This Fire Emblem Series Music Arrangement Made Me Sick to My Stomach

…In that I couldn’t found this earlier. Holy crap, are we worthy of hearing this??? So gooddddddddddddd (Thanks Aayai for the link!, thanks Shadowofchaos for uploading it to Youtube and listing the song names and times!

[On another note, if you got cool Fire Emblem related things you want to share, email me at]

Music List:

0:00 [Mystery of the Emblem] Advance
0:37 [Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light] Enemy Phase
1:13 [Mystery of the Emblem] Akaneia Overture
1:26 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Main Theme Intro
1:55 [Radiant Dawn]↑Bearer of Hope/↓Eternal Bond
2:11 [Radiant Dawn] Eternal Bond
3:35 [Gaiden] Battle Map 1-1 (Alm 1)
4:00 [Blazing Sword] Winds Across the Plains [Gaiden] Battle Map 1-1 (Alm 1)
4:14 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Chapter 1 (Girl of the Spirit Forest)
4:30 [Radiant Dawn] Eternal Bond
4:37 [Radiant Dawn] Eternal Bond [Genealogy of the Holy War] Disturbance in Agustria
4:51 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria
5:17 [Sacred Stones] Rise Above
6:39 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Chapter 5: Doors of Destiny/Conversation
7:29 [Mystery of the Emblem] Holy War
7:40 [Mystery of the Emblem] Victory is Ours
8:02 [Mystery of the Emblem] Liberation
8:32 [All] Fire Emblem Main Theme
9:18 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Opening
10:12 [Blazing Sword] Reminiscence
11:18 [Thracia 776] Leif Army ~In Search of Victory~ Base
12:30 [Path of Radiance] With Us!
12:49 [Genealogy of the Holy War ・ Thracia 776 ・ Binding Blade] Join Us!
13:05 [Mystery of the Emblem ・ Blazing Sword]Together we Ride!
13:37 [Sacred Stones] Comrades
13:47 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Final Chapter: “The Final Holy War”
13:58 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Victory is Near
14:18 [Path of Radiance] Life Returns
14:46 [Sacred Stones] Confront the Past
15:09 [Path of Radiance] Life Returns
16:16 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Silesia Palace
16:36 [Mystery of the Emblem] Insurrection
17:34 [Blazing Sword] Enemies Appear
18:03 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Agustria Army
18:36 [Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn] Against the Black Knight/Unstoppable Destiny [Genealogy] Agustria Army
18:48 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Verdane’s Barbarians
19:35 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Crisis 2
19:58 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Versus Alvis/Arvis
20:15 [Gaiden] Battle Map 3 – Battle Map 2-1 (Celica 1) aka “With Mila’s Divine Protection”
20:42 [Gaiden] Battle Map 4 – Battle Map 2-2 (Celica 2)
21:03 [Gaiden] Battle 1 (Player)
21:26 [Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light] [Shadow Dragon] [Mystery of the Emblem] Chapter Start/Trouble!
21:59 [Thracia 776] Leif Army ~In Search of Victory~ Adversity
22:42 [Thracia 776] Leif Army ~In Search of Victory~ Searching for the Enemy
22:59 [Binding Blade and Blazing Sword] Winning Road
23:45 [Sacred Stones] Lights in the Dark
24:44 [Sacred Stones] The Final Battle
25:29 [Mystery of the Emblem] War of Heroes
26:36 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Light and Dark
27:49 [Radiant Dawn] Time of Action
27:55 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent
28:07 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent/[Gaiden] Final Map (Player)
28:20 [Gaiden] Final Map (Player)
28:26 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent
28:45 [Path of Radiance] Crimean Army Sortie
29:04 [Path of Radiance] Congregation of Ambition
29:14 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent
29:39 [Binding Blade and Blazing Sword] Path of the Divine Generals
30:22 [Binding Blade] Dark Priestess
30:54 [Binding Blade] Shaman in the Dark
31:49 [Mystery of the Emblem] Dragons’ Altar
32:03 [Mystery of the Emblem] Dark Earth Dragon
32:35 [Commercial] Fire Emblem Theme (Karaoke)

I know you guys have to had found a favorite on here, so yeah, feel free to share! (Side note: Now I really wish the Judgral Saga games were remade ;_;)


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