Planning Ahead Vs Writing Immediately

Fire Emblem Amazing

Note: I had this planned a few weeks ago, but I’m tired of having it in my draft folder, so I’m publishing it now. You all probably get the gist of it right? Well that’s the point. I hope.

Entry #1: Well. It’s been a while since I’ve written about blogging. Don’t you guys remember the first week when I just blogged a bunch of nonsense. No? Good. Well, I’m about to go blog a bunch of nonsense again. Oh joy.

Now, I had explained in my about me post that I had scheduled a bunch of posts way in advance. I said it was an experiment. I also made a mention about real life. Just scheduling posts really sets me up for maybe the whole week, and allows me to go do other things (aside from playing Fire Emblem games). But what about writing immediately and then getting that published? Well, I have to say, that is also something to be looked at as well. It mostly depends though. Is it something you just want to get out there to be timely, or you just really don’t like spacing your content over a bunch of days? So, I’ll just list reasons why both can be good….nothing bad, because in the end, its your blogging style. You come up with it however you want.

Planning Ahead

  • I get to take the week off
  • I can develop content and maintain consistent posting
  • Can also look it over a few more times
  • Can also save it in case something breaking comes up

Writing Immediately

  • Stay current of course
  • Increase the chances of relevance — some content just shrivels away the more days that pass
  • This may be how you best write, instead of holding it off instead
  • Don’t want to have content hiding for who knows how long

So really, how do any of you write? As for you readers, do you even care, as long as the content is good =p

Entry #2 6/4/13: Wait, a second entry? Is this like postception or something!??

No, not really. Actually, this is one of the articles I had actually written months in advance. But after stalling on it due to timing, the nature and intentions of this post have changed. For starters, I had actually written some posts that popped immediately due to circumstances and timing, and you know what? That has been successful. On the other hand, some of the posts I planned out in advance did not generate enough discussion. The exception? The Share Your Favorite Awakening post, which I had in mind two weeks before it ended up going live.

What exactly did I learn from this experience? Well, for starters, not everything I write is intended for discussion. I would welcome it of course, but stuff like writing about the classes and even the Sounds of Fire Emblem, I don’t expect much discussion out of that, and that’s intentional.


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

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