Best Gaming Moment #5: I Never Want To See Tabuu Again!

Welp, someone called the good idea police and decided it’s about time to name a few of my best gaming moments. In the interest of stalling and actually blogging about anything FE related, might as well share 5 of these moments each week. So expect these every Tuesday. They’re also going to be pretty short because…I’m stalling. This is what bloggers who stall do!…

…So, with that said, shall name my best gaming moments. Also, there’s a decent chance of spoilers.

#5: Beating Tabuu on Intense Mode

TabuuLet’s just say it got personal with Tabuu. Obviously he was pretty difficult to defeat in Subspace Emissary, despite having 5 characters to choose from at the start. In Boss Battle Mode, it was more painful since I had to defeat 9 more bosses before defeating Tabuu. See, defeating Tabuu is not necessarily hard per se — as long as you master the timing of its insta-screen blast, it comes down to avoiding the bombs, the lasers, etc. But you have to defeat the other 9 bosses, and you can bet I had trouble with at least 2 of them. One day though, it was perfect. Had one more heart container left to use for myself. It was time to finally face Tabuu.

Predictably I screwed up and got insta-blasted.

At least 10 or more tries later, got back again. This time, I didn’t get insta-blasted. This time, I had Tabuu on the ropes. I only needed one more hit to win. But I ended up getting hit by a bomb. With Ike as my character, the damage was only 69%. Just had to gear up and get ready to fini–WHY THE HECK DID I FLY OFF SCREENNNNNN????

Yeah, that sent me into rage mode. I think you know what rage mode is when you get pretty far as a gamer. It…it ain’t all that pretty. And it was hard to play the game at that point. When I did pick it back up, I had to again jump through hoops to face Tabuu. And of course I failed again. And again. And again.

Until finally, I beat the thing. Man did that take forever. And you know for sure I was happy.


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8 thoughts on “Best Gaming Moment #5: I Never Want To See Tabuu Again!

      • Speaking of Ike and raging, I failed countless times to beat 15 Minute Brawl with Ike, and one time had only seven seconds left before I died. Sadness ensued. But I was set on beating it with him because of that. I mean, If I can get that far, who’s to say I couldn’t last seven more seconds.

        It took me a long time, but I finally beat it a few months ago. With Ike.

  1. Urgh, reminds me of my attempts at beating Boss Battles on Intense. I eventually beat it with Yoshi, which is funny because I never really used him much before that. Just spammed his Down Aerial, I did.

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