E3 Predictions, From a Fire Emblem Perspective

Sigurd's Dangerous Predictions Begins!

Walters’s Dangerous Predictions Begins!

So it’s almost time ladies and gentlemen. The expo of all expos, the time where gamers and non-gamers…

…wait what’s that? You mean E3 only exists in name and nothing else? Silly person! Even if E3 isn’t anywhere close to what we had in the past, it’s still E3, and either we will make fun of it like we usually do or just enjoy everything that might be offered and streamed on them big gaming websites.

Anyways, E3 doesn’t quite hold as much candle to me as it did in the past, and with Nintendo not even having a big conference (which, btw, I’ve gotten tired of conferences since nothing of importance really gets announced), this E3 holds somewhat even less importance, even with us attempting to get more info on the two new gaming systems. But I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll let others do that, while I make some predictions regarding Fire Emblem during the week of E3.

Wait, making predictions about Fire Emblem? I mean Awakening just hit the West in 2013! What could there possibly be? Well, who knows, but it’ll be worth making some guesses to see what’s in store for the franchise for this year and 2014. The order is in “this has a 99% chance of getting announced” to “the chances of this happening means an apocalypse is coming”. So let’s get started:

This Has a 99% Chance of Getting Announced

  • Clearly, the only real guarantee I can make is that there will be some sort of video with more information on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and actual details of what this crossover’s all about. As you probably all know zero information, aside from it being an RPG, has been released, and it’s time for the speculation on the internet to finally zero in on elements that will make the crossover easier to think about. All I can guess is based on what people have been saying, controllers will be broken and people will either be happy or just unhappy little girls. My guess is people will be unhappy little girls.

Anyways, SMT X FE is literally the only thing I’m sure will be talked about. Everything else below this is pure conjecture and a stab in a dark. So follow my prediction anyways:

At Best, This Has A Chance to Take Flight

  • I don’t think it’s a stretch to say a Fire Emblem character will be in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Game for Wii U and 3DS. Taking into account the history of Smash though, my guess is that they’ll definitely will be bringing a character from Awakening into the series, and it would be Chrom or Lucina. However, I think considering the ability to switch out characters has been featured in Brawl, I wouldn’t be shocked if Chrom and Lucina are brought in as a paired unit fighter. Maybe like the Ice Climbers, or maybe more Zelda/Sheik like. It mostly takes advantage of Awakening’s usage of pair up, so for now, that’s how I foresee it. The thing is though, how many characters will be shown during E3? This is why I don’t have it up in the 99% range, as, despite FE’s success, it’s still at least a tier below Mario, Zelda, etc. There’s a chance we won’t know what FE characters are going to be in the game until later. I kind of expect that. Still, if being current means anything, we might get teased!

Unlikely, But Don’t Be Surprised if it Happens

  • Hey…you know that Fire Emblem Awakening has a soundtrack? No? Well they do! And boy, would I love for it to be announced for a Western release! The problem is, Nintendo just doesn’t release soundtracks here. I mean, we just have the Zelda stuff recently right? They really should consider bringing it over, especially with the emerging popularity and all, but I don’t think it’ll happen. But don’t be surprised if this is announced.
  • Back to SMT x FE. While we don’t quite know what will be announced, we should at least expect something. One thing I wonder Nintendo will push is Wii U/3DS connectivity. Since Smash Bros is getting this treatment, I wonder if there will be hidden goodies for anyone who has either SMT IV and/or FE: A. I deem it unlikely since it sounds like way too much work, but Nintendo’s kind of crazy sometimes, so it would make sense to do even more crazy things, especially since Awakening was technically finished last year.

More Likely Heart Speaking Than Head

  • In the realm of impossibility, a new Fire Emblem game will be announced for the 3DS. Guess what? It’s a remake! Remake of what? Of Genealogy of the Holy War!…hahahaha– ok hear me out. Generally most FE games have a 2-3 year window of development in Japan. The times where the window only lasted a year? First with The Binding Blade (2002) The Blazing Sword (2003), and The Sacred Stones (2004), and then Radiant Dawn (2007) to Shadow Dragon (2008). Shadow Dragon is a remake. I think personally it’s time to revisit and let the Western audience get a chance to build off the marriage and skills system in Awakening by bringing forth FE4, and of course updating it to modern times. And yes, this is the perfect way for me to avoid playing it on an emulator. So go and announce it! Go do it!
  • To then properly get people pumped for this game, the new Super Smash Bros will then announce a surprise character for the series: Sigurd! He will make his debut in 3D glory and fight for what is right! And hey, Sakurai said he wanted to add Sigurd into Melee! He’ll have his opportunity now…Yeah…I need to stop hoping :/

The Chances of This Happening Means an Apocalypse is Coming

  • Awakening…TEH SEQUEL! It would only make sense for a money grubbing company to try and make more money by announcing a sequel to what looks to be the most successful Fire Emblem world wide. And you know what? I wouldn’t actually mind an Awakening sequel. But at this point, IS will be too busy with Atlus on SMT x FE and maybe other projects. And personally, I think it’s too early to think sequel just yet, when it’s finally making the rounds across the globe. So I don’t see a sequel announced during E3 week.
  • You know, I’ve bitched and moaned about playing the older games, so how about this for a stunner: A Fire Emblem collection is announced! That’s right guys! Wii U! Fire Emblem Gaiden, Genealogy, Thracia, and Binding Blade, translated (though not updated). That’s the stuff of dreams right there. But if this happens, I will probably go do things I’ve always wanted to do before I die. That probably includes robbing a bank.


Other Gaming E3 Predictions That Have Nothing to Do With Fire Emblem

  • Well, I guess I lied about not making any predictions. Sue me.
  • I’m going to assume Microsoft will actually announce good things at E3. No really, after the negative feedback from its initial announcement, I can surely think they can only go up after that right? Watch as they somehow get a surprise publisher on their side.
  • I can only guarantee we’ll finally see how the PS4 looks. What it will look like who knows, but I guess it’ll look like a blue toaster.
Yep, this blue toaster. Fight the power!

Yep, this blue toaster. Fight the power!

  • Sega will finally do the right thing and bring back Skies of Arcadia. No seriously, for the ten millionth time pirates and ships in the sky will return, all updated and stuff.
  • You can also count on not seeing Shenmue again. Now stop asking!
  • Mega Man will also not be announced. Capcom will instead announce a new Street Fighter game.
  • Actually, speaking of Street Fighter, how about Tekken X Street Fighter? We finally gonna hear about that game this time?
  • I predict Nokia will re-enter the gaming industry, all thanks to Atari. No stop laughing I’m serious!

Anyways, use this as a general E3 Prediction thread. If you ask, I could put up an E3 focused live thread or something next week. This assumes nothing crappy happens to me somewhere out there. Feel free to share what’cha got!


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

32 thoughts on “E3 Predictions, From a Fire Emblem Perspective

  1. I predict E3 will be what games are coming out.

    Wait… Hmm.

    An Awakening sequel? Really? Same engine is fine, but sequel? Gods.

    Is it called FE: Preparing for Bed? Since then I’d totally buy it. Yeah.

  2. I hope they announce another story-heavy Advance Wars game, like Days of Ruin.

    Or, they announce something entirely new! Which is less likely than anything above…

  3. This is probably the 4th time we’ve seen collaborations, the recent one I know is Ace Attorney and Layton, but these two, FE x SMT are my faves, this sounds promising. Not sure if it would turn out good or bad though.(hopes its good)

    I hope they finally announce SMTIV for EU. I’d love to see more FE, or even remakes like you mentioned. They have to know how much people would want that.

    and go Nokia!

    • Oh, you guys haven’t gotten confirmation? Darn Atlus! Well, hopefully it will get announced there.

      Nokia was the best handheld that I never played. It was just that broken and good 😀

      • Yeah, sucks to be in EU for games distribution. Even more frustrating to see games like cooking, gardening, whatever mamas and hello kitty games being published immediately, while we drool at everybody else who already has SMTIV. :S

        • lately EU has been getting games on the same date or even before US does. plus for some reason Nintendo has this idea that simultaneous releases is the way so go. so stop your butt clenching and relax.

          – Kaxzc

          • That’s only true for big titles(such as Pokémon) or easy selling games such as Mario Games. It’s rare the EU has the same release date. Easy for you not to complain when you get the games earlier.

          • Oh please. We get crappy games first.
            I dislike Mario because its the same thing over and over. I dislike Sonic because its the samething every time.
            I know I’m going to get flack for saying that but I don’t like them and there is nothing the Internet can do to change that.

            – Kaxzc

          • That’s your opinion, nobody can contest that. It’s just unfortunate that if great games doesn’t have the financial prowess and popularity of Mario or Sonic Franchise, they are lowest in the priority scale for localisation. Soul Hackers is already in the US since April, it might arrive on September to EU. No date for SMTIV while others will already have it on July.

            i certainly prefer these games rather than seeing crappy casual games. So no, Nintendo does not put effort into simultaneous releases unless it has that worldwide popularity already — no matter how crappy they are. I want them to change that and have worldwide (or almost closer) release dates. Can’t a guy even wish for that?

            Anyway, sorry, didn’t mean to rant about this. It’s just frustrating to always have the short end of the stick on this matter.

          • Haha! I’m glad to see people have opinions with info backing them.
            Rants are my specialty. This is impressive.
            Yeah. I feel bad for EU because of the preverbal short end. I looked up release dates for games and the EU has been the fat kid at the end of the gym line.

            I should know. I’ve been in that position.

            So sorry EU. I feel for ya

  4. im not sure how they would do a sequel to Awakening with the Future Past DLC.

    SEGA is bleeding slowly. they try and milk Sonic games to the end of time and its going to hurt them and is hurting them. the only really good Sonic game since Adventure and Adventure 2 is Generations. and the new sonic game that was announced looks awful!

    We know what will be announced at E3 already!
    Bayonetta 2
    a new smash bros
    2 Zelda games
    and stuff for the PS4 and Xbox whatever

    I would also like to know if they will release a Majora’s Mask remake

    – Kaxzc

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