Fire Emblem Hasha no Tsurugi — 6

Hasha no Tsurugi — 6

Way too detailed for me

…So let’s see if I can remember how exactly things went for this manga.

Summary: Al, Gant, and Tiena end up joining a skirmish between Ragna and Bern, and with their assistance they managed to defeat Bern. While there they meet Celdia, the Princess of Ragna who takes a liking to Gant after he saved her from death. Due to her affection she tricks Gant into leaving the castle and meeting up. What seemed to be an innocent incident turned major when Bern’s Dragon Knights, led by Zeed, invade Ragna Castle and deal heavy damage to the castle, and took Tiena hostage. Meanwhile, Gant ends up taking major damage trying to protect Celdia.

Thoughts: It was definitely weird trying to read and write about this again since it’s been a while. That being said, I came back at the right time, since this chapter was pretty straightforward and somewhat a nice of change of pace. Even if it did involve the typical falling in love with the savior trope. It was simple enough, but it did allow me to wonder how low would Celdia go to have Gant take her hand. But it does beg wondering how much Gant does care for Tiena. We just don’t know anything about those two yet.

One thing that I would like to talk briefly about is the history of Dragon Knights, or what we know of as Wyvern Riders in most Fire Emblem games. They’re generally fierce units that can be pretty devastating if trained properly, since they have a high defense and great movement. They’re especially strong in Radiant Dawn since they’re not weak against Bows (the only FE game with that distinction unfortunately). Of course, if anyone in Ragna Castle knew magic the Dragon Knights would have been terribly screwed. But I guess we’ll see that later, but right now it’s time to kick the main characters when they’re not all that strong. Or so I suppose.

Hasha no Tsurugi Chapter 6 1Interesting to note Al’s use of the bow. There aren’t a ton of units that actually use both in Fire Emblem. Lyn was the first I knew who used that combination, and then Rath when evolved from his class in Fire Emblem 7, but aside from that and a few more, it’s a rare combination. The significance is that you rarely start with that combo early in the games, so it’s weird seeing Al be able to have decent sword skills while also having decent bow skills right now.

Anyways, I think unlike other chapters this one was fine, as it was simple enough to read through, it had the main characters get hurt, and we met an insistent princess. I’ll leave it there for now. Hopefully the more I do this the more I’ll get used to writing about these manga adaptations. So bear with me. Oh, and go join me too. Don’t ask me where to read it. I’m sure Google will be your friend!


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