I Got Nothing To Write So…..

Fire Emblem

I guess I must be Ninian

I’m currently all tapped out.

Well, not just yet. I do have an article idea in my head talking about Shadow Dragon and why it’s hard to try and keep playing it, but for now, I got little Fire Emblem to go work on. I still want to go cover all the manga adaptations at some point, and I’ll probably try and find some time to work on some trivia stuff, but for now, been pretty busy lately. Wish I could run without any sleep, but I do need my sleep. So I’m curious about you guys. How’ve you all been? What games have you been playing lately (that I might want to check out?) Anything on TV you’re keeping up with you want to talk about? Feel free to discuss below, just be respectful as always. Oh, no Fantasy Football talk. Don’t worry, I have my reasons. Honest.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

8 thoughts on “I Got Nothing To Write So…..

  1. ..Fire Emblem Awakening! but I got sick of reinforcements moving on the turn they appeared so I restarted on Normal mode. Now that I’ve got a hang of the support system, things should be more enjoyable now.

    Also Skyrim. Lots of Skyrim. I’m going to pick up Animal Crossing: New Leaf very soon, too. ^__^

    • Ah what’s up Vestrel. I keep thinking about replaying Awakening sometime soon, but I think I’ve written enough about it…for now! Really need to write about a few other FE related stuff. But lol you struggling with reinforcements moving on the same turn xD

      I know some of my friends have gotten New Leaf. Um, I don’t hear from them in weeks. I’d like to avoid getting terribly addicted to games for at least a month or two, so I’ll never be joining the ACNL party!

  2. I’ve played a lot of Metal Slug 4 for the PS2, and also Super Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS, as well as Pokémon Puzzle League for the N64.
    I’m also avoiding Animal Crossing of the same reasons, I don’t like to get stuck to a game for too long, as that in my case means addiction.

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