Some Basic Fire Emblem Awakening Advice Time!

Fire Emblem Chrom 3DS

Haha Chrom must be a n00b

So feeling a bit down on yourself when playing Fire Emblem Awakening? Well, still feel that way. Even with my generosity by sharing a few acquired Fire Emblem tips, my advice may not always work out for you, and doubly so if you play on Lunatic. Still, in doing some reading around the internet, it looks like it’s been a struggle for some out there when it comes to playing this game. My conversation with Player1 kind of reflected that while I’ve written about Awakening, I haven’t exactly given some primo advice when it came to playing this game. So let me give out some basic tips for playing Awakening. If you have played the game, feel free to also share some advice/tips below if you have any!

Left + Right + Select = Reset

And the first advice I give is…not advice. Well I’m off to a fine start. Anyways, as much as you probably would not like to admit it, you will be wanting to hit the reset button often in Awakening; even more so if you want to keep all of your characters alive. So this should just be knowledge that you should try and be aware of when playing Fire Emblem. Oh, and I might as well also give a shout out to taking more breaks. Anyways, let’s actually dish out real strategy.

Fire Emblem Awakening

After all, you don’t want this to happen right ;_;

Be mindful of Warnings

I believe starting in the Chapter 7-9 area, you will begin dealing with Enemy reinforcements that spawn and then move on their turn in Hard Mode and Up. The good news is you’ll get a warning about them in every single chapter at some point. The bad news is you still don’t know when they’ll come in certain instances, and where they will appear. What does that mean? You’ll have to take some precautions in where you place your units. Yes, that means when you plan your strategy, you will have to be mindful of where they can appear. In general you will most likely see them appear:

  1. In Forts
  2. From Stairs
  3. From certain edges of the map

What can you do to protect yourself from this? Well, if you choose, you can block the forts and stairs where they spawn. For the ones that appear on the edges of the map, you should be mindful to keep a group of units together so one doesn’t get picked off, or start guessing the most likely places they will appear, and go with a strategy from there.

Select enemies on the map that are your biggest threats

In other words, there will be enemies that will give you less trouble than others. Those enemies that you know will be a problem you should track their movements. You have the ability to toggle on them and have the cursor follow them. In making sure you know where your enemy is, you can make sure you don’t get screwed over when you encounter them. You can do this to track one enemy unit, or few of them. The point is, if I’m using any flying units, I need to be mindful of where those snipers are so they don’t pick them off if I have them placed where some enemies are. If an enemy has magic, I probably want to keep my low resistance units away from them or a few spaces from them. Just in general, remember to check the map at the start, then continually look out just in case.

Always try and take advantage of terrain

This piece of advice should be applicable in any Fire Emblem game, but it always bears repeating: use terrain to your advantage! Forest, Columns, Forts, whatever — using the terrain can rarely hurt you; in fact, it can only help, and especially so when using a Fort since you also can get healed. The game has terrain available to you for a reason — it doesn’t hurt to use it!

The final thing I can share is simply: you’re a tactician. In other words, you have to foresee everything that can happen in battle, from enemy reinforcements to your units, all of that you have to take into account as you manage to play this game. You won’t always win, and in certain instances certain maps may force you to use one strategy to win; but that’s life in Fire Emblem, and certainly in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Now, I’ve shared some basic advice. You people playing Awakening, share a few things that you believe would be helpful in playing this game, whether it is strategy, other tips I never mentioned, whatever. Well, almost whatever~


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33 thoughts on “Some Basic Fire Emblem Awakening Advice Time!

  1. Thanks for the advice! Plus I love the tombstone. Funny you should put Lon’qu; unless you beef him up, his defense is lacking… >_<;;

    • Should I tell you a little secret about the Lon’Qu picture? I googled it and found the picture, made do with that ;-;

      Otherwise, I hope the advice helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m not a veteran Fire Emblem player, but I have managed to get to CH 11 and complete side quests and map battles. Some tips that helped me.

    Do partner up everyone. Everyone! You might get less movement, but it’s safer and you have better chances to survive if you get ambushed.

    Carry two weapons: one ranged weapon and one close range weapon. Sometimes you will be within one square of attacking enemy and you can shorten the gap with a ranged weapon.

    Do build relationships with partners. They will add useful buffs and defense during fights.

    Press X before every battle and view reach of enemy attack range. Cycle through units both yours and enemies with L and R buttons.

    Try to have fun and take in the music and story.

    • Ha, your advice about enemy units is more elaborate than mine’s! I feel pretty bad for leaving that out. I still have a ways to go when it comes to detailing things. But thanks for sharing that, and also, YES, having fun should be the #1 goal when playing Awakening. Well, that can be applied to any game but…oh well!

      • I’ve been reading guides on websites for the game. So I just take advice that helps me in my play style. We all have different play styles.

        I should add that I haven’t forged any weapon or bought expensive upgrades either. I might for end game, but weapons break and then need to be replaced but I managed to get by with regurlar weapons. Not sure if it’s a good idea or not. I’ll find out soon enough.

  3. I’ve dedicated the last few months to playing the crap out of my friend’s Fire Emblem: Awakening, and finally beat it a few nights ago. (And, subsequently, started another file within minutes of finishing, this time on a harder setting.)

    First off, don’t be afraid to re-class characters. If you don’t mind the grind, leveling to get the benefits of the different skills certain classes offer, such as Astra and Sol, can be really helpful. That being said, unless you are pressed for time to get a skill to a child and you aren’t going to be using that unit often in battles, I would always level until 20 before master sealing in order to reap the largest benefit as far as stats go. Also, save the class you want them to end up as or the role you want them to play in your party for last. It’s really annoying to go back and have to re-level them in a class you already went through.

    ALWAYS PAIR UP YOUR UNITS. I can’t stress this enough. The bonuses they give vastly outweigh the cons, not to mention there are instances where your partner can completely block an incoming attack. Support levels are increased, which is always a plus, but also the support bonuses are reeeeally handy. Level people to play off of eachother’s weaknesses, or to boost their strengths. For example, I liked pairing an early Donnel with either Vaike or Kellam in order to boost his strength or defense, so that he could actually be survivable.

    Always keep an eye out for archers and wind magicians since with the perk Galeforce offers to the kids, you most likely will have more than a few pegasus knights in your arsenal.

    Elixirs are your friends!!!!

    Always keep a ranged weapon on hand, but if possible a weapon that goes both ways, such as a hand axe, is optimum. Also, if you see a square that is sparkling on the ground, unless if leaves you tactically vulnerable you should definitely go for it. They can be really helpful in the long run and the small shortcuts in experience, weapon proficiency, or support levels are really nice to have…and I’d never complain about having more items.

    I like using the Bonus Box teams for grind, personally, but reeking boxes that you can buy from venders work as well.

    This game can be a lot of fun the more involved you get in the support conversation possibilities and the more invested you are in “pimpin out the kids,” as my friend says. While you don’t need to worry about all that ridiculous grind to have fun and enjoy the story they give you, I think it adds an extra layer that can be really enticing. The effort they put into everyone’s support conversations is really inspiring, and made me actually really care about the characters I was sending into battle. I came to like these characters even more than I do some of my favorites from older games, and simply because of the various levels of interaction I was able to have with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope this helps!

    • First thing: Long response = automatic victory for me. I like you took a good portion of time to write all this!

      Second thing: These are all pretty useful tips. Especially the elixir part. Seems underrated, but heal, heal, heal when necessary is a must. Vulneraries, elixirs, etc are hella useful. HP is pretty important in this game ๐Ÿ˜€

      pimpin out the kids

      Your friend knows the correct English language lol

      • Haha yeah he’s good like that xD And thanks! I’m happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚ I can always go on and on about games I enjoy, so I don’t mind taking the time to talk about it.

    • What is Bonus Box and reeking box? I was trying to level up weak characters but wasn’t sure how? Overall good advice. I haven’t gotten to reclassing yet. I haven’t downloaded any DLC either. Did you download any DLC before trying hard mode?

      • Well as I said I played on my friends game, so he had a file before mine. I don’t think he paid for any DLC and I hope that the Bonus Box comes with the game, but I could be wrong. Under the Wireless option there should be an option entitled “Bonus Box,” and then in that, Bonus Teams, Bonus Maps, etc. Bonus Teams summons a team you choose (all of varying levels so it can be appropriate for whichever level you are trying to work on) to the world map, and they appear as a green figure in a random location. These are all teams from the various old Fire Emblem games, such as Shadow Dragon and Radiant Dawn. You can move over to them and then “parlay” with the leader. You have the option to fight them or buy from them. If you fight them and win, you also have the option of recruiting the leader to your own team and using them in combat. (though I never ended up using any recruited old characters in combat as they have no support potentials.)

        The Reeking Box is an item found in the shop areas on occasion. I forget if there’s a level you have to be at to find one in a shop, but I doubt it. What using it does is that it summons the risen to the map for you to fight at your leisure. The strength of the risen will be dependant on where on the map you summon them.

        Also I’m only a few days into hard mode, so I haven’t really experienced much of it.

  4. In lunatic+ I started every match by going through and marking every unit with counter… DAMN THAT ABILITY! Generally useless for the player, godly for the computer. Sigh.


    • Yeah, I hate counter so much because it’s never really going to be useful for you– it’ll be useful to the enemy! Now it’ll be fun facing a enemy with counter/miracle fffffffffffff*********

      • hahaha… I got the DLC for exp because I just wanted to make the most rocking team ever after torturing myself to get through the ridiculous difficulties, and got owned by one of the random guys… I was mowing them down for exp when one of them counter miracled me ๐Ÿ˜› It was depressing. Though it wasn’t that much of an issue for most of the game.

  5. Good advice. Also, I only recently found out that you can summon a Bonus Box team multiple times and thus fight them multiple times. So you don’t have to spend your money on Reeking Boxes (though at my point in the game money is definitely not a problem).

    • I.E, saving those funds to get other stuff (like Master Seals, or weapons) is a possibility with that Bonus Box! Talk about saving some cash ๐Ÿ˜€

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