Fire Emblem OVA – 1

Fire Emblem OVA 2Let’s just say this anime doesn’t manage to hit all the right spots.

It is simple enough: the story starts off with Marth, Jeigan, and Marth’s sister Elice attempting to escape the enemy, but they get themselves trapped. Before Marth and Jeigan could fight the enemy, Elice warps them out of the area. Now, some years later, Marth is all grown up and lives in the remote island of Talis. Just like the game, his adventure starts when Sheeda hurries over to him and Marth’s soldiers and Talis is under attack by pirates. And it of course ends with them killing the bandit.

…Of course, the bandit attack did happen in the day (it was at night in the anime), for some reason they turned Sheeda into a damsel-in-distress (even though we all know she can kick ass and take names), and for some reason, Ogma and his group appears to save the day…they didn’t appear until Chapter 2 of the game. But other than that, it’s mostly faithful to the game.

Visually speaking, even if this was created in 1996, it looks really dated and cheap. Whatever that budget was, it definitely was not all that great. The battles, which were pretty brief, were decent at best. The voice acting is pretty meh, with Sheeda and her “squeaky mouse” voice somehow being the biggest offender. The music is probably the best part of the OVA, as it retains many of the normal tracks in the Akaneia series. Maybe I’ll do a post if I can find the tracks…but yeah, you’d definitely want to give that a listen to if you get the chance.

Fire Emblem OVA 3

I can tell this is going to hurt–HEY, WHERE’S YOUR HEAD GEAR??!? SUCH FAITHFULNESS TO THE GAME EH!!!!

Now onto more of why I had some issues with the OVA. I was going to mention how the scene where Gra betrays Altea was so comically wrong, but then I remembered that the prologue chapter in Shadow Dragon obviously doesn’t count, as that didn’t exist in the Famicom and SFC versions of the game. So instead, I get to mention how the scene where Gra betrays Altea was so wrong instead. For reasons that confused me, Marth and crew was around the area where Altea and Durhua fought…it was established early on in the anime that they had to flee. So you can pretty much bet I didn’t understand the context of that scene. And I already know of one screw up in Episode 2, so you can pretty much bet I’m not going to be happy about what’s going to happen then. Another issue is the lack of saying who people are. If you haven’t played the game, you won’t know half the characters in the anime. That’s probably not a good thing.

Anyways, this episode had it all: a Marth who couldn’t kill, a Sheeda who fawns way too excitedly over Marth, A Gharnef who kills Marth’s father with that semi broken Imhullu tome (King Cornelius never stood a chance), a Jeigan who well…was a Jeigan, and the start of what seems like it’ll be a long journey. You already know it’s not a long journey though.


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