Reasons Why The Brooklyn Nets Are Terrible Right Now

Pablo Prigioni, Joe JohnsonWait, what the hell is this? This has absolutely nothing to do with Fire Emblem! And nothing to do with games in general. This is surely grounds for blog hating, AND you’re wasting your 100th post on a bad basketball team? Walters, just stop it!

Yet, I do manage to have other interests, and when there’s little to talk about regarding Fire Emblem, I might as well use my blog to spout out other nonsense that has nothing to do with Fire Emblem or video games. Of course, I won’t be doing this often. And I think it’s been a while since I’ve done this. Anyways, considering the state my team growing up is in, might as well use the opportunity to explain why they’re terrible, and do so in a manner that’s not NO HEART THIS TOEAM SUXXX @$$ FIRE KID etc etc. For unexplained reasons I hate that type of talk.

1. Their Point Guards Suck

From what I can tell of this strange offense Kidd has been trying to install in this team since training camp, it’s heavily dependent on the PG making the right basketball decisions on offense, and setting the tone on defense. With Williams being hurt for most of the season, they’ve had to rely on their bench player Shaun Livingston and second round pick from last year in Tyshawn Taylor. Too bad that after playing really well at the start of the season, Shaun, after having to start for Williams, had been a liability on both ends. Not passing the ball well, not being able to shoot it from deep, not making good decisions on offense, not playing good defense (that Felton shot in the 3rd quarter after he inbounded the ball was laughable; why was Livingston not guarding Felton then?). He has essentially been exposed because of Deron’s injury. Taylor does not even look like an NBA player. Sure, he can move up and down the court, but he doesn’t even try to pass the ball, he looks to attack the basket. Which would be fine if the Nets didn’t have plodders (Lopez, Garnett) on the team. Or maybe he’s just doing so at awful positions. Until they get Deron back, or unless the PGs manage to actually look to set up their teammates, or they just decide not to go with a PG for most of the game, they will continue to look terribad on offense.

2. What Are You Doing When You Don’t Have The Ball?

Joe pretty much summed it up: they have no identity. They have to work extremely hard to get shots. Right now, with new players, players who don’t play this much, new coach, etc, they’re not able to run any sort of sets with consistency. Thus, you get guys who stand around while one player attempts to go to work. Now, in the game against the Grizzles they could just go Iso with Brook and react to the defense because the Grizzles had no one to take care of Lopez. And I’m pretty sure there will be games down the line where they can go iso and react to the defense. But that doesn’t work all the time, and especially if you establish no flow in the offense early on or consistently enough. Sure, I can cite any third quarter this season, but the one against the Knicks was particularly egregious. Lots of post ups with no movement of the basketball. Only two 0r three passes in the possession. Just bad, bad, bad.

3. 3 Point Defense

Now, I will say this: there have been times where the Nets have played good 3 point defense, but their opponents just hit a tough shot. The problem is they let that affect their defense on 3 the entire game. Just players out of position, especially in the Zone, I don’t know why they continue to try it (I mean, I guess they have to, but numerous times after it was shown it doesn’t work, they still try it. Why?), but they look bad with it, and they hardly have athletes on the floor. Way, way too many lapses on this team.

So I could have also cited the injuries, the terrible transition defense, the coach, lack of energy for the start of games, etc, for their struggles. Every team at some point will get buckets on transition. Every team will have injuries. And yes, Kidd is a rookie coach, and people did say it would be a struggle (don’t think they meant this much of a struggle). And maybe this team does lack energy. But from what I can tell from watching all the games, there’s just too many parts that aren’t mixing right now, and it might be until February at worst for any part of this team to look like a basketball team. Whether they’ll be out of it by then, we’ll have to see.

(I hope not)


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