Manga Impressions #1: Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1

Hajime No IppoMan there’s a lot of chapters of Hajime no Ippo. How does one catch up? Well, I guess I’ll bite.

Quick Summary: Makunouchi Ippo is a small, kind kid with a wimp’s mentality — hence why he gets picked on a lot and is badmouthed by everyone else. And as you can see below…

Hajime No Ippo 2

Man this kid Makunouchi sucks

And as you can see, poor Makunouchi can’t catch a break. Three guys wanting to beat him up? What bad luck. Thankfully a random person comes out of nowhere to save him!Hajime No Ippo 3 Hajime No Ippo 4Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaa how in the blue hell– he just took their buttons off in mere seconds! Goddamn shounen manga! Hajime No Ippo 5Man, only Japan would make this crap up. But well, anytime you can make fun of Mike Tyson is a good thing. Also, where’s the editor around here? Hajime No Ippo 6No man, you don’t wanna do boxing, go do something constructive already! Hajime No Ippo 7Man, if only people nowadays didn’t give up! That would be great!

Hajime No Ippo 8So he went from not being able to fight to being able to throw a billion punches. What–


Well, that was kind of bizarre. However, I liked how all of a sudden Makunouchi went from wimp to someone who can be on par with a boxer in a matter of days. I’m interested in seeing where he goes from here, so I think I’ll keep reading.


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4 thoughts on “Manga Impressions #1: Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1

      • It’s an older manga for sure, but it has an ending and such, one of the pioneer stories and stuff. It’s also a boxing one, so thought you may enjoy it too.

        “Tomorrow’s Joe” in English, I’m pretty sure it’s been licensed.

        • Checked it. No one’s licensed the series for today lol Well I think my reading list has grown a bit, so…I guess I’ll get to that in the future!

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