Time to go into hiding!!!

Time to go into hiding!!!

So ok, will be honest: things have turned out fairly well since I’ve started this site in March. I have to thank you all for helping me with that!

With that out of the way, I have to go away for a week. Yeah, TL;DR — got some crap to do. Or maybe I don’t, but I’m just being a jerk. Regardless, as I said in the Fire Emblem Manga post, I will be covering the Hasha No Tsurugi manga on Wed, so expect me back then. While I’m at it, I guess I can ask you guys what else you would want for me to talk about pertaining to FE and all. I’ll do my best to oblige. Oh, expect some Fire Emblem GBA content to be all posted and stuff next week. Hold me to that!

For now though, have fun sifting through some of the more commented posts here so far (and a few for those who don’t know the Fire Emblem Lore)…and feel free to comment on the posts there as well =p Or just keep exploring the site at your leisure!

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