Fire Emblem Hasha no Tsurugi — 4

Fire Emblem: Hasha No Tsurugi

A Fire Emblem theme: Betrayal!

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Of course me talking about manga begins with me talking about Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi. Which I was supposed to have ready last Wed. oops





Taking place on the fictional continent of Elibe and staring Roy, the son of Fire Emblem protagonist Eliwood. Roy leads the League of Lycia’s army against the forces of the militant country of Bern shortly after his father falls ill.

The story begins when King Zephiel, ruler of the kingdom of Bern, finishes the brutal conquest of Ilia and Sacae and sets his sights on Lycia. With the war coming to his own country, Roy is sent home to lead Pherae’s army to oppose Bern, but soon after he meets Guinevere, the princess of Bern and Zephiel’s younger sister, who has escaped from her homeland to search for a way to stop the imminent war between Bern and Lycia.

Upon the death of marquess Hector, Roy carries on the Lycian League and makes many promises: to protect Princess Guinevere and Hector’s beloved daughter, the mage Lilina, and most importantly, to save the entire continent from Zephiel’s mysterious thirst for world domination.

But this story’s hero is Al, son of a Bernian blacksmith. After turning 15, he left his home with his father’s sword to go on an adventure in this continent bound for war.


Hasha No Tsurugi Ch 4

Man there’s no place like home anymore!

Fire Emblem: Hasha No Tsurugi

Man, the Lycian League sucks

Fire Emblem: Hasha No Tsurugi

A Fire Emblem theme: BETRAYAL!

Ooh...right in the stomach! That'll leave a mark. Or two. Or three.

Ooh…right in the stomach! That’ll leave a mark. Or two. Or three.


This chapter was a decided improvement upon the first three chapters. After Elena, Gant, and Al head over to Worde Castle to see Elena’s uncle, Duke Ranward, and ask about the Fire Emblem, Worde Castle has already been destroyed, with only a lone soldier survivor named Danan who tells the three all about the formation of the Lycian League, but how Bern crushed them and forced Worde Castle to surrender. To save Elena’s uncle, the four propose a plan that seems shrewd — have Elena seem like she was captured by enemy forces, but those enemy forces happen to be compromised of Al, Gant, and Danan. They would get close to the one who set the Duke up in Minister Youzen and catch him by surprise. The problem is that for a plan like that to work, they have to make sure that everyone is trustworthy for a plan like that to work. I don’t know about you, but Fire Emblem seems to always have characters the main protagonists believe in, and this is no exception. Too bad Danan was an enemy soldier, so that idea went up in flames, and now the three are in a position where death is imminent.

No really, this was a major improvement upon the last few chapters. It essentially combined being naive as hell and then subsequently not thinking of what would happen if they failed that ended up making the betrayal by Danan quite effective. How they managed to get the hell out of said situation was kind of lame, but it did make use of having a healer nearby. See, Elena is just great — she can use magic and can heal. Now, I don’t know if they will still get out of said situation, but oh well, we’ll just have to keep on reading along to find out!

Read Hasha No Tsurugi Chapter 4


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