Fire Emblem 7’s Lyn Returns To Super Smash Bros as an Assist Trophy

Lyn 2 Lyn

So for those who thought Lyn had a chance to become a playable character in the latest Super Smash Bros game, well, scratch her off the list. She’s back, but again as an assist trophy.

…Maybe if it we’re lucky we won’t have to hear her English voice again…?


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79 thoughts on “Fire Emblem 7’s Lyn Returns To Super Smash Bros as an Assist Trophy

  1. Totally fine with this. Also love the 3DS one coming out earlier, because I have a preference for my 3DS.

    No Chrom so far, either! Happiness abounds. He’ll probably be in it, but the longer he isn’t the better!

          • But, Strykerclaw, what about the crowds going, “We like Ike!” are you gonna discount them all too? If nobody gives two shits about Ike, maybe they still give one shit about him! That counts for something Strykerclaw, ya silly billy.

          • By “crowds cheering We like Ike!”, do you mean little voices in the game who’s lives, and therefore opinions mean nothing?

          • Fuck yeah. Those voices have accomplished more than we ever will. They have more meaning, and so stronger opinions, than all of us. Yep. I bet Chrom loves Ike too.

          • Aww. Is this really hurting you inside? Because um…it’s just a game…and a character in a game…and stuff. Geez, go worry about things that actually matter or something, man. When you’re as old as me and a granny at the old, old age of 23, you’ll realize time coulda been spent better. Y’know, like complaining about games on blogs nobody reads and …oh. Wait a minute.

          • Throughout my experience, and to avoid this rutheless war, I have found that both Chrom and/or Ike are fine to make an appearane in this video game. Marth has been there for two games straight – but who is to say Ike will not?

            Ike reminds me of a friend I had, but his name was not Ike. He used to love to play as Ike, and would always use his ‘Aether’ move in which Ike’s English voice would either always scream or say ‘Aether’. It was fun times back then.

            Now, it is best to let either come into the game. Chrom is the essence of a hero and Ike is a true hero. Either way, they are of the same kin with their blue hair and their one-arms out of their cape.


          • Honestly, by “not giving a shit”, I meant that the most recent Fire Emblem game did not directly involve Ike, so he isn’t “relevant”. I’m fine with either one of them, so I can have Lucario and Chrom/Ike smite thine enemies.

            Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go back to no-lifing the shit out of Chronophantasma.

          • Actually, lots of people still care about Ike, including Intelligent Systems. That’s also why he got a descendant in Awakening rather than other lords.

            Me arguing this is kinda pointless anyway. Ike is confirmed now.

      • Stryker, Chrom’s lost love. Forever waiting for him at the edge of a cliff, because he promised he’ll return someday! You sure you’re not a girl? Like totally sure?

    • Chrom is the essence of a Hero. However, whether or not he will be there, we can only rejoice at those survivors that have made it past and entered a new round, It reminds me of the manga series and movie adaption of ‘Battle Royale’ a tale in which a 9th grade High School Japanese class is taken to fight each other to the death due to a turn in the new government. The main character is named Shuya Nanahara (shu-yah, na-na-ha-ra). It seems to be the process of elimination….no, actually, rather just who is more popular and who is not.

      The 3DS is a magnificent system. It is just the…technology of it…it is amazing .The technology is revolutionary, the ability to render three dimension without glasses still amazes me to this day.


          • Well yeah. He’s powered by Google, therefore Nintendo should put him in to represent Google. Then there’s more representation for Fire Emblem, and Google too. Look, Chromballs-chan, you can either have me support Chrom in Smash Bros with Google backing, or not support the guy at all.

        • What a powerful sililquy; merging the two names of Chrom the Lord and Google’s web browser. This is intelligent indeed. Google Chrom is a very fun pun. Claw Stryker-chan is an interesting name for her. I am not sure why the name is reversed, however, but it is a strange ‘twist’ and is another good pun in the real world.

          I do not think the inclusion of Chrom will have an overall affect on the game.


          • The inclusion of Chrom will lead to a tub of hot, salty cum from all the Chrom fans bursting their loads in pure joy. They will then proceed to be Chrom’s sex-slaves for eternity.

            …wait. They already are that. Never mind.

            Don’t let Manly-Striker-chan hear you say she’s a “she.” She’ll get mad. I mean he. Yeah.

          • I did not understand why Stryker Claw got so mad until I had seen Ashley’s other comment just now which says ‘are you sure you are not a girl.’ My sincerest apologies Stryker Claw but I was under the impression you were of the female gender too. I did not mean any harm or aggression when I referred to you as ‘she’, I was attempting my best at being a gentlemen and somebody careful towards your well being. I did not mean to insult, neither did I mean to transgress the situation further than ti already had. I am sorry for my constant apologizing and if you could see me now I’d be on the ground with my forehead against the floor in a bow, bowing for forgiveness. This has happened quite some time before as I remember my first attempt at dating online turned out to be a man I had spent a month with – and I have never forgiven myself since indeed. It is the strange bondings of the universe that unfold at these deseprate times.

            Thank you for yoru advice Ashley; I will not call him a ‘she’ any longer. But I have a question Stryker – are you posing to be male or are you actually male? You do not need to answer – I will assume you are a male.


    • YOU’RE TAKING THIS TOO PERSONALITY AGAIN SOMEONE SEND THIS GUY HIS MEDS–*hospital shows up, feeds Walters his meds, Walters falls asleep, falls into a ditch*

    • Zero Suit Samus and Shiek are separate characters? By God…that is a true surprise indeed. Maybe I should avoid these Nintendo Direct to be surprised by myself at this new information. I wonder what else is held in store for those patient gamers who wait upon their knees, hyperventilating and anxious to just want to get their hands on the game immediately.

      It is intriguing to see that the Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo, Inc.) franchise is, indeed, going to be one
      ‘Hell of a party!” (-Dante, Devil May Cry 3).

    • Believe it or not, I heard rumors/speculation of there being separate characters in this game (Thanks Serenes Forest!), but who knew if it was going to happen though. It will be interesting to see how the people who main those characters adjust to the fact that they will now play differently.

      As for Charizard and Greninja being playable, it does make me think of a few things. Hopefully when I’m done stalling as usual on other things, I’ll write about what I found revealing about the direct. (Also to gloat about my predictions!)

      (Oh, and lol at Sigurd being revealed. I’ll continue to imagine that)

      • I’m really disappointed with Charizard being by himself. Pokemon Trainer was my favourite character in Brawl, and he was so original and unique too. And now I’ll never be able to play as him again, because Sakurai will probably keep this “No more transformation characters” change into the next Smash Bros as well.

        • Will Sakurai still want to work on Smash Bros for the next gen console!?? Will Sakurai age!??!

          …Actually I’m kinda glad Pokemon Trainer’s not around. He’s just there in the background so…=p

          • I was just in love with the concept from the moment I found out about him in the Dojo days. A (technically) human Pokemon rep for once, and unlike the other Pokemon reps he had a gimmick. He actually represented what the Pokemon games were like instead of just yet another wild Pokemon, and he was a way to fit in more Pokemon without taking up more space on the roster. I played him the way he was meant to be played; as a team. He will be missed.

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