyn’s supports kind of reflect how the story gives them their focus. Both ended up losing their parents so they understand how one feels about that, and in that sense it seems like they would get along. However, if you do pair up Hector and Lyn, you get to see them converse in certain chapters (Chapter 31x and the Final Chapter in Hector’s Mode) and it seems heartfelt to me. I guess IS really was hoping for this pairing.

Merlinus & Vaida

Fire Emblem Merlinus Fire Emblem Vaida

Let’s just say this is the only conversation that has the true end of Merlinus. No really, it does. Forget what he does in Fire Emblem 6, that game never came over here (and I hear he sucked in that game too). Basically, Merlinus is either at the whim of Vaida, who is a Wyvern Lord, or just plain screwed. Poor Merlinus!

Sain & Everyone except Kent

Yaoi pairing confirmed. Watch that hand Sain!!!

Yaoi pairing confirmed. Watch that hand Sain!!!

I mean he’s flirting with girls…and he gets rejected…handsomely. Well, except for Priscilla (she’s too much, honest!). Otherwise, expect Sain to always fall short of his mark. That’s his luck with the ladies.

Canas & Bartre

Fire Emblem Camus Fire Emblem Bartre

Actually, there is only one reason I’ve included this as a favorite. In the end, I bet IS thought they were clever (or maybe this was NoA’s grand plan), but they didn’t try hard enough. Otherwise, LOL at how smart Bartre really is.

So if you have any favorite supports in Fire Emblem 7 for the GBA, feel free to share in the comments. Now I go back to playing more FE7…


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