Best Gaming Moment #4: Down With Ninja Gaiden!

Welp, someone called the good idea police and decided it’s about time to name a few of my best gaming moments. In the interest of stalling and actually blogging about anything FE related, might as well share 5 of these moments each week. So expect these every Tuesday. They’re also going to be pretty short because…I’m stalling. This is what bloggers who stall do!…

…So, with that said, shall name my best gaming moments. Also, there’s a decent chance of spoilers.

#4: Beating Ninja Gaiden

Lots of people complain about difficulty nowadays. “Oh, it’s pretty tough” and they rage-quit and end their playing time. I saw some of that when Awakening came out. All I could do was laugh. “Fire Emblem? Hard? Man, you guys are weak!” And this coming from a guy who’s played some really hard games well before FE was even thought of!…in the US at least. Where am I going with this? Oh, you know perfectly well where I’m going with this! It’s time to go back to when I was a child…back in the more innocent days of my youth…and talk about a game I rage-quitted as a kid and as an adult when I played it on my Wii.

NinjaNinja Gaiden stars some ninja named Ryu, who wants to avenge his father…or…something. I’m literally going by memory here, no research. All I remember is that his dad was killed in the opening credits scene (most possibly because he was wearing pink), and Ryu is on his mission. It starts out innocently enough. It was tough, no doubt, but relatively acceptable. Defeated that first boss like it was nothing, then moved on to the next stage.

Before I knew it I kept dying. And dying. And dying.

I have no idea what the creator of Ninja Gaiden was on when the difficulty spiked to this level, but he must have been high. I remember even as a kid while playing on my NES the struggle it was to get past the third stage. I still remember getting absolutely destroyed by that one boss in Stage 4. It was not a good time for me. I was pretty determined to beat the game though, so after at least a billion game overs, I finally faced off against the final boss.

Predictably, I got decimated. And stopped playing Ninja Gaiden. It was that bad.

Flash to my adult years where I brought it for the Wii. It was slightly better, but only slightly, since I still had to get used to the NES style animation and controls, and the general punishing difficulty Ninja Gaiden provided. It didn’t take me terribly long to get to the boss (that’s probably because I could save where I was at). This time I felt I was ready.

I was still not. And predictably rage-quitted.

But…after leaving the game over for a while, I tried it again. Took me like 5 tries before I finally beat that final boss. After that, I was ready to take on the other versions of Ninja Gaiden. That meant II & III. Brought those like a year or so ago.

Ninja GaidenI still have yet to beat the final boss of II. Haven’t even touched III that much. I think you can see where this is going, so I’m going to stop right now. But at least I can say I beat one of them.


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