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Found this while searching for an appropriate pic. I guess it works

Found this while searching for an appropriate pic. I guess it works

It’s been a good two months (well, maybe three) since I’ve started this blog. So, let me make things easier for you by highlighting some sites I’ve been following (and you might want to check out or else I’ll go to your house and throw you out your own window!!!)

Classical Gaming

Classical GamingThis blog is maintained by Steve Lakawicz, who in real life holds a number of degrees in Music and is a teacher of statistics. He has a love for video game music. I’m no music expert, and I don’t go out of way to listen to music unless it’s from a video game or something else. Like a blog post. Well well, I think Steve’s got that covered! With solid writing and music to listen to, hard to go wrong in not checking out a blog I like. Need examples? Well, him covering Tales of Legendia’s soundtrack (and also explaining what happened to game itself) is pretty awesome. Also the music he linked to is pretty good. Need another example? Try learning about Birdie Try– I mean, Mecarobot Golf. (and yes, you can laugh at the history of that too!) As you can see, this guy rocks. My only criticism? He needs to reply to comments D:



No really, that’s all there is to know. Don’t have quite a lot of time for anime, but they do stream some stuff, and it’s great. Only criticism is that they haven’t actually been “simulcasting” recently, and that’s kind of disappointing.


FlaithroughsFlailthroughs is an absolutely strange and seemingly hilarious blog where the two owners make a valiant effort to play Japanese games. The problem? They can’t understand (everything) said in Japanese. So with their brazen knowledge and will, they challenge themselves to play these games despite not getting a thing. It’s hard to hate on that. But I do have a problem with them: They’ve been consistent with what they post — in other words, it’s the same thing every week (though it’s changed up a bit this week), and some of it doesn’t interest me. But oh well, it can’t be helped. Now go watch a playthrough of Another Century’s Episode R.

Recollections of Play

Recollections of PlayCary is basically my senpai, as she helped break me into blogging slightly, and was the first blog I linked to. It all started with backwards compatibility. Then it evolved into me liking her enough to add her to my sites to check out ^_^ Her posts are pretty fun and informative. Like this post. It’s a reminder that time is of the essence. No really, discipline and time when it comes to anything is a must. And motivation. That’s another thing! But Cary is awesome. My only real critique is she needs to leverage WP more. Why does she only have us see 4 recent posts on her widget? Why doesn’t she use the read more tag? Scrolling is not funnn!!!

Ok I’ll stop whining now.

Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer

Super Gaijin Ultra GamerI stumbled onto this site recently, so killing it too early with criticism is not cool. That being said, I do have one: Hollo, update your blog!!! I know you have posts you want to write; who cares if you’re busy, make time to post more you fool! =p

But aside from that, this site is pretty cool. He lives in Japan, has a large amount of games I’ll never play (wahhh), and even sells them too (well at least he’s starting now!). I think I’ll enjoy following this blog, and maybe if I’m super special with a chocolatey fudge (or whatever the hell Abridged Yugi says to Grandpa), he’ll gloat about possessing Fire Emblem and I will just cry and shake my head, fist shaking.

I’ll deal with it!

Unlimited Zig Works

Unlimited Zig WorksAnother site that I also followed not too terribly long ago. But I do have some criticism:

Unlimited Zig Commenting!!!I…I don’t get this comment box. I guess it’s something I have to get used to, and that may be more a theme problem, but yeah, it’s weird. Sorry to call you out on that Zig!

But ignoring that, Zig basically covers it all: from covering indie video games to trashing Rurouni Kenshin (Man that New Kyoto Arc has not been liked!), you’ll find something cool to check out. Also, the name of the site is not bad. I’ll digitally send you a cookie if any of you can figure out the inspiration for the name of Zig’s blog. If I can figure out how to do that.

Honorable Mentions (I.E, close enough to be on my sites to check out list but lacking in one more thing!)

The Kilographic

The Kilographic

  • These guys are crazy
  • These guys are loony
  • These guys hate Awakening
  • These guys cover Fire Emblem too
  • Did I mention these guys also hate Awakening?

Ok ok, some of them do like Awakening, but while I can’t agree with the guys that don’t like the game, I do concede the story has issues. Thankfully I came for the gameplay and characters, and got everything I wanted out of Awakening after being saddled with Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon for a few years.

Anyways, they’ll be great enough to be on my RSS feed, but at this point, they’ll never be on my sites to add list until one thing happens…they turn themselves into a Fire Emblem blog. They barely cover anything other than FE; they should just admit that’s what they are, stop being so tsundere, and just turn themselves into a true FE blog. There’s not a lot of FE blogs out there. Oh, and they also aren’t totally consistent when it comes to updates. For now!


SatellablogDon’t have any idea what the Satellaview is? Well, you can go to this site and get all of the information you need, and learn about it. Unfortunately, the recent posts hasn’t gotten me too interested (sorry Kiddo!), but this is an excellent resource that I recommend you check out.

…Yes, I’m again being a stubborn and selective bastard for not adding this to my sites to check out right?

Anyways, what else blogs are you checking out that you like? I might take a look. Always up to finding a few more before shutting myself off from looking for blogs entirely. After all, gotta focus on Fire Emblem! (Or so I claim!)


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

14 thoughts on “Sites To Check Out

  1. Yeah… I sort of set this site up just for light translations, and the side effect of expressing that FE: Awakening is not the god’s gift to mankind that everyone is saying it is. My opinion was expressed then and there, but our lovely Ashley decided she has nothing better to do than to keep talking about it until it’s beaten more than a dead horse! Which I think will be when the character commentaries are done…

    Set it up at a bad time though! Updates are slow due to May being finals, graduation, and then the scary world of job searching. I should just eliminate the site or something to save people the eyesore or something.

    The reason we don’t just name it a Fire Emblem blog is because eventually, there is only so much one can talk about Fire Emblem. Expanding our scope, even if slightly, and just commenting on what we please lets it be a site that is for fun and not a chore.

    • that FE: Awakening is not the god’s gift to mankind that everyone is saying it is.

      Quick, link me to people saying exactly what you just said. Do it!!! xD

      No, don’t eliminate the site ;_; You have other writers, get them to write stuff D:

      …Fire Emblem blog is because eventually, there is only so much one can talk about Fire Emblem.


      • Do you honestly want a link? Or you could just see the reviews it’s gotten…

        Yeah, it’s a sad truth we’ll all face one day, Walters! Only so much one can talk about anything! D:

  2. Video aside, we’re not all crazy XD As Kilo said above this is just a busy time at the moment. Give it a couple of weeks and we’ll get time to write on broader topics. Uni is unforgiving afterall XD….


      (Yeah, university stuff around this time is pretty rough. I should know. I spent 4 yrs dealing with it…it’s especially worse when you’re a senior ;_;)

  3. Thanks for the mention! Also, thanks for the comment box pic. The idea is to look cool — it’s significantly more opaque on my monitor, where you can barely see the image underneath — but obviously that’s not how it is on yours. You’re not the first person to complain, but you’re the first to send me a picture.

    I’ll be sure to check out the other sites you mentioned. Except Crunchyroll. I already know all about them (I’ve been a paid member for a long time now)

    • You’re not the first person to complain, but you’re the first to send me a picture.

      Not sure how to take this. On the one hand, it makes me feel special. On the other hand, it now makes me think, “Man, maybe I should have emailed him a pic before exposing the comment box like that haha such a jerk Walters!” But yeah, now you know lol

  4. And now you see another flaw in my WP abilities…no pingback or trackback notifications! But thank you for the write up here. It’s been quite fun keeping up with your evolution as well. And I know I still have plenty of WP stuff to figure out. I had really hoped to spend more time streamlining my blog, but time has not been on my side lately. Maybe soon life will cut me a break?! I could really use a break (sigh).

    But enough complaining! Keep up the great work here! 🙂

    • no pingback or trackback notifications!

      Actually, that’s on my end. I can adjust settings like that 😀 The thing with WP is it also counts your own posts so if I linked to any of my posts it would bring a pingback on my site. I got annoyed D:

      Life requires persistence…and also stubbornness, and also…discipline lol But hey, hey, you can only blame yourself! I see you’re trying to write at many places, so that alone takes up your time! You need to…really schedule yourself xD

      Also, I will try to get things to go well here. Note the try part!

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