Fire Emblem OVA – 2

Fire Emblem OVA 1

Freestyle swordfighting time!

Some technical issues aside, this episode was much better. There’s only one problem…

Fire Emblem OVA 2

That guy on the top left looks properly animated. Honest.

If this episode wasn’t a referendum on how to animate Fire Emblem, I don’t what is. This episode felt like the studio that adapted it had the lowest budget ever, and they blew like 90% of it in the first episode. You know it’s not a good thing when most of the battles involving lots of soldiers are stills instead of fluid animation. It is also not a good thing when you can tell a scene was obviously cut and couldn’t be re-done because no $$$. This particular scene is the infamous Lena gets rescued by Navarre part. Well, it may not be so infamous since not a lot of people watched the anime, but infamous enough.

But before I get into that, have another pic of Julian’s swordfighting skills.

Fire Emblem OVA 1

I mean goddamn he is awful. Stick to your day job.

You see, it was established that Navarre had already saved the two when he stepped in and killed the bandits. This should totally mean their escape is complete right? Nope, because after Navarre leaves, it shows a beat up Julian by himself who manages to run into Marth and his crew. What the heck happened to Lena? Oh, she got caught again. The problem? It wasn’t shown. Now, I can bet I’m supposed to assume that on their escape they could have run into more bandits, but this leaves me asking: why did Julian run away from Lena when he was willing to fight against 5 bandits so they could escape? And that’s where this scene, in hindsight, looks retarded. Even more retarded when it’s obvious there was a scene that was cut, as it abruptly cues to Julian all beat up.

Fire Emblem OVA

This is not going to end well isn’t it

Of course, the biggest FE related bad thing is that it doesn’t accurately represent the chapter it’s based on, but that’s more a case of me being a jerk. The anime had to develop the characters in a meaningful way, and for some parts, they did. But man did Julian sound and act kind of wimpish in his role. Granted, he is a thief, but come on now, he shouldn’t be sounding like a weakling.

Here, another picture of Julian’s swordfighting skills.

Fire Emblem OVA 1

Don’t worry. Someone will make sure to never teach this style of swordfighting to anyone ever again.

But aside from that, the abysmal budget, and the butchering of FE events, this was actually a nice episode that made me wish there was more to come. It did have battles, had Navarre killing people left and right (and they even gave him a backstory), and again, that nice FE music. As the episode ended though, I had two feelings: the first was that it was over, and that there was more to come. But as we all know, that turned out to be it for this series.

So, what’s there to say? Not much. The OVA covered just the beginning of the games, and while it did maintain faithfulness in some areas, it flubbed a few that makes me become an elitist FE gamer and go “This is so wrong!” It also gave Marth a last name (Marth Lowell. Really anime staff, really?). However, it makes me realize how there can be a successful FE anime, but if it takes the easy way out, it’s going to suck. Kind of like this OVA, but I’ll give it an incomplete. Just not enough material to go on.

Fire Emblem OVA 3

Seems so heroic and uplifting…too bad I can’t see their eyes.

So that finishes up me talking about the anime…or is it?!?!


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