So…About The Xbox One…What Would You Have Named the Xbox One? least we can see the hardware right?

Well…at least we can see the hardware right?

Update: So apparently we’re trying to name the new Xbox. Come join in. I guess.

It sucks.

Ok, ok, I don’t know if it sucks. But it is what everyone has been waiting for so…should I care? Now, I should point out that I do own a 360, so…I’m not all about Nintendo (or Fire Emblem). Well, I could just go frequent the big sites to get info, but that would suck too. So feel free to talk about here. While I clean up my room.

Because cleaning up your room is a good thing™

Update: Well, I changed the title. Personally, they should have just gone with Dur*******

Me: Dur******
Kilographic: Exie-Boxie!
Ashley: Ashbox, YBoY
Kaxzc: Babbies New Box



About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

94 thoughts on “So…About The Xbox One…What Would You Have Named the Xbox One?

        • 3DS is amazing. you’re delusional. Xbox and PS are inferior because they trail in the wake of the Wii. Sony and Microsoft wait for Nintendo to make their move and try to one up. they fail I don’t want a computer for console games.

          – Kaxzc

          • 3DS used to be amazing, but then it got Awakening. Every console that didn’t have Awakening became awesome as a result.

          • I hate Awakening that much. It murdered my family, dog, and lawn gnomes by being that bad. And I don’t even have a dog.

          • Your family may be in danger if I tell you. You sure you want to know?

            Choking hazard. The bane to anyone’s existence. Now you should hide. The game… it’s coming for you.

          • you’re talking out of your rear end. the 3ds became amazing as a result of Awakening. and as I said Microsoft and Sony are bloody cowards. they wait for Nintendo to do something then put something together that breaks half the time and say its user error when its clearly a manufacturing error.
            Your argument is complete bollocks and will be treated as such.

            – Kaxzc

          • oh you’re one of them I see now. im sorry but you aint getting praise from me, short stuff. I don’t praise that which doesn’t research their ridiculous comments before posting it on a respectable blog!

            – Kaxzc

          • Apology accepted. I am pretty short, yeah. I did all the research! Really. I played Awakening, so first hand research.


          • (Sigh) you and I will never give up this battle. I realize I’ve found someone on the Internet who knows how to argue in a unique way.
            That aside I went into fire emblem expecting to hate it and I finished it as a better game than Zelda.
            Opinions are opinions.
            Take it or leave it.

            – Kaxzc

          • This is a battle? Wow. I thought like, battles were bloody, and like… stuff.

            Better game than which Zelda? Awakening being better than any Zelda is really sad… change your Link icon right now.

          • It’s true!

            … uh oh. Did the game get you, Stryker? I knew it. I shouldn’t have warned her. It’s got her too. Oh god. I’m next.

            Or something.

          • Judging people based on their avatars…. Ashley, I thought you were better than this! Even your hatred of Awakening pales in comparison to judging someone over the internet!!!

            ………At least, that’s what I’ve been told

          • Well. Admittedly, that drawing makes Riku look like a girl, but then again, I would have been in the dark had I not clicked the avatar link (which made the size bigger). Maybe Ashley made that mistake?

          • Not judging by the avatar. On the internet, everyone is a girl. Haven’t you heard?

            Hmm. Wait. That saying sounds slightly off. I wonder why… hmm… hmm…

          • You have to know Ashley, or check out her introduction to know that she’s a misanthropic and mostly sarcastic individual. She doesn’t really have any interest in this system, and doesn’t actually hate Awakening *that* much, and is only carrying on based on your reaction.

            Sorry to ruin your fun Ashley, but I didn’t want the poor guy to actually take you seriously. :\

          • HAHAHA!
            I knew someone would stop this at some point.
            To add to that, I’m a naturally ragey guy so I naturally felt it necessary to continue.
            I’m not a play toy Ashley. I don’t squeak for your amusement.

            – Kaxzc

          • Devious is what she is. Walters is getting more and more views because of this. The guy is just raking it in.
            Nice profile pic, Kilographic.

            – Kaxzc

          • Yeah, she likes Walters in the way a master likes her dog, I think, so she doesn’t mind letting his page get popular. She also loves to toy with him with her “hate” for Awakening. Which I think he takes in good humor… I think…

          • The poor guy.
            I am my own master. And here’s the thing, most of my friends at one time were deep in depression when I found them and after they met me they were happy again. I’m the unofficial ring leader of my friends. As much as I wish I wasn’t…

            – Kaxzc

          • Thanks. I would shamelessly plug but that wouldn’t be right.
            I’m like a coin. On one side I’m Cynical and Ragey. On the other I’m Kind and Understanding.
            One of my friends likes to flip that coin and take his chances. He plays with fire and he knows it.
            Haha. You’re right before, I’m usually in good spirits.

            – Kaxzc

          • No, I don’t go do anything like wish horrible things happen to Ashley for hating Awakening. Honest. No really, I swear 😉

          • The fact that my life is now threatened as a result of disliking this game makes me dislike it more! Curse you game, for making me a victim of horrible things in the future!

          • Hm…an interesting historical read into the minds of the past to whom this blog, nearly one year later, would be thanked to. It is as if I’m studying history…

            It seems I have arrived on the aftermath of a battlefield in which two warriors laid down their justified points of view. Kaxzc Prime vs Ashley – two who are opinionated down to their graves, and will carry this with them forever. This argument seemed to me that I am not sure whose side I support. and so I will remain the patient neutral (Well, it’s too late now anyway). Despite, it was a humorous read filled with many memories I am sure you all enjoy in the future. It is these good times with your friends that you will miss once you’ve moved on. If you see this post then you will remember those times; this was nearly one year ago, do you remember?

            My opinion does not matter in the essence of the past, shikashi I will throw it in anyway for the fun of it. I believe that the 3DS is the greatest handheld console, and that holding Fire Emblem: Awakening ‘awakened’ my soul to more enlightened feelings. I have developed new feelings and I love one character the most: Lon’Qu. It is this reason I wondered if he would make a humble appearance in Super Smash Brothers or not.

            I believe the Xbox One should have been called X: Revolution. It is a revolutionary all-around progressing mini-computer system, revolutionary for a console, carrying Dead Rising 3 (which has no loading screens). However it has strayed too far from the game consoles itself, and therefore, it is no longer worthy of the title ‘Xbox’ rather, it is it’s own little islanded nation now.

  1. Microsoft, go back to making windows. PS4 will be better but I bought a wii u because Microsoft and Sony haven’t had the same time to get games right. Nintendo is better.
    I got raged at by my friend about it. I have high hopes for the Future of Wii U.
    Bayonetta 2, the new Smash Bros, Majoras Mask?, and many others.

    – Kaxzc

  2. XBox One makes me think of AirForce One.

    I wonder if it’s named that just to prioritize the individual over the group,. The Wii U (We and you) are very group oriented by the name, where as XBox One carries a very individual sort of feeling (“the one”). So maybe it’s something like that. It also conveniently allows them to name the next one XBox Two, and so on! Like the Play Station series!

    (And I guess that means they have up to 360. Hahaha~)

    The console doesn’t seem like anything special, and doesn’t really have any appealing games for me as of right now. However, I’m not going to bash it, or make a judgement based on speculation, and remain neutral and see how it goes. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, it’s pretty simple.

    I wish I did that with Awakening : (

    • I think it’s a case of companies running out of names for their systems. Or being lazy. Being lazy is fun.

      Wait a moment but you didn’t know that you wouldn’t like Awakening

      …Or did you? How?!??

      • I’d rather still have that glee of looking forward to it than the painful disappointment that came afterward.: (

        Again, just so you know, game play is fine and music is good and such, just story and the not so great supports sort of ruined it for me.

        But yeah… probably that issue of laziness here and there. You should make a new topic: “What would you have named the XBox One”?

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