Finally, A Fire Emblem Game Set in Modern Times! Wait a Minute…


See, I show up with something to write about…honest 😉

Ok, anyways, if there was one obvious egg on my face from E3 was the fact that there wasn’t a single iota of information released on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. But finally, we got something.  I can finally get started somewhere. And that somewhere involves Fire Emblem in the modern world.

…Instant reaction: Will you make the Fire Emblem characters more modern designed, or will you keep their aesthetic as they are in the modern world? When we get confirmation of that, I might change my opinion. My current opinion is that it’ll be interesting. As Yamagami noted, it would be cool to see a traditionally medieval cast of characters and creatures invade Tokyo. It would also be kind of hilarious to see the FE characters somehow adjust to all that Tokyo would have to offer. That might just provide a bit more humor for a game that’s probably going to be filled with them.

…But of course, I’m not all that certain I want to see Sothe dressing in punk gear or Micaiah in a high school girl uniform. Or any Fire Emblem character in clothing that’s from the 21th century.

Well, at least we can finally speculate a bit more on SMT x FE! What do you think could be the story of this series now? What do you guys in general think of hearing about FE characters in 21th century Japan? Whatever you think of this news, feel free to share!


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

5 thoughts on “Finally, A Fire Emblem Game Set in Modern Times! Wait a Minute…

    • I don’t know, if I see Roy in a high school uniform I’m liable to go postal on anyone that lives with me.

      …I guess that spares you 😀

      Your comment reminds me that I really need to play SMTIV. But I need money to go get it ;_;

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