Welcome To FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM! (Or The Proper Way Of Celebrating 100th Posts)

Fire EmblemAs in, there’s a general method to the madness of celebrating 100th posts. It entails of people thanking their readers for sticking around the blog, a bit of a celebration, yadayadayada. Nothing too special.

So of course, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to use this to do something new. Something that will revolutionize the way bloggers think of 100 posts.


2) Welcome new readers to FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM!

1) Well, I came in with a plan on what to do with Fire Emblem, and for about the first couple of months, it was executed to a tee. Then unfortunately, life got in the way. Then my other blog got in the way. This now leaves less time to think of anything of worth about Fire Emblem, and so, I stall, and stall, and stall, until weeks go by and nothing gets worked on. And that’s a disservice to those following the blog. Now, just a reminder: this blog is strictly more hobby than anything super serious. As in, I’ll post whenever I feel like I got something I want to say. The last thing I need to do is post when I’m nowhere near wanting to. That’s not going to be good. But at the same time, I shouldn’t be going two weeks without working on a post. So I’ll definitely try and get back to post a bit more occasionally, kind of like last week. The monthly Fire Emblem news post was fairly well received, so hopefully when more details of Fire Emblem games come out, will be linking to those at some point, along with other random FE stuff. I still want to cover every single FE manga that’s available out there and talk about it. I just need to get into reading manga though :/

2) Just want to welcome those who haven’t checked out the blog before. I’ve stated, and stated, and stated, how the blog came to be, but to be quick, this is a blog devoted to just about everything Fire Emblem related. Games, Sounds, Music, etc. I started this blog when what has currently turned out to be the most mainstream Fire Emblem evah, Fire Emblem Awakening, came out way back when. (As in, February. Holy crap the year’s gone by fast.) You could be one of those people that sift through every page on this blog and check out where everything is at. But I’ll make it easy for you by listing everything that I believe will be quite useful to you. I hope you all come out with a better understanding of the franchise, and how it came to be. Still nothing there that doesn’t help? Then let me know what you want me to talk about, and I’ll get to it as best I can. Otherwise, happy hunting! And welcome.

Kick Starting Fire Emblem Talk

Let Me Tell You Some Things About The Franchise

Asking You Guys For Your FE Takes!

Specific Shout Outs to Some Series, such as…

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (Fuuin no Tsurugi)

Fire Emblem 7

Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem Fodder For Your Pleasure


Finally, Random Crap

Fire Emblem 2


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

23 thoughts on “Welcome To FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM! (Or The Proper Way Of Celebrating 100th Posts)

  1. Either get rid of the th, or the ‘s’ in posts, and your “Hating the internet’ link doesn’t link to the content.

    Besides the grammar and linking error, congratulations on reaching 100 posts. BTW, how could you not mention the Liebster Award post that consisted of you, me and Ashley ‘conversing’ in the comments?

        • well it sounded ragey to me and I know a bit or two about RAAAAAAGGGGGEEEE!!! (cough)

          Anyways you’ve been around this particular blog long enough, right? What was your personal favorite post?

          I haven’t read enough of his posts to pass judgment.

          – Kaxzc

          • I have been following Walters blog for an adequate amount of time on my recent time here on WordPress.com. I came upon these posts you are conversing about earlier, Kaxzc. Let me just say I diligently agree with you against Ashley. The new Fire Emblem game has gotten me hooked in the first few minutes from the character creation.

            Fire Emblem 13: Awakening is about a moral quest full of adventure. I, myself, have not finished the game yet. But in my quest for truth, I am liking the new lord Chrome a lot. He is a hard working gentlemen with devilishly good looks too. This includes his sharp jawline and blue hair, which seems to be a continuous factor in Fire Emblem games – paying tribute to the legends of the past in many ways. In my opinion, I can safely say I like him as one of my favorite lords, apart from Sothe and, my favorite, Merlinus.

            In fact, I came up with a theory that Merlinus might actually be a relative of Chrome. At the moment I am cumbersome about this hypothesis, for I have not made good progress, but I feel like this might be his dad, grandfather, or some kind of ancestor. I am not sure if Awakening takes place before or even in the same universe as FE6 and Fe7, but I am formulating this theory based on how the two act – such as their protective need and semi-secrecy, their non-selfish acts and protective habits as stated previously. Their heroic intelligence and their inspiration – and the way they bear striking resemblances to each other. It is no secret that I am likely wrong as I have, again, not gotten far in this video game to create a solid basis for my theory but I am working toward this haphazardly.

            So far Fire Emblem: Awakening has been my favorite installment and entry into the Fire Emblem series. My own character does not deserve to be on the same spot as Chrome, they cannot share the same throne. I agree with you in this game being a very revolutionary game Kaxzc. I am following your blog and looking forward to more reviews.


  2. I wholeheartedly congratulate you for reaching your hundredth post on this blogsite. I have been following your posts as a non-member for a vast amount of time and have finally been brave enough to join and put my insights on your blog. I cannot wait for more posts and I support you through your next 100 journey through blogging. Thank you for helpful reviews, Walters.


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