Ok! Fire Emblem Prediction Time For The Super Smash Bros. Direct!

Smash BrosSo finally, Super Smash Bros 4 will have its own Nintendo Direct. As you can see, it will take place on Tuesday, 6pm EST time/3PM PST. I guess for this it’ll be like 25-30 minutes long. Well it could be nearly an hour but I doubt it. So, of course I’ll have to jump in and predict what will be revealed in this direct…but with a Fire Emblem flavor!

1) Sigurd is a new character


…Ok let me get more probable selections and stuff.

1) There won’t be a new Fire Emblem character announced in the Nintendo Direct

Don’t worry, I easily expect to be wrong on this. And of course, despite this being the case, I still expect there to be a new FE character announced for Smash. I just expect it at E3 believe it or not.

Why? Because conversely, that’s when I expect information on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. Might as well tie it in with that. Of course, hell if I know what other characters from other Nintendo franchises are being championed to be included in SSB4, but maybe they’ll take more of an importance than a new Fire Emblem character.

2) We will get a glimpse of the stage for the Wii U though.

Kind of like how we saw the stage for Super Smash Bros Brawl in the first trailer, I expect we’ll see that at some point. Whether we recognize it, who knows, but it’ll be there. You can count on it!!!

Non-FE related info


I’m still worried about this thing getting pushed back to 2015 (because that’d be so Nintendo & Sakurai), but if all the cards are right, Nintendo will announce the game’s gonna get here by Christmas. They will then say that demos will be available at E3, and many people will get to play it. Oh yeah.

4) There will be more veterans announced for the game!

I’d hazard a guess and say like 3 more veterans from prior SSB4 games get revealed, but whatever the case, I expect to see a few of the smash stalwarts that we’ve seen in prior games be included in the trailer.

Also, all the veterans who’ve appeared without trailers since will most likely be included in it too!

5) Three new challengers are approaching!

Could be more, but I’ll just stick to how many was announced at E3 last year, and that was three. What those three are…well, the more Nintendo savvy people can point that out.

Your Turn For Predictions

Ok, I’ve made my predictions for what’s gonna take place tomorrow. Oh, and I might even consider livetweeting it (maybe, if I’m not napping). But I assume some of you while also being FE fans are also into other games as well, so share what you think will take place in the direct.

…Why yes, Iwata farting is also a possibly too.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

31 thoughts on “Ok! Fire Emblem Prediction Time For The Super Smash Bros. Direct!

    • That would be the absolute bestest decision they could ever do in the history of gaming and the world and since the invention of sliced bread and the invention of whoever came up with sliced bread and the invention of people and the invention of God and the invention of the World and will save the Wii U forever and make Sakurai become King of the Planets and under his rule will we all rejoice under that one decision that lead to a baby boom of turned on FE fans that then went on to invest in Nintendo’s stocks in hopes that such a grand amazing decision will be made again.

        • The inclusion of Chrom, though he is a great Hero, would sideline all of those other heroes worthy of praise, In the boxart, they are all fighting with the same ambition – therefore perhaps more should be shown, no?
          Though, I am fine if he is included. I just hope the others are shown concern, too.

          • True, my main theory was that all of the Fire Emblem characters that are playable have been the lords in their respective games, so it just seemed logical to continue that trend with Chrom. Adding non-lord characters would be a nice break away from that same trend.

            (I think this is the first time I’ve talked to you directly, Hiei.)

          • Your post does not have a ‘reply’ button strangely, and so I am forced to reply to myself in order to carry this message across. My apologies if this looks strange, StrykerClaw..

            Indeed, I am slightly tired of many good lords being cast aside for those who are worthy but do not need to be brought to the spot light that much. Even though this game is meant to be ‘All-Stars’ it still does not interest me like that. I sincerely wish they would add Mia, Lyn and/or Hector, Lon’Qu, Greil or someone who is quite popular but not a main-main character (even though I have indeed contradicted myself when I say Lyn, Hector and Greil). Though Chrom as stated is the essence of a hero, Lyn and Hector (as much as I was not a fan of FE7) were the greatest lords of their time – with Lyn being a swordswoman from the plains and Hector needing to uphold his duties in Ostia (I am avoiding spoilers for those who have yet to play this game…but be warned.). Chrom is a very strong man, albeit his strange addiction for letting one arm have no armor over it. However, he cannot always be in the spotlight. It does not leave room.

            Going hand-in-hand with this, they should consider a bigger roster. This is because fans would want more people to play as – Brawl needs to be beaten indeed. Otherwise, the specific game, according to underrated and overrated internet gaming sites, will not surpass it’s predecessor. And even so, it reminds me of how thoroughly annoying many game sites are. Anyhow, Consider Shadow as well as Sonic, perhaps Big Boss as a playable character with Solid Snake? Maybe introduce Phoenix Wright for no reason. It reminds me of this because of the dark age of the law – it can be easily written into the Super Smash Brothers (nintendo, inc.) storyline. I am straying off topic here, which is quite annoying, but it is how I wished Super Smash Brothers would have been.

            I do believe it is too. Well met, Strykerclaw. What shall I call you?


          • Honestly, you can call me whatever you want to, I don’t mind.

            As for your idea of a bigger roster, I believe that if they are adding new characters, then they might be waiting until closer to the release or possibly not mentioning certain characters being in the roster at all. Since Mario can have 8 characters (I count Donkey Kong as one) representing that series, then Fire Emblem should be able to have a few more. Since Sakurai said no DLC, then there’s no chance of characters appearing later on.

            But I would like to see more non-lords and/or non-sword wielding Fire Emblem characters appear. Because adding Micaiah or Tharja would be a good idea to mix things up. Even Lon’Qu would be nice, since it seems like when it comes to Fire Emblem in Smash Bros, every non-lord is treated like Kellam.

            In my opinion, if it comes down to it, just assist trophies will be acceptable, but more characters should be better.

            (This is probably my longest comment I’ve ever posted. BTW, great picture of Simon Blackquill.)

          • Hello again Stryker. (I may just settle with this name) Thank you for commenting on my picture – it was my first picture I used when I started off on WordPress.com as well; as you may have noticed if you saw any of my older posts.

            Indeed – Nintendo has a ‘knack’ and habit of doing these special types of surprises and so I do believe, too, that they are going to pull some kind of fancy trick such as this and reveal more characters. Or, maybe and hopefully they will not release any new information at all therefore we can be surprised when we see our favorite characters. If there is no DLC, then they will try their hardest to make a very good game, indeed. There is no need for further worry.

            As for Assist Trophies, a fun idea would simply be to be able to play as an assist trophy. It would be funny. Say, Lyn HAS a model and design for an assist trophy, then why not just create her as a character? If one goes through the process of bothering to make the beautiful model, voice, and movement…why not just create a character?

            You are correct with your thoughts on Micaiah and Tharja. Perhaps they can also add some other ranged fighters. I would not be surprised, sadly, if they add ‘CUSTOM CHARACTER” from Fire Emblem: Awakening in which it is just a generic model whom is meant to be you from the game. It would be the utmost annoying and disappointing.I still have yet to watch Nintendo Direct.

            The term ‘Kallem’, an interesting nod to Ashley’s post, I am impressed by this humor. References are always of good stature.


  1. I am sorry I told a lie earlier. I said I would not keep commenting to not be a hindrance to others but, to some people’s dismay, I have a need to put down my prediction as well. I am fully serious in this post as I have been in all others – please remember my words from my previous comment. Thank you for understanding and I am terribly apologizing.

    My initial guess was that the hero Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening was going to be in this game, as he is the essence of a hero signified. But now I think otherwise. The reason to this speculation (which works like a scientific hypothesis) is ‘Though Chrom is popular, he may or may not be selected.’ The reason I believe this is because other characters in this wonderful game are, too, popular, and some have more of a following too, more than we usually would imagine.

    Now keep in mind I am ignorant in such topic because I have yet to finish Fire Emblem: Awakening. But, my suspicion is that the character “Lon’Qu” will be added into the game. He has the arcehtype of a malevolent/confusing hero/anti-hero mixed with some humorous qualities. Not only this, but he is indeed a myrmidon, and those seem to be the most popular units in every FIre Emblem game and it seems they are the most liked. See my list:

    1) Joshua from The Sacred Stones. (Though, he is a better assassin, indeed.(
    2) Marisa from The Sacred Stones (Same title, but it is definte she is well liked.)
    3) Guy from FE7 (I was not a fan, sadly.)
    4) Fir from FE6 (I was not a fan)
    5) Mia from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (The love of my life)

    Or…they will put someone from another generation Fire Emblem game. Who is to say they will not keep Marth, and instead use somebody from Fire Emblem 7 (Because it was very popular too) instead? Maybe it does not make sense (and I sure hope they do not as it was not my favorite Fire Emblem) but you will never know.

    Sadly, I did not get to watch Nintendo Direct.
    Please keep me updated.
    I look forward to more articles.


    • I don’t really mind if you comment Hiei. When I replied to you earlier, I was joking a bit. But hey, you sometimes go where I least expect it…xD

      Uh…maybe Lon’Qu will be in the game as an assist trophy? Or just a trophy trophy? I doubt he’ll be a playable character, at least. Too many important main characters in FE to have him in the game…

      …And if anything, if you’re going to add a side character, it should be Tharja. At least, that’s what I think! But whatever, we’re all stabbing at the dark here, we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow in the Nintendo Direct.

      • Weird. I am sure I replied to this comment earlier. Perhaps it has disappeared. Well then. I am sorry again and I see how you can see these posts as a joke – but the ‘catch you’ part was my occasional sense of humor embedded in the post. Taking that seriously would have been extremely awkward in this state of time, my friend. I know these sorts of things happen when I begin to speak, and so, please understand.

        Hm…as an assist trophy is a plausible theory. However, being an assist trophy also makes me feel like they are either unimportant but have some kind of base ruling of fans. You are right – there are many other important characters such as Kallum and Chrom, both worthy of being the successor to the Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo, Inc.) throne.

        Tharja? I see. Perhaps she will be in the game too. But what they should do is expand the roster so they can add multiple characters from the same game just as they had done with Mario. (Mario, Wario, Dr. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi) even though they have their own games, too.

        I would have it on my top priorities to ‘main’ Mia if she was, indeed, in the game. I loved her in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She was very powerful.

        Sadly, I did not get to see Nintendo Direct. It was quite a miss.

    • Man, I’d probably sell my kidneys and Awakening just to see Reggie in Smash Bros. It would be the best Nintendo moment in Nintendo history. PERIOD.

      …And yes, I’d sell the kidneys first than Awakening. I’m sure there’s not going to be pain involved, honest…

      • Yeah. The Regginator would be fucking awesome. Your kidneys before Awakening? Amazing. You’re such a lovely zealot, Walters. Here’s a doggy biscuit.

        • Reggie is the Infamous president of American Nintendo I presume? One’s loyalty towards a company is vast in the Japanese business mindset of the one father who works hard and is obligated to go drinking with his boss. Then, he comes home late to his lonely wife and overworked child. Such stereotypical families lead to loss eventually when the child has grown up and wife feels no connection with her husband. It is this that reminds me to the loyalty of your ‘boss’ you would even donate your kidney? I believe it is essential to be important to those around you. A good example of this is ‘Slightly Out of Reach’ by James LaBrie – a composition with many lyrical meanings.


  2. We’ll have three members (plus four when I force Ashley to) watching it live to comment on and such! But I’m going to skip out! Much more enjoyable that way.

        • The element of surprise is strong on your side, therefore leading to a better and pleasurable experience beyond happiness. I too, did not watch Nintendo Direct, but that was not much of a choice (Admittedly, if I could, I would have.) This cruel-enough world no longer needs as many villains as it has. ..

  3. Picking Chrom is the easy choice, but I am really hoping that Lucina gets some love. But if the entire collection of Fire Emblem games were on the table(and admittedly I haven’t played all of them yet), I would like to see either Micaiah or Lyn.

    • Lyn is an assist trophy, indeed. But it is unfortunate that she is not in the game as a playable character. Her beauty indeed radiates throughout the screen, constantly catching my eye and distracting me before I realize I am cut to shreds and off of the God forsaken map.

      Had I not been at this age, I would not get distracted by this young woman. It is times like this that I miss my childhood.

      Perhaps it’s better she remains an assist trophy – a distraction before the kill. Does not it go hand-in-hand with a surprise attack onto your foes on say, Final Destination?


  4. I’m hoping for the main character, honestly, with the cloak down so know one knows if ‘it’ is a he or she. You could do some pretty badass combos with the magic and the sword going on, and it would look so cool! But, alas, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen… *sniff*

    • Well hey, if Pokemon Trainer can show up in Brawl, generic avatar can also show up too!

      And at least he should provide some variety. Despite his use of the sword…

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