People Playing Awakening, Why Didn’t You Start on Normal?

HenryShort post today. Well, somewhat short post today. You see, I notice a problem as I venture through these internets…a lot of people are playing Awakening on Hard Mode….on their first playthrough.

To that I go: why?

Let’s just say if the last Fire Emblem game you played was The Sacred Stones on GBA, there’s a decent chance you’re going to have problems playing Awakening on Hard mode. Let’s just say if the last Fire Emblem game you played was Path of Radiance on GCN, there’s a decent chance you’re going to have problems playing Awakening on Hard mode. Let’s just say if the last Fire Emblem game you played was Radiant Dawn on the Wii, there’s a decent chance you’re going to have problems playing Awakening on Hard mode. I’m going to assume no one played Shadow Dragon ok ok Let’s just say if the last Fire Emblem game you played was Shadow Dragon on DS, there’s a decent chance you’re going to have problems playing Awakening on Hard mode.

What am I getting at? Awakening has some of the features of prior games, but in general, it’s not the same game, with the inclusion of pairing up (which conversely means no rescue) and the fact that enemy reinforcements move on the turn they arrive, which was not seen in any of the games listed above (unless you played the higher difficulty levels in those games). You need to actually get a sense of how the game plays before moving right along. I know, I know veteran FE players probably jumped straight into Hard mode too and had no problems, but I would recommend you start on Normal anyways to get a feel for the game. That’s just the right thing to do.

So…admit it. You started Awakening on Hard mode didn’t you? Do you guys think you’re special? I’d say you’re just evil! EVIL!

…Now back to work for me.


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50 thoughts on “People Playing Awakening, Why Didn’t You Start on Normal?

  1. FE13 was my first Fire Emblem, but not my first turn-based tactical strategy game. I actually did some google searching beforehand and many people said that Normal was wayyyyy too easy, therefore I started on Hard.

    I did not regret my decision lol. The opening chapters were especially tough, and I had to rely on sound, smart turn-based tactics (accumulated from years of playing other turn-based games) in order to win. But it was not stupidly unfair like Lunatic, and I still managed to enjoy the challenge. By chapter 15 onwards or so, the difficulty setting becomes almost irrelevant because of your ability to grind through Risen spawns and the Bonus Box (and the DLCs, if you have them), but the hard-fought hardship was fun while it lasted.

    • Meh. I enjoyed what I played of the modes in the demo, then decided to build myself up. For instance, after beating Normal and Hard, I’ve finally gotten started on Lunatic!

      …It surprisingly took me four tries to survive the map lol Chapter 1 is where I ended up having more difficulty, with that hammer wielder and sword mercenaries :3

  2. I was told by a friend that the balance on Hard was better than on Normal. Of course to make up for that I also played on Casual. So a lot of the beginning of the game was like finding a way to solve a puzzle and abusing the mid-battle save system a bit too much. Like the other commenter, I was overpowered at the end part of the game because of all the excess grinding I did.

    I have a different friend who was a FE newbie who is playing on Normal, and she still finds things relatively difficult sometimes. I think there is this prevalent idea on the Internet that playing on Normal is for wimps or something, so that’s why so many start on hard.

    • there is this prevalent idea on the Internet that playing on Normal is for wimps or something

      But I thought Easy was the one for wimps…Awakening doesn’t have an easy mode!

      …And yes, in the early chapters of Awakening on Normal it’s too easy, but if you don’t grind a lot (like me, but then again, I actually didn’t understand the Bonus Box/Spotpass/Reeking Box), it can provide a challenge.

  3. I started on Normal and bumped it up to hard mid-game when I started another file. I have to agree that the margin of difficulty is far greater than previous titles…

  4. I admit, yes! But it was more out of habit rather than masochism or elitism. Simply because I just find some games to have a bit more balance on hard mode. I did the same thing on Halo 4 so the fighting lasts longer. If I can’t push through on hard, I set it down to normal or easy if normal means hard for the game.

    I guess we’re the odd ball though, since we have played quite a few FE games in the past. The pairing system of Awakening is by far the biggest change for me, but it was similar to that of Disgaea, so I could adapt in no time. The fact that we can easily forever grind our teams makes the difficulty (as some comments before me pointed out) irrelevant (my golly, I’ve seen some monstrous teams via streetpass!), so I don’t abuse it so much to keep the challenge on story mode balanced. 😀

    • Man, what I’m mostly finding out is all of you guys are evil. Jumping straight to hard…stop leaving me so lonely!!!

      (my golly, I’ve seen some monstrous teams via streetpass!)

      I have also seen some monstrous teams via streetpass. I have also avoided parleying with them out of fear for my safety and Fire Emblem tactical skills

  5. This. So much of this. My first playthrough was on normal, and all my friends (even the beginners whose first FE was Awakening) decided to go with hard. Now I’ve finished Normal and am well on my way in Hard for my second playthrough, while the rest of them are stuck :T

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, the exact same thing happened to me, as some of my friends jumped to hard while I started normal. I then ended up beating normal and hard, and they were still stuck on hard. Granted, they may not have had as much time as I did the month it came out, but still lol 😀

      • True true 😛 I picked it up right after finals ended so I had all the time in the world. After this I’ll go to Lunatic…have you tried it yet? I’ve heard intimidating things….

  6. What??
    My first playthrough of Awakening was on hard, my second still is AND IT’S MUCH MUCH EASIER THAN RADIANT DAWN, it also has worse maps and it’s one of the most broken games in the series.
    However, it’s much more frustrating, since the AI is rather stupid and loves blood.
    No really, Hard mode isn’t hard at all, and the solutions to most of the problems are always easy to find out.

    • Silence, people have had trouble, and especially those who haven’t played the rest of the games, they don’t know just how evil FE can be! This I mention as a precaution!!!

      • Lol, my friend who plays on Normal doesn’t even look at the hit and crit rates when making decisions ;(
        And she says that healers and dancers are useless because they get killed.

  7. the only strategy games I played were disgaea 2 and disgaea dimension 2, so I’m pretty new to strategy games, so I decided I’m gonna play awakening on normal most likely on classic, since I wanna get the real experience

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