Dat Merlinus: A Fire Emblem 6 and 7 Exclusive!

I just recently played Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus in Fire Emblem 7. This map was slightly more difficult than I gave it credit for, and I did make one screw up (man I suck), but in the end, I beat it. But throughout this whole chapter, there was only one thing I could think of.

Why Intelligent Systems, why did you ax this guy?!?

So broken.

So broken.

For the uninformed: Merlinus was a unit (Transporter) that was your supply convoy: he was able to hold weapons, tomes, staves, everything. You could even deploy him in battle. Yes, that’s right, you could have him appear on the map, and in Fire Emblem 7, he could be deployed separately, so you don’t have to waste a unit spot. And you know what? He was a pretty broken unit. Well, it does depend on if you train him (by making him appear on each map and he survives he levels up), and once you get him to his Wagon class, he’s literally unstoppable (sometimes). Now, I don’t know how something so big and large can actually dodge, but he can, and he did it well. I even used him a few times as part of my strategy, and managed to get away with it. He seems pretty useless at first, but his importance cannot be understated…



…In Fire Emblem 7. I heard he REALLY SUCKS in Fire Emblem 6. Like, he is really bad. The worst is you do have to use him too, so that’s not good. It’s probably because he’s aged too much. So did its horse.

Now, why am I talking about Merlinus, aside from the fact that he rocks? That’s easy: we haven’t had a Merlinus like character since FE7! Sacred Stones didn’t have him, the Tellius Games (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) had a few characters who accompanied you but didn’t take part in battle (and aren’t quite the personality as Merlinus), Shadow Dragon and Shin Monshou No Nazo were remakes, and Awakening skipped out on it too.

So in other words, it’s been a decade since we’ve had a Merlinus like character in Fire Emblem. In the next installment, they should fix this problem. You don’t need someone exactly like Merlinus, but surely using a transporter as a unit can be good right? Ok so maybe protecting it would be a pain, but the pay off should be great. Intelligent Systems, get on this!

…Now for those who manage to find Fire Emblem 7 lying around in places, you should try and use him. You don’t want to get rid of items and you want to make sure you have a stock of them right? Then use Merlinus. He’s cool. And so’s his support conversations.

…Yes Merlinus even has support conversations. Now if only they had given his tent a weapon or tome to fight…


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

2 thoughts on “Dat Merlinus: A Fire Emblem 6 and 7 Exclusive!

  1. I think its to do with the way the games have worked since 7 having changed. Its been an open world game since 7, so a unit like merlinus would be too easy to level up.

    I do remember many a time he spend using him as a shield. I suppose it made up for having to leave a few units to guard him until he became a wagon. The enemy always had it in for him more than the lord characters!

    • Yeah I do understand why Merlinus or a character like him didn’t come back, but it’s still unfortunate Merlinus has been forgotten. I hope he comes back…though I don’t have too high hopes of that!

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