Thanks Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening

I guess I’m contractually obligated to talk about what I discovered pertaining to the Fire Emblem franchise. I don’t know why–

Oh wait.

You pretty much know that Awakening has been the best selling FE in recent memory. You can go do a Google search on it to find the numbers, or maybe see people somewhere in your area with a game of it and talking about it. It is well deserved of course, as when I see FE selling well, it makes me believe people would be interested in learning more about the franchise as a whole. More good press = more people just being aware of how the franchise is. Oh, and it would make this blog useful 😀

That’s why when I found out about this interview, I gave a bit of a sigh. For the lazy, I’ll post the info here:

Q: Fire Emblem has had a long lifetime. Do you get the feeling it gets harder to release a new episode every time?

Yamagami: No doubt. Truth be told, sales are dropping. The sales manager of Nintendo, Mr. Hatano, told us that this could be the last Fire Emblem. Due to this progressive descend on sales, they told us that if the sales of this episode stayed below 250,000 copies, we’d stop working on the saga. I remember when I came back from the meeting and told the team “My God, what are we gonna do?! The end has come!”. Our reaction was clear: if this was going to be the last Fire Emblem, we had to put everything we always wanted to include. That’s how this new project was born!

I should probably point out that Fire Emblem, at least in the West, wasn’t exactly a particularly good seller. Then it really dropped the ball with Radiant Dawn and it basically cancelling out newbies to the game, and then bringing back Marth with a remake of Shadow Dragon. So with all that said, this could have been the last FE game?

Really IS? This could have been the last one?

Admittedly, considering everything that is packed in Awakening, where they had characters from prior Fire Emblem games appear in the game and features from most of the games packed in here, you could see how, as Yamagami said, “they wanted to put everything we always wanted to include”. And they did exactly just that. Did that make for a strong overall game? Not necessarily, but it was well done enough for me (and others) obviously.

Even so, I have to tip my cap to Awakening for basically saving the franchise. Personally, I had a feeling that while FE was a great franchise, there was something missing that prevented it from becoming something more widespread. Sometimes being too widespread is bad, but personally, with Awakening selling as well as did, I think it is the stepping stone. I think IS has the basis of what great and well received FEs can be. Now they should have the opportunity to improve upon it and make the franchise better so it doesn’t get close to ending so ingloriously.

Oh, and no remakes. Unless you make better changes. (Like Shin Monshou No Nazo).

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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

26 thoughts on “Thanks Fire Emblem Awakening

  1. I enjoyed Radiant Dawn, but as a Fire Emblem game it was awful. Between derailment of established characters (what happened to Ike!?), rampant character-forcing and a poorly-told plot, I can see why a lot of people don’t like it.

    I still need to get Awakening at some point, I’ve already managed to spoil myself rotten as far as the story goes, but it looks just too good not to play for myself.

    • Really, my biggest problem is that the balance is awful. At least, that’s how I remembered it. But compared to FE’s I’ve played, only the gameplay (and battle save) were its real saving grace. Oh, and the music. Music was glorious xD

      You fool! I’ve managed to spoil myself on some essentials before Awakening came out, but not everything!!!

      • Yeah, the balance was terrible, especially at the end. You could breeze through the finale with Ike and the Laguz royals if you so wished.

        And I know; I wasn’t planning on getting Awakening until quite recently. My bad >_<

  2. I’d rather have the series die than have this game. The fact they wanted to toss everything in probably explains the mess of the story though.

    Eventually, the series should end. Or else you’ll be in your death bed and your only regret will not be all the time you wasted playing this game; but the fact that you won’t be around for the next one.

    • But I don’t want the series to end ;_;

      But I say this mainly because I’d be one thing if I was able to play all of the games in the franchise. Well, instead only 6 games were officially released, with others in need of relying on Emulators. My computer is not the best. As fun as New Mystery was, let’s just say I did not have fun with its speed, and no amount of adjusting the settings would save it. It was more nuisance than anything else. Maybe I’ll get a better computer in the future. Who knows? Well, whatever the case, I think the series should keep going for a bit longer.

  3. It’s nice to know, except that I think they’ve basically said this for every game since FE9 or something. They keep saying, “If it doesn’t sell well, we’ll do *insert something here*,” and they keep going… I think they’d definitely cut localizing it before cutting the actual series.

    I hope they make a game like this for Advance Wars. For that series, the story has not been a focus for sure, so people saying that are justified. However, the latest game so far had a pretty interesting story. If they manage to make it more main stream, that would be a series that I would not mind seeing a few more installments of.

    • Never seen any statements, and personally, when you go the remake route I would have guessed they were doing well enough D:

      Yeah the last Advance Wars was praised for its shift in tone I believe. I think IS would be missing out if they can’t find a way to make a new Advance Wars game for the 3DS. Although that depends on if they know if it will sell well!

      • I recall FE playing friends/family told me around the time FE10 came out. I didn’t browse the internet as much back then (happier times), maybe IGN may have mentioned it or something, I don’t know. I’ll look sometime, but often just run into Awakening stuff now.

        Yep! Maybe they should market Advance Wars to all the old and new FE fans, as well as old fans and to create new AW fans. It’d be nice.

        As for remakes and doing well enough, on one hand the remake doesn’t need as much thought in the development, so may be a cheaper way out.

  4. Wowee, I too am glad that Awakening saved the series, but I hope the next one gets higher quality standards in almost every trait, all while keeping all the casual & support stuff every new and old fan loves.

    On a side, unrelated note… I’ve re-started FE8, started FE12, FE4, started a new file in FE13, my sis is finishing FE10 and I plan on making an all pally playthrough of FE9.
    Gosh, somebody take this series away from me, I don’t know which one to playyyyyy~~!!

    FE4 and FE12 are very promising though~ I’d love to play 12 on an actual console, it’s just so nice.

    ps:Nephenee is soloing 4-2 aaah

    • Oh you’re playing FE12? That’s a really good one, I thought. It’s a shame not many have played it. The MyUnit character felt more fitting in that world.

      I recently went through FE6, 7, 12, and 8 again (in that order) after Awakening (to make myself feel a little better…)

      I’ve been wanting to do FE9/10 again! I seem to play 10 at least once every year, it’s definitely my most played.

    • Basically, I think we’re hoping FE13 is FE6. What does that mean? Well, FE7 basically was an improvement over FE6, And FE6 was FE’s first foray onto the GBA. Awakening was FE’s first foray onto the 3DS, and well, it has sold like buckets, despite having its many flaws. With the developers understanding the 3DS (and I got the sentiment from the interviews that they didn’t fully understand what they could do with the 3DS), I can only expect an even better FE game than before 🙂

      No, you keep playing FE! I want you to keep playing FE! I want everyone to keep playing FE!!! Because I think the franchise is awesome 😀 Now, what I don’t know what you should play, but hey…you’ll figure something out xD

      I’d love to play 12 on an actual console, it’s just so nice.

      You and me both!!!

      • Kilo has been so disheartened by FE13 that they are actually hoping an FE14 announcement is NOT made to go through the pain again.

        When it comes to that point Walters, you know that the developers have failed in some way to lose such a dedicated customer.

        The backfire of that logic, Walters, is that if it sold like buckets, they will make sure to make the next game *more* like Awakening to ensure it does so again.

        Yeah. I know. Joy to the world for those who liked Awakening, but a giant “fuck you we love money” to those who didn’t.

        • I’m pretty sure at this point Kilo is not the only one disheartened by FE13…and not sure if you know this, but I don’t think Nintendo will care. I’ve pretty much accepted money > fans when it comes to business nowadays 😦 I do have faith IS will improve upon all of Awakening’s shortcomings though.

          • Yeah. It’s a sorry truth you learn as you get older. A lot of the younger gamers who feel the world is theirs don’t seem to learn this.

            It’s why the series should die and we should find an Indie game maker who makes a similar game.

            Have you played any FE Fan games?

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