Monthly Fire Emblem News #4


I guess this is to celebrate Lyn’s return to SSB

So here, you have a new post. Yeah, as expected, not the one you should be expecting.

REVIEW: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Because MOAR REVIEWS of Awakening.

My Top 5 Favorite Fire Emblem: Awakening Characters

Michaela shares her 5 favorite characters. You can guess who’s number 1 with relative ease!

Let’s Rank the Fire Emblem Games, From Worst to Best

Maybe it’s about time I start my ranking of Fire Emblem games. Well, one day I will. Possibly. Also you can also guess what’s number 1 on Mdubs’s list with relative ease!

Bravely Default outpacing Fire Emblem, says Nintendo

Clearly Square Enix advertised their game better!!!

Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Damn, I want to play this game, even though it is crazy hard…Nintendo just do a collection already ya jerks!

Nostalgia Video Gaming – ‘Fire Emblem’ Series

Personally just like how I’m reminded of how the story in Radiant Dawn is…oh dear.


About Walters

Lonely Fire Emblem fan. Almost a FE apologist.

5 thoughts on “Monthly Fire Emblem News #4

  1. I was unaware there was monthly news. This makes things interesting;

    This is interesting how you use Lyndis as a grab to the article with her feminine touch, Walters. It reminds me a lot of the advertisements in the world nowadays that uses sex appeal to gain their attention. I am not complaining though, when I was a young boy of around 9 or 10 years of age and played FIre Emblem 7, I had met my first love on the first level: Lyn. I will not forget it.

    I shall check these links.
    Also the date of this article is also close to the date the Titanic sank in Atlantic Wa(L)ters.That is unfortunate.

    Unfortunately I had to make such a pun too.
    I look forward to more articles.


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