Breaking Out The Champagne For My 100th Subscription

ChampagneFire Emblem Greil Mercenaries

Thanks to the author of Disingenuous Assertions, FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM, a blog that officially got started in April, has finally reached 100 Subscriptions.

That means it’s time for those 21 and over (drinking age in the US) to join my epic champagne party and I leave with a challenge that I hope people can work on…and yes, it totally involves Fire Emblem!

But first, let me get drunk with power to set the mood! *drinks a bit of champagne*

FE Girls

heeeyyyyyyyyyyy sexy lady!!!

I reiterate for the 100,000 time that this blog A) got started because I had an impulse to blog about Fire Emblem after Awakening came out B) is for fun, and is a hobby when I have some spare time C)To promote Fire Emblem as best as possible. I don’t know if I have accomplished C yet, but I do know that I blog here because I can, and I so knowing that I’m not tied down with anything. I.E, I blog whenever the heck I want ^_^ Though I admit, I didn’t intend to be gone for long stretches — at least have a post or two each week — but things picked up for me so now this blog has turned into my side blog, as it was meant to be. But the plan is for this blog to not die, so I’ll try and have a post at least once a week or so, not in two weeks or so. Watch as I eventually break this plan and go with Plan Z. (Don’t ask what Plan Z is)

Now, *takes another drink*, of course, even as I say this is a side project for me, it doesn’t mean I wanted to write and have no one share their FE knowledge or fun with me. So of course I have to say thanks to the readers and followers of this site. Without you guys I probably would not be having as much fun as I am when I try and think of posts to work on, and your interactions amuse me. No seriously, they do!

*starting to get a bit drunk*

Ike x Ranulf


I mean, look at what happened in the comments section for this XBOX post. Pure madness! By the time I got back, it was too late to stop people from tearing each other’s throats out, and by the end, we tried to name the Xbox. Another post that did well was everyone sharing their favorite Awakening characters, and it was fun to see that. But two posts stick out to me that I loved the most. The first was taking Ashley’s 5 things we should know about Awakening and me making it into an actual post. I personally had fun doing that, if only because the reactions were excellent and delicious 🙂 The other happened to be some basics of Awakening everyone should know about. Mostly because of the discussion that took place in the comments. It was pretty awesome–

*falls to the floor, is drunk with power*

So now…I leave you all with a request. I want you all to share with me EVERYTHING you know about Fire Emblem…or what you don’t know about Fire Emblem! And I mean EVERYTHING — positive, negative, neutral, the works! This is your challenge. Join me in just speaking your mind about whatever you know about the series, and I’ll link your posts on the site. You can turn it in whenever, just let me know either in the comments below or send me an email (waltersfe at yahoo dot com), and I’ll add it.

So, I leave you warriors with one more toast, and with the hope that things will go smoothly for some more good times.



About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

13 thoughts on “Breaking Out The Champagne For My 100th Subscription

  1. I leave the room for a minute and you start the party without me?! You think you know a guy. LAWLZ

    Congrats Kiddo! you must be doing something right. =)

    – Kaxzc

    • Hooray! Well, party’s over (and no, I avoided getting arrested…because of course I’d find a way)…you’ll just have to stick around and look forward to all my Fire Emblem related posts.

      (Thanks for subscribing!)

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