Why I Finally Decided to Play Shin Monshou no Nazo

Fire Emblem Shin MonshouIt was a dark and stormy night (actually, it was clear as day). I was getting myself all hyped for Awakening that was coming out in a few months. Just scrolling through Serenes Forest, seeing the discussion, etc, it was fun. I was keeping up with all the news on mainstream gaming sites. Then all of a sudden, Serenes Forest started advertising Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo.

And I ended up learning how to use an emulator/rom to go play it.

Now, for some this is probably not a big deal. The thing is, I understand why some would do it, especially for a title that has no chance of being localized. However, this still managed to conflict my morals about downloading.

Well that and my computer’s really terrible.

But back to the downloading, I really, really don’t like downloading anything illegally, especially when it comes to games. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s because I’m stealing something that cost a ton of money. Maybe it’s because I love Fire Emblem so much that I felt like downloading it would be disrespectful?

…Or maybe it really is because my computer is terrible. It can get by well enough, but it does slow down randomly, especially when used for long periods of time.

Or maybe having to learn how to actually download and find the rom and stuff. I mean I learned it’s one thing to download a rom that’s already been brought over here, but a JP rom? Hahahahaha! Needless to say, I was pretty close to giving up searching for it and just chose to wait for Awakening.

Then days passed by. And…I gave in. It was still a struggle, but I found everything, learned what I needed to do, and after nearly shaking my head and questioning why so much effort, I had Shin Monshou no Nazo.

Thankfully, the game was great enough to make the effort worthwhile.

…That’s right, I didn’t stutter: it was GREAT. Having to adjust the settings to actually play the game on my laptop notwithstanding, I was floored with how Intelligent Systems actually improved the game. Remember, I complained a lot about Shadow Dragon (and some have gone so far to forget it even exists), so I probably had worrisome expectations about what I was about to play. Well, I played it, and it exceeded them all. As I play this game again, I’ll be interested to see how things will feel, especially since I beat Shadow Dragon not too long ago.

Anyways, if you want to check the game out, you’ll have to go to Heroes of Shadow to get it. So yes, I’m encouraging piracy! Oh, how my values have changed…*faints, falls off a bridge*


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

18 thoughts on “Why I Finally Decided to Play Shin Monshou no Nazo

  1. Haha, nice to see you learned the magic of emulation! 😀 Honestly, though, while I thought my buddies did a great job on the translation patch, I didn’t think the game itself was so great…not many changes in the battle system from FE11, though I guess it was nice you no longer had to kill all your own dudes.

    • Hmm, I think there were a few subtle changes with the system that made it different than FE11. But in general, FE12 feels more rewarding, which I hope to explain as I play through it again.

  2. Another Fire Emblem post, with the utmost quality any blog-reader could have asked for. Again, I am impressed.

    I also remember myself getting hyped up for Fire Emblem: Awakening. But it was not on a dark and stormy night, no. It was in my room, but my room was cold. It was as cold as ice, below the freezing temperatures. I felt lonely, and sick. But then I heard the news and I knew I would be warmed up. When I bought it the times later, I was impressed and satisfied. Such is the ups and downs of life – we all must play our roles in this world. Anyhow – to your review.

    This game, albeit the downloading, you went as far to download it in Japanese as it is not available in English? I am impressed – this takes true dedication. You are a soldier in a war, and your loyalty is to Intelligence Systems. When you say you cannot download a game – you are a true hero and a true inspiration. I have made mistakes in my life…I downloaded Fire Emblem 6, Fire Emblem 7 (the worst one in my humble opinion), and Fire Emblem 8 all on the GBA Visual Boy Advance. For this, I feel regretful. I am sorry.

    The way you make it seem is that this game is 100% worth it to buy it seems.
    Thankfully, the game was great enough to make the effort worthwhile. I will now visit this website and claim my prize. Maybe it will be time to celebrate like soldiers of the medieval times, with a bundle of Kentucky Fried Chicken to add to the flavor.
    Maybe not so medieval after all.

    If you were to fall of a bridge, it would be a great loss to the blogging world.But these types of things happen – in this cruel world, may fall. But in this cruel world, exists angels of people.
    Do not worry – I would be there to catch you.


    • I can no longer tell if you’re being genuine or serious now^^

      The patch was made available in ENG. It’s just I had to find a JP rom, and finding that is difficult when you can’t find it on seemingly legit sites…

      • I am being serious.
        I think my wording has been misinterpreted;

        It seems I have this strange problem in which I type out my thoughts immediately; only hitting backspace for a spell check error, which is why my replies are annoyingly long and have a lot of different content and will seem weird to a lot of the populace. I am sorry if it seems that I am being disruptive and/or fake. It is how I am, I cannot change such a thing, but when I can do is attempt to stop giving insights – and I will do so.

        I have run into that same problem when trying to find FIre Emblem: 6. I had played it on my GBA emulator and it turned out to be a cumbersome mix of languages and the ocassional Japanese word every now and then.

        I look forward to more of your posts. I will be here albeit remaining silent.


      • You’re so rude, Walters. Hiei there goes through amazing troubles and bounds communicating with God about his philosophical outlook, and you slam him saying you can’t even tell if he’s being genuine?

        The man’s a prophet. Walters. You……….blasphemic person.

        • Ashley, you’ve been gone too long. To call me a blasphemic person when you know I side with Awakening…to say that now is completely disrespectful! You should apologize!

          …Or, you know, stick around the site for more nonsense 🙂

          • I had silently read this comment, at first wanting to not say much of anything, but I see you have supported me in the darkest of times Ashley, and I could not sit by and let it slide. Much thanks for sticking up for me…it was ending up like the playground all over again – where nobody could understand, indeed. But such is the chronicles of life, and we must face them every day.

            I am no prophet – I am not worthy of being of such high moral standards. I am a human being, a fan of games, cartoons, movies, studying, and many more. Indeed I do make mistakes. I am never going to be worthy of speaking to the all-mighty – as I am no saint. But, I do try my best to be of the highest points in life.

            It is quite fine though – it is not his fault. Nor is it anyone elses. I enjoy this blog anyway, so I do not mind if anything is wrong. I will continue to read because it is what I like to do, and many bloggers on this wordpress.com are very fun to read.


  3. It’s about fucking time.

    It’s superior to Awakening in every way. My opinion is the only one that matters. Yep. Seriously. Well, gameplay and graphic is unfair with the newer sexy 3DS and all.

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