Monthly General Fire Emblem News

HenryDecided, in order to have more content than usual, to do a bit of a round-up of as many Fire Emblem related news as possible. Well, some may be more news than others. This is probably something I’d do at the start of the month. If you guys have any FE related news and info you want to share, comment below.

Fire Emblem Awakening Comic

Worked on by the great people at Serenes Forest, here’s the Fire Emblem Awakening comic for the game. I know you guys want to get your Awakening fix (it never really ends), so now you have it in comic form. Hmm, this kind of makes me wish Nintendo had included this with Awakening. Rather have it in my hands…

Awakening Keychains

Not that it matters right now, since it’s coming out in Japan only. Butttt I guess if you can order it from JP, it’s good news. Or terrible news. One or the other.

Fire Emblem X Monster Hunter!?!? Oh wait…

Oh well that’s a close one. I mean, our brains couldn’t process the Shin Megami Tensei crossover. (I think some still can’t). Now another crossover? With Monster Hunter?!? But as it turns out, it’s just about a costume ability. You can now have Chrom and Lucina costumes. A)Will be interesting to see how they look in HD! B)A sign that one of these characters will be in Smash 4?

UPDATE: Trailer

Fire Emblem Awakening For $15?

If you happen to still not have Awakening, you…can now get it for $15. At Best Buy. (Since the Best Buy link on Destructoid didn’t work, here you go.) I don’t know, for any game that sounds like a steal; for a title that’s considered GOTY in some circles, that’s worth the bang for your buck.

Marth is Back in Smash!

In case you needed a reminder.

Zombie U X Fire Emblem?!– Ok, ok, this is just an article about Permadeath

This half reminds me of how video games don’t challenge people anymore. Or maybe this is just my old timer speak. Either way, a decent article about the value of permadeath.

Stage? STAGEEE!!!

Well, we already knew Fire Emblem had a stage in Smash 4. I guess this makes it completely official?


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