Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is Tedious

Conception IISo by request from Strykerclaw96, I decided to download the Conception II demo for the 3DS. I had no idea what to expect since I didn’t play the first Conception game, and from what I read of the synopsis, it sounded like an excuse to see high school girls have sex with the male lead, and then use those children to fight their battles. Whatever the case, it surely would be pick up and play, and not overly complex right?

Yeah, I was wrong.

I’ll admit easily that it’s not you, it’s me. I haven’t played too many RPGs aside from Fire Emblem in a while, and in general, I don’t game that much. So sending me to play Conception II was probably not the best of ideas. All that said, I didn’t expect to quit an hour into the game. Why did I quit an hour into the game? Because it was getting so, so tedious to play this game.

The demo starts where you get an explanation on what’s going on, why the world needs Star Children, your role in the game, etc. After that you talk to some of the heroines of the game, try and understand their motivations, and do small talk with other characters. You then choose one of the heroines to “make children” with (you get a visual representation of it), and after making children and setting your team up, you go into the labyrinths.

This is where I got tired of the game. I mean I was already worn out at everyone talking and having to form a team and stuff like that, but once I finally got to fighting battles, I went zzzzz. Yeah, the game had to explain everything about where it’s best to attack, being able to not worry about inputting commands and just let the CPU handle things, etc. But I was getting so tired of it, and it felt overly complex. Is there really a need for all of these skills/systems so early in this game? I eventually stopped pushing through it and quit while in the labyrinth.

I surely could just waste doing something else.


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6 thoughts on “Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is Tedious

  1. I also played the demo too, and I also agree that all of the skills/systems were forced on you too early. It would have been better to save certain skills like Mechunite for the full game. At least I’ll get a bonus in the full game for completing the demo.

    So are you not interested in the full game?

  2. The game makes matchmaking and sex into a whole new version of strategy. From the name alone, it sounds like one day a peculiar astronomer got a little too close to those stars he was observing…

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