It’s My Time To Grind: The Fire Emblem Grinding Experience

Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem GrindingI think we all know most RPGs have something that either entices people or drives them away: grinding. Grinding is one of the aspects of RPGs that can be a slog or can be strangely addicting, and there’s a multitude of ways to grind, which ultimately depends on the game.

So yeah, grinding in Fire Emblem is different. That’s what I’m getting at!

Unlike most RPGs, Fire Emblem is a turn-based strategy RPGs. There’s not too many of them out there I believe (like I think of Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics), and FE is probably the simplest of them all thanks to its combat system and its general length that involves a major storyline. Certain FE games, however, had limits: you could only train a certain amount of people to get them to high levels, and you had to discard everyone else. Awakening, to an extent, discards that since there’s a number of side quests one can take to gain levels for every character. And well, a case can probably be made for Sacred Stones, but for the most part, doesn’t seem too worth it to grind in that game.

Other than those two games, you had to pick your characters and train them in just about every Fire Emblem game, else by the end game you’ll be woefully ill prepared. Shin Monshou no Nazo did have a training area in the preparations area (which was genius btw), but I believe you still had limits and stuff. Otherwise, thanks to limited enemies, limited weapons, and limited units to pick depending on the map, making choices on who to take had to be made.

But as I learned while re-playing Shadow Dragon, it’s also more than just the characters — it’s the weapons! I didn’t even realize it, or maybe I forgot, but I actually had fun attempting to get Radd, a low-level mercenary, to Class B swordsmanship. In fact, I had a lot of fun just grinding weapons, not really trying to level up. What do I mean by that? By attacking a stationary enemy (like an Archer or Ballistician) with Radd, for 0 damage twice. Yeah, he doesn’t level up at all, but his weapon skills does. And when that happens, he can now wield better weapons — like a Silver Sword, at level 4. And yes, he can do significant damage because of it!

So yeah, I had never really thought about the grinding experience until I replayed Shadow Dragon. It reminded me of the times where I basically grinded my healers or when, in the final chapter of Lyn’s quest, I got Nils to Level 20. Why? Because as I learned after replaying it multiple times, those stats transfer over to Ninian, and thank god I don’t have to worry about her too much anymore. I even used her as a decoy. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s good strategy or just me abusing the game. Probably not, since it’s allowed lol

Anyways, I know you guys all have your grinding experiences with Fire Emblem. I’d like to know what the hell they are. And yes, what game you did do that on would be cool as well!


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

7 thoughts on “It’s My Time To Grind: The Fire Emblem Grinding Experience

  1. The whole relationship/children aspect changes grinding too. Like, children born (unlocked) with more powerful abilities from higher leveled parents are way stronger at level 1 then they otherwise would be. And yeah, Reeking Box spam accounts for probably over half of my logged hours.

    • True. It does suck that only Awakening had this feature (well, aside from that one game that never came over to the West). Definitely adds to the grinding experience, since you get powerful (and broken) kids.

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