The Five Candidates From Fire Emblem To Join The Smash Bros. Universe

SmashSo in case you’ve been living in a rock for like, years, Super Smash Bros for the 3DS and the Wii U is coming, and Nintendo finally busted out a trailer for what should be a pretty rocking video game. So, using incomparable research (hint, none) and gutless guessing, I have chosen 5 potential candidates that have a chance of appearing in this game. At some point (sooner rather than later), I will make a prediction on what Fire Emblem characters, stages, potential music remixes, and everything else might possibly be in both games. For now, let’s just have fun and figure out who will represent the 4th generation Smash Bros. game!


IkeThere’s a decent chance Ike might not return to Smash Bros 4, if only because his time in the limelight has passed — he was included in Brawl because he just so happened to be the current hero at the time of Brawl’s release, and while he did appear in Awakening, it’s not like he was the main character. But despite that, I think it would be a good opportunity to build off the last console game Fire Emblem was involved in — and that was Radiant Dawn. So with that as a base but with a needed upgrade for Ike’s attire, Ike has a good shot of returning for Smash.

My Unit

My Units

I would have never considered this a possibility if Brawl didn’t have the Pokemon Trainer. Now in Smash Bros 4, we not only have the Villager, but Wii Fit Trainer. So this opens it up for the avatar character from Awakening to make his debut. With the potential for long range and close range attacks, we can have a fit here, whether it’s the male or female avatar.


LucinaMy gut feeling is that this will be a pair-up between Chrom and Lucina; but considering that I don’t think Marth will be back for this game, it makes sense for Lucina to take that mantle, since she supposedly is “Marth” in Awakening.


TharjaTharja wasn’t even a possibility when Smash Bros 4 was announced, and even during the trailer. But then I see how popular Tharja seems to be, and re-thought it. It seems unlikely considering FE’s history with Smash — but then again, FE’s history with Smash isn’t actually that large. It would be cool if Nintendo broke tradition and selected a non-main character, and a non-sword user.



See, already a trophy for Anna

Finally, if we’re going to be trolls like Sakurai seems to be, then it only makes sense to include a character that’s wormed her way into most of Fire Emblem’s releases: Anna. With her actually being a playable character in Awakening, there’s a base to work off with. Now just add her stealing money from someone, and she will be the best character ever.

So ok, who do you guys have pegged to join Smash Bros? Feel free to share! Next Smash Bros post will probably be predictions on what I think will happen though.


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

25 thoughts on “The Five Candidates From Fire Emblem To Join The Smash Bros. Universe

  1. I think it’s time to bring in a female lead to represent the Fire Emblem universe and I also think it’s time they get away from the typical sword wielding bro-fest it’s been thus far. I’m down with a Mage type character taking the helm. Perhaps even Nephenee from Path of Radiance or Tharja, as you recommended. I’d even be happy with Edward. He’d be sure to have the best taunts. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!” LMAO!

  2. I would like a link to the Anna Trophy or I never happened.


    Wish list:

    They have Ferox Arena as a stage in the game so I expect Chrom to replace Marth. Ike no one liked. I tried Ike never played him again.

    – Kaxzc

  3. You do realize Marth has to stay right? Removing him is the same as removing Mario or Link. Marth is the original protagonist so he will definately stay. Ike’s popularity is really high so it would be a good move for him to stay as well but it is not as assured as Marth’s return. And I know without a doubt in my mind there is absolutely zero chance of Tharja, that is simply a hopeless dream to have her.

    • Marth is the original protagonist so he will definately stay

      Original protagonist of a separate game, unlike Mario and Link who have lots of games with them.

      And I know without a doubt in my mind there is absolutely zero chance of Tharja

      If Sakurai proves you wrong, totallly gonna bring what you said back, just to be evil 😀

      But ok, ok, I said these were candidates. I plan on making predictions on what I think Sakurai and the SSB team will do when it comes to what FE characters will be in the game.

      • “Original protagonist of a separate game, unlike Mario and Link who have lots of games with them.”

        Except Marth is the protagonist of the FIRST Fire Emblem. He’s also the only Fire Emblem character besides Ike to be the MAIN character in more than one game.

        Marth is here to stay.

        • And of course, one of them was a remake. Let’s not forget that DS game, no matter how many people tell me it doesn’t exist xD

          Hmm. I keep forgetting that I was supposed to actually make my predictions on what Fire Emblem related things will be in New Smash Bros. I should probably go work on that.

          • “And of course, one of them was a remake.”

            I’m not talking about that one. Marth is the star of both ‘Fire Emblem: The Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light’ and ‘Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem’.

            I’m sorry, but you’re absolutely wrong here. Marth is the most important character to Fire Emblem. And he’s gonna be back in SMash 4, whether you like it or not.

  4. Marth returned, Ike is an obvious stay… so here’s my list of 15 FE newcomer possibilities:
    #1: Chrom
    #2: Lucina
    #3: Robin
    #4: Anna
    #5: Tiki
    #6: Lyn
    #7: Roy
    #8: Micaiah
    #9: Tharja
    #10: Lissa
    #11: Black Knight
    #12: Gaius
    #13: Leif
    #14: Ephraim + Eirika
    #15: Owain

    #1: Tiki
    #2: Lucina
    #3: Anna
    #4: Chrom
    #5: Tharja
    #6: Robin
    #7: Nyna
    #8: Micaiah
    #9: Lyn
    #10: Nah
    #11: Nowi
    #12: Lissa
    #13: Say’ri
    #14: Ephraim + Eirika
    #15: Emmeryn

    My FE roster:
    Ike (same as Brawl except with Radiant Dawn look)
    Chrom + Lucina (sword duo, we don’t have one yet)
    Anna + Tiki (odd match-up that would make them unique, they are very recurring and a manakete in Smash Bros would be epic)

    • “Ike is an obvious stay–” WHOA. That’s supreme confidence right there. Guess we’ll have to see, but if they add an Awakening character, then I don’t like his chances of getting in.

      But I did say Marth had a chance of getting cut, so what do I know.

      (Also watch as they add Anna as an assist trophy)

  5. My ideal Fire Emblem roster:

    – Marth (first protagonist and face of Fire Emblem)
    – Ike (only Lord besides Marth to be the star of more than one game)
    – Robin (so underrated compared to Chrom/Lucina, who would just be more Blue-Haired Sword Lords. Robin can use tomes besides swords, and he could summon units to assist him. It makes sense too; he’s the Tactician.)
    – Tiki (Been in three games, represents the whole dragon element of Fire Emblem)

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