Share Your Favorite Fire Emblem: Awakening Character

Fire EmblemThis isn’t very hard. You’ve all played this game enough. So the question is simple: who’s your favorite character in Fire Emblem: Awakening? I’ll get you guys started off by sharing some of my favorite characters.


Fire Emblem Severa

  • Is a Tsundere
  • Is Hot
  • Can kick major ass
  • I said she’s hot right?

I think my case rests.


Fire Emblem Henry

If you think Henry drives you nuts, start questioning your entertainment choices. With his lame puns and crazy personality, he’s that asshole you’d rather want on your side. No seriously, you do. Oh, and he’s an Masochist. It’s hard to hate on someone who likes feeling pain.


Fire Emblem Gerome 2

Gerome combines being mysterious and attempting to act like the next Batman by actually being pretty strong, and you give him the right skills, who cares if he’s wearing the Batman mask?


Fire Emblem Gaius

What puts Gaius on my favorites list is his sweet tooth. I can’t hate on a guy who has an eye for sweets. Though I wish he’d have more than just a lollipop in his design.


Fire Emblem Tharja

Because of her “Boingy bits.” I thank Nowi for that one.


Fire Emblem Cherche

She called herself an old maid. I don’t know, but she seems the right kind of mature and yet still young to me. Oh, and she has some way of speaking to Minerva. Animal speech is great!

What do you guys have as a favorite Awakening character? Feel free to share as many as you want!

Saw this picture and loved it. Might as well use it!!!

Saw this picture and loved it. Might as well use it!!!


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

75 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite Fire Emblem: Awakening Character

  1. It’s got to be Lon’qu!!!! And Chrom! And Gauis as well! Some others… well, I like Nowi a lot as well. She’s fun, with all her awkward comments! XD Basilio and Flavia together also make me smile! Dang it! I can’t choose… each character has their own individual quirks that make them so lovable! (especially Lon’qu… and Gauis!!!)

    • Just the boingy bits part make Nowi gold. Just that alone lol

      Hey hey, I thought this man’s name was Gaius. Who is Gauis you are speaking of? Stop being so excited while typing 🙂

  2. I’m always balancing who I like with people that actually were good for me. I really liked Tharja for example, but she never got amazing… she was good enough to be in as a support in my first playthrough though. I also wanted Kellam to be good because I liked him. He confused me because he always got great levels but never got great some how 😦 Donnel was obviously pretty amazing and I liked him a lot as a warrior because good people with bows were few and far between in the game (maybe just missing Rolf) and it was a beautiful way to not get owned by counters. Speaking of people with bows, I liked Noire a lot as well. I think my favorite was Nah though. She was amazing in all three of my playthroughs, and I liked her conversations with people… seeing how she opens up.

    Also, need to give a shout out to Lucina and Chrom though… because in lunatic I was getting owned by the last guy in the game with any strategy I devised. But then Lucina and Chrom paired and just decided that they wanted to win at some point and first turn auto killed him after using rescue to fling them forth.


    • Look, you’re just supposed to forge her Nostaferu and from there it’s up to lady luck (RNG) and item usages. Kellam is just Kellam. He seems great, but he just gets lost…somehow!

      Well, luck was on your side with that pairing then lol

  3. Nice choices! From this list, I’d say Henry, Tharja, and Gaius are my favorites. And even though there were other potential spouses who would have offered more stat-boosted babies for my character (apparently, haven’t gotten there yet — almost!), my character married Gaius, because I love him like that.

    I also love Ricken and Nowi. They are the cutest characters ever. I made them get married.

    • It’s hard to hate a guy who likes his sweets. It really is xD

      Hmm, I think I should go do a Ricken/Nowi pairing on my third playthrough. I ended up getting Ricken and Maribelle married on my first run, then left Ricken stashed for all of my second playthrough ;_;

      • Ricken and Maribelle would be a great couple, I gotta try that next time!

        With Nowi being so old yet seeming so young, I had trouble putting her with someone who wasn’t going to creep me out about the age difference. And Ricken is like the opposite of her — looks like a little kid, but he wants so badly to be taken seriously as an adult. Together, they’re an oddly perfect and adorable match! And it was like a little boy and his dragon type of thing in battle, which was a bonus.

  4. Eh, as I’ve only recently started playing FE:A, I don’t know everyone, but so far…Cordelia, Stahl, Miriel, and DONNEL MAH BOI are my favorites. Especially DONNEL MAH BOI who is starting to become more awesome with each battle(Seriously, dude wears a pot kettle thing for his hat, and he critical hits dragons). Stahl, paired up with Sully, are amazing both in battle and in dialogue, and Cordelia I’m pairing up with my avatar(Originally it was going to be Miriel, who’s still pretty damn awesome).

  5. Hmm…my favorites ended up being pretty good for me battle-wise, at least among the first generation. Of the first generation I really liked Gaius, Lon’qu, Henry, Tharja, Lissa, and Maribelle. Henry could keep himself alive pretty well with Nosferatu, while for some reason my Tharja wasn’t as good with the damage or the survivability. Oh well. I tended to pair up Lissa or Maribelle with speedy characters, making them mega magic damage dealers and great dodgers.

    In the second generation I liked Gerome as a character but used him mostly as support (he gives some amazing stat boosts), and I also liked Kjelle and used her as a General.

  6. I was going to say Chrom because his cape inexplicably flows in the wind as he picks up his sword (the reason for it being in the ground also inexplicable), but then I’d never seen that pic of Tharja before…

  7. I like Sully and Stahl, I love green knight x red knight couples and their relationship represents them perfectly. Their paired ending is really amazing too: they’re a couple built on bromance, strenght, respect…. and they shall fight side by side forever ;____;
    While they’re alone I prefer Sully because Stahl won’t stop talking about eating, at least Sully is rude, likes to train and can be badass overall.
    I also like Inigo’s determination on becoming a dancer, and his love for his mother and his sister(Lucina), not to mention he’s a cutie and the perfect son to disappoint that sh*tface Chrom.
    I like Panne and her pride, she stands out a lot since most characters are for comic relief: her seriousness is really refreshing, and she’s the right partner to calm Henry a bit and make him closer to the real world.
    Henry WOULD be one of my favorites if he was treated more seriously, as of now he’s between cute-sad and f*cking obnoxious manchild whose past doesn’t make him react one bit (he’s very unrealistic…).
    I have a sympathy for Vaike and Miriel, but Laurent takes the cake: not exaggerated as his mother and can be pretty serious ( I really dislike his support with Tharja’s daughter though).
    Cherche is cute, also not obnoxious and makes a good partner with Lon’Qu.
    Gregor is very good too, his quirk doesn’t make him annoying or stupid and can be very smart.
    Maribelle is a really strong girly girl and I love her attitude: her sismance with Lissa reminds me of 2 of my friends so that makes me like her even more. She also can get serious if she wants to.
    I think those are the ones I like, some more, some less.
    The others I either like a bit or dislike completely.

    Oh, also, Freddy and his nice, shiny butt. His attitude makes him the most likable in the story and his gay undertones with Chrom are really hot (and more plausible than Chrom x Any girl) (I like Chrom with Olivia tho).
    Too bad his support with the Avatar is horrible…. I wanted him to get more emotional with me but no… bear meat.

    • lol poor Chrom ;_;

      No, Henry’s just an M. M’s are very realistic!

      Sismance? I just learned something new here O.o

      What’s this about bear meat–ohhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Damn Frederick Damn

      • that is true he makes funny comments depending on who he is talking to (talking to his father he freaks out when his mother is mentioned) and the whole naming weapons thing. for lissa’s staff he has “Gryphonsbane edge” “fell ballista” “staff of deep hurting” *sigh* i can’t stop laughing when i read that, he tries so hard to get a good name.

  8. Talking of gay undertones, how the writers thought they were being subtle with sully I have no idea. Some of her support conversations make it very clear that if the writers had their way, you could have same sex marriages. Which would be awesome!

  9. I loooove Severa. Let’s just say I have a weakness for characters like her. She’s strong and had to become so to overcome the shadow of her “genius” mother. It is hard to be yourself when the expectations of you are so high there’s no room for failure. She’s the first female merc and is badass to boot. ❤

    Cherche is adorably mature. Those two seemingly different words can describe her perfectly. She looks out for everyone while being a sweety at the same time. I think she breaks some stereotypes of the super tsundere, childhood sweetheart, genius, and shy girl.

    Owain. I love how he does all his "cameos" by saying the names of previous FE titles. He's cute and I feel uses that demeanor to hide the bloodshed and war going on around him. Also helps that Lissa is his cute mommy too. I paired Owain and Severa together. Kyaa~ ❤

    My first playthrough I had a lot of DLC characters on my main team. Now in my second playthrough, I'm trying to stick to using in-game characters only which opened a lot of new possibilities for me. Nah and Yarne are pretty good compared to my first game and Brady actually isn't so bad (before I couldn't even do anything with him).

    Gaaaaah. I love some but dislike others. The game's high replay value puts a gamer in for the different personalities and supports.

    • No one can’t hate Severa. It’s too hard to do. At least it should be! Cherche is just great. NoA did a great job with her.

      Owain and Severa

      Nooo what are you doing whyyyyyyy

  10. Erhem… I don’t see Frederick or Maribelle on this list, you sir, are a failure. JK, but those are my two favorite, third is probably Cordelia. A good runner up would be Owain probably.

  11. Mine is Sayri. Shes such a badass how cant you like her. And shes flipping hot at least on my opinion. Im going to pair her up with my unit to make the most badass couple in the game. And my other favarite characters are my unit me, my female character navaeh and a DLC character which is Lyn. Who is like a anothee version of Sayri.

  12. Lucina is my definite favorite overall. Not only does she have access to being a very potential unit, being a better Chrom excluding STR, when promoted to Great Lord. My obsession first started when I realized how pretty she was, then I started noticing how confusing it was to understand her thoroughly, and then I capped out her stats and gave her a godsend skill set. Because of how much I loved Lucina I stopped playing as a chick just so I could marry her LOL

    Ricken and Laurent are my second favorites, especially if Ricken is Laurent’s dad! With Ricken as Laurent’s dad, you may not get a very shippable couple but you get a Laurent with +6 MAG. That’s the most MAG modifier a unit can get in the game, excluding Morgan. I’m more of a fan of Ricken, personality-wise, but Laurent is automatically my first choice in battle when I need a good Sage, who can prove himself to be a tad bit defensive with the ability to get Counter.

    Kjelle is my third favorite, and also my first-hand choice when picking a Knight. I absolutely adored Sully in the first gen, but I adore Kjelle nearly a thousand times more because of her dialog, and she falls under third mostly because of how much her and I are alike. I haven’t used Kjelle much in battle, but I know that she is a very capable unit and an absolutely wonderful Great Knight/General. Being able to pack her with Aegis and Pavise, damn that’s pretty nice.

    Fourth place would have to go to Inigo. I’m not the biggest fan of people who are bashful like him and Olivia, yet at the same time I have a serious soft spot for that. His behavior is also pretty humorous. Battle-wise, I never used him, but I’d definitely put him in my StreetPass team.

    In fifth place is Maribelle and Brady. I love Maribelle’s attitude and her dedication to giving commoners the same rights as nobles. It seemed pretty odd to me how she reacted to S supports, too. Came off as pretty tsundere. Brady interests me mostly because he’s a pansy but he tries his hardest to hide it. Pretty humorous result. I had Maribelle in my StreetPass team for quite awhile, but she came off as pretty squishy and brought hell onto my team, still, with the right usage I can make good use to her in maps. Just ain’t exactly my healer choice for StreetPass.

  13. What about Gregor? Why doesn’t Gregor get any love? Not too sure how he is as a unit overall, but his supports are great to read.

  14. Anna
    totally sully its not every day you get a female that does not want to be a lady
    Grandpa Basilio i bet it on my sweet brown feroxi arse:D
    Flavia (I made them marry awesome couple)
    Totally Miriel i love nerds 😀
    Gregor is really neat too (Why is Gregor’s bicepts tingling)
    Kellam i feel sorry sorry for him
    henry i love funny idiots
    Viriron thinks he’s so cool:D
    Don’t you just love Roy’s hairdue?
    Say’ri is so bad ass…..

  15. My favorite characters are very similar because i love Severa, she’s hot and have and amazing personality also Tharja because of her “Boingy bits.” and for her dark personality, Gauis also because who doesn’t like sweets?, also lon’qu because of his weird personality, Henry because he is insane, also laurent i like because of no apparently reason but i like him also i like brady and maribelle because they are really really good units and they make me laugh.

  16. AvatarxCordelia, with Red Haired Morgan and Dark Haired Severa as my two beautiful daughters, Top 4 Favorite Units right there<3
    Owain and Henry are hilarious!
    Inigo, cuz of his voice actor (Liam O'Brien)
    Nowi, Tiki, and Nah cuz theres just something about the Manaketes that i just like..
    And ya can't forget the lovable duo of Flavia and Basilio, such amazing comrades *^*

  17. (Jeez…I think WordPress messed up, so let me try…again!)

    Seemingly we’re just sticking to the Awakening characters for the most part (as per the post’s prompt), so I’m going to crawl out on the limb here on this one and say yes I LOVE Owain’s dorkiness and imagination, Yarne’s uber cute lines (“DON’T MESS WITH THE BUNNY!”), Henry because he’s f***ing insane, Tharja’s creepiness and her boingy bits, Gerome because he’s Awakening’s resident “Batman”, and Gaius’ sweet tooth as the ‘confection thief’ (as I call him), but…I have no SELECT favorite Awakening character. Actually my favorite character ever from Fire Emblem doesn’t come from the game because I don’t feel I’ve played it enough to have that say (haven’t played it at all! Just heard some things from my partner playing it.) I would say it’s Soren from the Tellius series, but I’m going to stretch back to the very first FE game I played and say my favorite is Hector. Why? Because he’s a brash idiot, but he learns and develops most throughout the games, I feel, and he’s very relatable, honest, oddly logical (especially when it comes to not trusting his enemy), with a uniquely, not-solely ‘goody-two-shoes’ attitude, like Lyn and Eliwood have. That, and he’s bad-ass, so meh! 😀

    • Y-you fool! Why don’t you have a favorite Awakening character even though you haven’t played it?!? Why do you like them all equally (or mostly equally)? Y-you craven cur!!! How dare you ignore my prompt!!! xD

      On another note, it might be time to do a favorite character of another Fire Emblem game tho…

      EDIT: Actually, your prior comment fell into the spam folder for some reason…

      • XDDDD LOL! I ruined your plan, didn’t I!? *cackle, cackle, evil grin* I do have an ABSOLUTE favorite Awakening character, to an extent, mostly because I think Ninja-Knight Kellam is the shit, and it’s funny and sad with how people don’t ever really notice him (I like the story behind it too), but I know these things from what my partner’s told me and what I’ve read up, not from playing Awakening itself. (The reasons? A) been too busy catching up with DS / GBA games like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Metroid: Zero Mission, B) been too busy doing research for my FE D100 game, and C) he runs off to work with the Awakening 3DS all the time! He truly loves it, and I’m glad he does…I bought him the American Special Edition blue gloss 3DS with Awakening patched to it for his bday, you know, the one with the Divine / Demon Dragon symbols and Falchion on the front–cause it looked a HELL of a lot better than the European release…!) So I felt it unfair to really get an accurate judgement on which characters I like cause of that.

        And I don’t like them all equally, I have my favorites personality/story-wise and ones I find sexy (Laurent, cause nerd guys are sexy XD ), BUT, not every character I like (Severa, for example, urks the piss out of me…cause I don’t like prissy bitches with an attitude problem. Same with Maribelle, but they CAN be funny at times.)

        Also, I ignored your prompt because I’m a special kinda asshat like that. 😉 I’m kidding. 😀

        You SHOULD do one across all FE games! :3

        @EDIT: I figured. WordPress has been f**king up for me quite a bit since mid-last week. Due to IWF…or the f**k ever. :/ It’s fixed now though. :3

  18. Panne. Who doesn’t love a bunny-lady who can deadpan? And Yarne’s hilarious, too, he’s such a coward and somehow he’s actually pretty boss. And everyone shouts at him, or call him a Bunny. I think I just like Taguels.

  19. first of all Chrom is a good character when he is with the tactician. my favorites are in this order
    1. Chrom ( he is such a guard in the final battle grima would have caused problems but he kept on blocking her)
    2. Robin ( the fun of messing with the stats) (hp:80 str:40 mag:30 skill:43 spd:41 lck:44 def:42 res:32)
    3. Lucina ( very brave)
    4. Morgan ( trouble with a capital T)
    5. Cynthia ( such a sweetheart)

  20. As weird as it sounds, I didn’t develop a fondness for any particular character in Awakening. A lot of them just had a gimmick for a personality.

  21. Fire Emblem: Awakening introduced a wide variety of cast. These heroes are formidable and can face the hardest of enemies; including monstrous re-animated corpses and various supernatural beings. It is difficult to choose one specific hero to rule them all. But after some time of deep thinking, I must say that I have come to a conclusion with my favorite character. That is Donnel, the boy whom is a true savior.

    Donnel is the essence of a true hero. He is completely irrelevant to the Fire Emblem: Awakening meaning he has no real personal connections with anyone – just as a hero truly is supposed to be. Without any connections to anyone and no past memories holding him at bay. This means that Donnel has no weakness whatsoever. So enemies cannot threaten his family, friends, spouse, etc. for he has absolutely nothing. If you notice in most superhero cliches, there is always a mistake that the antagonist bends the protagonist to his will. Donnel cannot be affected by this. In this way, he is cunning.

    The next is his outward appearance and transition from a boy to a man. When you recruit him (which you can miss without affect) you need to allow him to defeat an enemy. This is his first path in becoming the true hero, Once he is trained; he becomes unstoppable. Donnel trains hard everyday, as you can see in the support conversations and barracks. The scar on his cheek is proof of some kind of per-experience to combat. Or perhaps introduction to it. It shows the aging and maturity of a boy to a man; and with the toughness that battles bring. He must stand and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

    The only other hero compared to Donnel or is as cunning as him momentarily is none other than Priam. But Priam remains with lingered attachments to characters of the world. Donnel lacks these, thus what makes him unique.

    He has no weakness,


    • What about his Ma and his village? Sure, they’re never really mentioned after recruiting Donny (other than by Donny himself), but they do still exist. Donny does have at least one weakness: his Ma.

  22. Actually, Henry doesnt like pain. He’s obsessed with the look, feel, taste, and even just thought of blood, but he hates the idea of pain. I vaguely remember him saying that his dream was to die a horrible, bloody-yet-painless death, or something along those lines.

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