To Reclass in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem

“Wyrs…with a sword? WAT”

If you’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, you probably know that you have the ability to reclass your character into nearly whoever, with the use of the Second Seal. Well guess what? You could also reclass your character in a game that turned out to be the only Western released Fire Emblem game on the DS, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

This is one of the new additions added in the remake of the Famicom classic starring our protagonist Marth. Now, he is not able to change his class, and there are a few others who also cannot change classes (Thieves, Manaketes, Ballisticians, Dancers, and Freelancers). Everyone else? You can change their class to whoever and whatever you’re allowed to, and the choices are generally a good amount. In one sense, this seems unlike Fire Emblem to be able to change a set class character into a different class just like that. However, you can look at it strategically since you can always switch back in the next chapter. Need to have Caeda talk to that Jake fellow and recruit him? Well, good luck doing so when she’s a Pegasus Knight. Not to say that it can’t be done, but chances are you’ll stand a significantly better chance by reclassing her to someone completely different. Once you manage to accomplish your goal, you can reclass your character back before hitting the map in the next chapter.

As I’m currently replaying Shadow Dragon, I will probably be trying to use this reclass feature often, especially as I hit the higher difficulty levels. If any of you played Shadow Dragon, how did you use (or abuse) this feature? Or did any of you even like reclassing in Shadow Dragon? Also, any strategies you used when reclassing are also something you may want to share as well!

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