Fire Emblem Hasha no Tsurugi — 5

Hasha No Tsurugi 5 5And now, back to blogging about Fire Emblem: Hasha No Tsurugi on Wednesday. Because I can.





Taking place on the fictional continent of Elibe and staring Roy, the son of Fire Emblem protagonist Eliwood. Roy leads the League of Lycia’s army against the forces of the militant country of Bern shortly after his father falls ill.

The story begins when King Zephiel, ruler of the kingdom of Bern, finishes the brutal conquest of Ilia and Sacae and sets his sights on Lycia. With the war coming to his own country, Roy is sent home to lead Pherae’s army to oppose Bern, but soon after he meets Guinevere, the princess of Bern and Zephiel’s younger sister, who has escaped from her homeland to search for a way to stop the imminent war between Bern and Lycia.

Upon the death of marquess Hector, Roy carries on the Lycian League and makes many promises: to protect Princess Guinevere and Hector’s beloved daughter, the mage Lilina, and most importantly, to save the entire continent from Zephiel’s mysterious thirst for world domination.

But this story’s hero is Al, son of a Bernian blacksmith. After turning 15, he left his home with his father’s sword to go on an adventure in this continent bound for war.


Hasha No Tsurugi 5


Hasha No Tsurugi 5

Now if only Fire Emblem games allowed you to push terrain like that. But only in a manga!

Hasha No Tsurugi 5

Oh man, these guys are screwed. This isn’t the video game guys, this won’t be easy!

Hasha No Tsurugi 5

Really guys? Really? You gotta be sh**in me!


Well this took one step back. Well just one step. I would have thought that after Al got to Youzen they would have used him as a hostage to get back Tiena’s uncle Duke Ranward. Instead the trio of Al, Gant, and Tiena are surrounded by enemy forces, and so is Duke Ranward. And as you can tell from the pictures, they survive. I’m not even sure where I’m supposed to go with this. It’s just that dumb. It gets even dumber when Danan, you know, the knight that betrayed the crew and the Duke, tries to get back on their side by leading them out through a back entrance.

…Let me get this straight: you’re in a position where you have to decide whether to fight the enemy or take the secret passageway from a guy who already betrayed you once. It definitely does not make sense to be that trusting, especially considering he could have easily led them to an even dire situation (and in retrospect, kind of did). But ok, fine, arguing about the merits of this is up to you. But how the hell does Danan know that secret passage? Did he not say he was kept behind Worde Castle to make sure he catches anyone unsuspecting? What are you doing? How does he know about this secret passage? Did he beat someone up to get the info? Did he find it one day and suddenly remembered it? Well we get no explanation of that, and of course our desperate heroes believe him. They’re lucky he really was sorry about betraying the Duke and Al and crew.

Too bad the Duke’s luck ran out. Man, did that Mage come out of nowhere. I wonder what level he’d be if he was in the game. But this wasn’t a subtle chapter. Instead of searing into the minds the utter loss losing Duke Ranward would be, Al ends up defeating him in battle. Now I thought about this and contented that the Mage should have brought some forces with him, but I can live with him being a rogue character since he ended up killing Youzan. Still, he seemed like he could have been an important character, and might have added an extra subplot to the story. Instead, he’s killed at the end. I call it a wasted opportunity.

Anyways, frustrating chapter. Really skipped some steps I say.


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