Why In Intelligent Systems’ Name Was Lyn Created?

Fire Emblem Lyn

Created this post exclusively to post above Lyn picture. Hot

All right, quick refresher for most of you: Fire Emblem 7 was the first Western released game in the Fire Emblem franchise. It came, it brought forth fans, and the rest is history. But that was 2003. It’s now 2013, and a thought has occurred:

Why did Intelligent Systems bother to include Lyn’s story when, for all intents and purposes, it didn’t serve for much when it came to Eliwood or Hector’s story? So let’s run with a few theories or you tell me why Lyn was created!

  1. It was time to have the first Fire Emblem Female Lord. The series had exclusively only had male characters be considered of the Lord class, and with the seventh installment of the series, IS may have thought it was time to switch things up and have her start the series off prominently as opposed to starting with Eliwood/Hector.
  2. To serve as a tutorial. That’s right. They couldn’t have a brief tutorial at the beginning of Eliwood’s story, they instead decided to devote 10 (+1) chapters into guiding players into the basics of the game. For long time FE players in JP, this must have been seen as a slight on them! For us newbies in FE, it was great. But in hindsight, did we need such an elaborate tutorial?
  3. To add more content. Which, in thinking about it, seems kind of silly since the main quest games were pretty lengthy without the tutorial. And it’s not like Fire Emblem 6 had a ten chapter tutorial! So it may have increased playability, but you could only do so much in Lyn’s playthrough.

What other conspiracy theories do you have as to why Lyn was a featured character? Did you even mind playing the tutorial? Whatever you have on Lyn, talk about it below. I’ll be back playing Fire Emblem again.


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

25 thoughts on “Why In Intelligent Systems’ Name Was Lyn Created?

  1. FE6 had a tutorial level separately.

    FE7, more than a tutorial, also works Lyn and the Tactician into relevancy much better than say, waking up with no memory and leading an army to defeat some fucktard named Grima.

    • Well, just like the FE7 tactician, the FE13 tactician didn’t wake up knowing he had to defeat Grima. It evolved into that. For the worse lol it was less complicated for FE7

  2. I played the entire game over again along with a few others after Awakening to cure the disappointment.

    I believe in hindsight, a new comer would still benefit from such a tutorial. With Awakening, the tutorial is left as a side, like in Path of Radiance and such, since they know there are old and newcomers alike. Someone going backwards would want to know the slight differences between the games. Imagine going from Awakening to FE7 and assuming the game play is like Awakening.

    But for the first FE in the west, you would want the tutorial assuming everyone is a newcomer. Don’t forget that Smash Bros. would have also increased Japanese interest in the Fire Emblem series as well as the West, and so an integrated tutorial can serve Japanese newcomers as well.

    What the game did nicely was still work it into a nice character development story and the sort of mood of Fire Emblem on a more micro scale. (Sympathetic enemies, bosses, ulterior motives, broken families, etc etc etc).

    Of course, optional is always better, but this was not *just* a boring tutorial. Of course, opinions may vary.

    As for adding more content, is this ever a complaint? The only time it should be is when the content is so filler that it becomes painful, i.e. Awakening.

    • Imagine going from Awakening to FE7 and assuming the game play is like Awakening.

      I would pray no one thinks that a 2003 game would play exactly like a 2012 game. Just sayin’ 😉

      Of course, optional is always better, but this was not *just* a boring tutorial.

      No, I agree. I thought it was fun, but that’s mainly because it provided more variety in its missions (which is one thing that hurts Awakening; lack of variety. Hope future installments on the 3DS/Wii U fix that). But in viewing the interwebs, some just don’t think Lyn should have existed or her story doesn’t matter. In a way, it’s kind of hilarious. It probably stems from the fact she doesn’t exist in FE6.

      • There are people who play Skyward Sword and expect Ocarina of Time to play like that. It’s a sad truth, but there it is. They often do not perceive the game as a thing of the time, rather, treat it up to modern standards, which is the difficulty in writing retrospective reviews unless you had played it back in the day too, or had played similar games.

        Yeah… I hope future installments fix it too, as an FE fan this game hurt me very deep inside, I have never been so disappointed in my life with anything. 😦

        I can see where people may be coming from. Same sort of argument that people say with why Micaiah feels like a fan-insert where the story could be fine without her.

        • Yeah… I hope future installments fix it too, as an FE fan this game hurt me very deep inside, I have never been so disappointed in my life with anything

          LIES lol letting entertainment get you disappointed is impossible — it’s entertainment! I’m pretty sure what happens in life is more disappointing!

          Micaiah argument: Never thought about that. Well, I guess when I replay Radiant Dawn sometime soon I’ll think about that more…

          • Yeah… I felt it very personally, probably since it’s something I semi-grew up with and this tells me it’s time to move on, you know, not for this generation anymore or whatever. I guess all is good in life if that’s my only concern at the moment, though. Hahaha.

            Yeah, she did feel a little forced, but I didn’t mind her presence overall. Still, as an FE blogger, it may be something you may want to look into and comment on.

          • “as an FE Blogger”

            Goddamnit, I’m doing this blog for fun. I don’t need any pressure from you!!! xD

            (But I will try ;-;)

          • Yeah, it may be better to keep it for fun rather than feeling like you’re forced to write –or it may end up feeling like a chore and leading you to dislike it, sort of like trying to get all the supports in FE: A……. hahaha~

            I’m sure you’ll do great, though. Your articles (and Ashley’s responses to them) are amusing and entertaining. 🙂

  3. You make a good point in questioning why Lyn was created (aside from a possible love support for various male characters: Rath, Eliwood, Hector, Wil, etc.). Aside from that, I really liked stories that had a different origin from a “lord” class. Being brought up in a castle, educated and taught the way of tactics and warfare, it can be tedious sometimes. But with Lyn, someone who didn’t grow up in that setting, provides a fresh beginning to the game. She finds out she has noble bloodlines but that’s okay, she’s still true to her clan’s heritage.

    • Hmm. I wonder if that’s why people like Ike so much. Because that’s basically what happened to him in Path of Radiance. Somewhat lol

      Granted though, all the Lords in FE generally have some issues to deal with though, and then there’s Hector (oh Hector!)

  4. she eye candy for the Japanese same reason Bayonetta exists. to be a female protagonist with an appealing forme. its annoying but its made them money… Nintendo gota eat

      • obviously! I’m not impressed with Lyn in any way. she’s useful in brawl if you need to get someone off you’re behind. no they didn’t succeed with Lyn. however, games are coming. SSBU they said they are bringing back old characters. Roy? Hopefully.

  5. I think Lyn was a great person to introduce you to the world of fire emblem. More than that, it had the effect of creating a moment when you discover the world is a lot bigger and interesting than you thought.

    Ah,Fire Emblem 7, back when the lords weren’t boring asses you couldn’t give a shit about.

    • “Ah,Fire Emblem 7, back when the lords weren’t boring asses you couldn’t give a shit about.”

      2 to 1, Walters. Give me a dollar.

      • I shall go down on record of saying I like Hector a lot, for most of the same reasons I like Vaike. Both are crude, slightly direct characters, but theres a certain charm in them despite them being absolute asses.

      • ………I don’t know how got into this position but…*sigh* fine *begrudgingly hands over 100 gold* I don’t do dollars Ashley! You should know this!

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