Marth Returns To Smash Bros/OMG THAT HD UPGRADE

Marth 5And thus, this is what happens when I don’t make my predictions in time. Ah, whatever! Marth has returned to Smash Bros, and with it, comes some…delicious HD upgrades. Check out the jump for more screens, and start asking questions and share your thoughts. What do you think of Marth returning (as a starter it seems!)? Does this kill the return of Ike? What does this mean for any other Fire Emblem characters? Whatever ya got, share in the comments below!

Marth 9 Marth 8 Marth 7 Marth 6 Marth 4 Marth 3 Marth 2 Marth 1 Marth 10 Marth


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13 thoughts on “Marth Returns To Smash Bros/OMG THAT HD UPGRADE

    • Well I’ve already come to the conclusion Lucina’s probably toast. Unless there’s an Alt design with the mask, she probably just will be around as a trophy. Aside from that, Chrom might still have a shot, but I will still think he’ll be paired up with someone for some reason.

      • Sorry! I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Ike, to me, felt like he was just a side character. Marth felt more fitting of the role, and made sense. Ike… not really. However, it odes surprise me that they don’t have chrom or lucina yet. After the success with FE: Awakening, it seemed they would (or should).

        • Ike is one of the very few lords to have the honour of being the star of more than one game. There’s very few lords that get this besides Marth. Ike is far from a “side character”.

          Meanwhile, Chrom has only appeared in one game. He’s no more important than Roy or Sigurd.

          • Roy! That’s who it was… I was thinking of him, that guy I’ve never really heard of before. ( probably why I didn’t remember him). Ok, that clears up things for me. Thanks! I thought ike was the same as roy, for some reason. Roy is the one who shouldn’t be in there – ike, maybe. It would be interesting to see some knew characters, though.

          • “thought Ike was the same as Roy”
            “Ike the same as Roy”
            “Ike as Roy”

            I should have you banned for being so blasphemous. You know this has to be a a crime in all 50 states right?!?!?

          • Yep…. what can I say, I haven’t played that much FE. I just can’t believe I did that, though…. X( well, I won’t be making that mistake again! At least I hope not!

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