Let’s Look Back At E3, From A Fire Emblem Perspective

A look back at Walters' Predictions

A look back at Walters’ Predictions

Man, I’m not good at this predicting game am I?

This Has a 99% Chance of Getting Announced

What I said:

Clearly, the only real guarantee I can make is that there will be some sort of video with more information on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and actual details of what this crossover’s all about.

What really happened: So much for that. It makes me feel better Nintendo didn’t talk more about the new Zelda U, but then I realized they already have two other Zelda games on the way (like Wind Waker HD and Link Between Worlds), so yeah. Well, the only thing I can gather is that this crossover has a good chance of being released in 2014. I think most guessed that. But to not have anything ready by E3 is a sign that it won’t come until the second half of 2014 — in Japan! It may just have a winter release for the West, and may slip into 2015. Yes, it seems to be that far in development.

At Best, This Has A Chance to Take Flight

What I said:

The thing is though, how many characters will be shown during E3? This is why I don’t have it up in the 99% range, as, despite FE’s success, it’s still at least a tier below Mario, Zelda, etc. There’s a chance we won’t know what FE characters are going to be in the game until later.

What really happened: Exactly as I said would happen. I’ll have a post with a few characters with a shot to get into Super Smash Bros. probably Sun or Mon, but otherwise, there’s a hierarchy at Nintendo, and that hierarchy relegates Fire Emblem to second tier status. Maybe with Awakening’s success its place has risen, but for now not really. Still, I expected this, so no skin off my bones.

Unlikely, But Don’t Be Surprised if it Happens

What I said: Something about a soundtrack.

What really happened: Well this wasn’t a surprise. Of course I’d have to order the soundtrack from JP. Of course I do!

What I also said: SMT x FE connectivity with the 3DS games.

What really happened: Well they didn’t even bother talking about SMT x FE, so…this point is moot. But try and remember to keep potential connectivity in mind as more details eventually emerge on this game.

More Likely Heart Speaking Than Head

What I said:

In the realm of impossibility, a new Fire Emblem game will be announced for the 3DS. Guess what? It’s a remake! Remake of what? Of Genealogy of the Holy War!

What really happened: ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

What I also said:

To then properly get people pumped for this game, the new Super Smash Bros will then announce a surprise character for the series: Sigurd!

What really happened: Well, he still might actually be in the game. Otherwise, for a teaser trailer for Smash Bros, I think showing a mysterious character from a game that never came to the states would probably not sell well. I guess.

The Chances of This Happening Means an Apocalypse is Coming

What I said:

Awakening…TEH SEQUEL!

What really happened: As expected, just too soon. And I guess Intelligent Systems is busy with other stuff, so oh well, still gotta wait for FE14.

What I also said:

You know, I’ve bitched and moaned about playing the older games, so how about this for a stunner: A Fire Emblem collection is announced! That’s right guys! Wii U! Fire Emblem Gaiden, Genealogy, Thracia, and Binding Blade, translated

What really happened: Well…dreams are meant to broken…*sniff* so of course…this dream…would be…too….*sniff*

Other Gaming E3 Predictions That Have Nothing to Do With Fire Emblem

What I said about Microsoft:

I’m going to assume Microsoft will actually announce good things at E3. No really, after the negative feedback from its initial announcement, I can surely think they can only go up after that right? Watch as they somehow get a surprise publisher on their side.

What really happened to Microsoft:

PS4Oh god, they were awful. Well, so says the internet and gamers worldwide. Why’d I think they’d go up after they had their issues the first time? But guess what? They ended up solving all their problems by changing course yesterday. Makes so, so much sense. No really, it does. Now who thinks it’s too late?

Anyways, at least I got the surprise publisher part kind of right, with Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV coming to Xbox One.

What I said about Skies of Arcadia:

Sega will finally do the right thing and bring back Skies of Arcadia.

What really happened: Man, another year where no one will know how good Skies of Arcadia is because a remake or a new game is not in the cards. SEGA!

What I said about Shenmue:

You can also count on not seeing Shenmue again.

What really happened: I had to get something right.

What I said about Mega Man:

Mega Man will also not be announced. Capcom will instead announce a new Street Fighter game.

What really happened: I was half-right. Something did happen to that Blue Bomber. But if you want to get technical, no, a new game was not announced.

What I said about Nokia:

I predict Nokia will re-enter the gaming industry, all thanks to Atari. No stop laughing I’m serious!

What really happened: All hail Nokia!

Readers’s Predictions

What Ashley predicted (kind of fragmented but I fixed it):

I predict E3 will be when FE: Preparing for Bed? Is announced, since then I’d totally buy it. Yeah.

What really happened: Looks like someone will have to make a fan translated game of that =p

What Kilographic predicted:

I hope they announce another story-heavy Advance Wars game, like Days of Ruin. Or, they announce something entirely new!

What really happened: IS continues to hate on poor Kilo 😦

What Paniccoffee predicted:

I hope they finally announce SMTIV for EU.

What really happened: Gonna have to wait until a release date is announced.

What Kaxzc Prime predicted:

I would also like to know if they will release a Majora’s Mask remake

What really happened: I told you man! Two Zelda games coming already! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyways, guess that’s all. Share your surprises about E3 in the comments.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Look Back At E3, From A Fire Emblem Perspective

  1. It’s alright, wasn’t expecting much from E3, just another Nintendo Direct.

    Miyamoto said he hasn’t forgotten about MM fans in an interview, and that alone is enough to give me hope.in a remake on 3DS someday 🙂

    Also Ashley’s first prediction regarding E3 being about games was 100% spot on, Walters!

    That FE thing not so much (thankfully)!

    • I don’t think I know what you’re talking about. Clearly she predicted Nintendo wanting to do what they’ve always wanted: turn the Fire Emblem franchise into a eroge. But she was wrong. What a girl!

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