Taking a Look Back at The Super Smash Bros. Direct



I stalled long enough. It’s time to finally take a look back at my Predictions for Fire Emblem and Smash Bros and see how I did. In case you forgot about the Nintendo Direct, well, here you go.

Watch it. Live it. Or ignore it! Now let’s get cracking:

1) Sigurd is a new character

hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahah Walters plz stahp

Anyways, back to actual legitimate predictions.

Fire Emblem Related Predictions

1) There won’t be a new Fire Emblem character announced in the Nintendo Direct

I called it! However, I won’t be doing any sort of gloating yet. At best, I can only half-gloat, but why half-gloat when I can go full gloat if a FE character is announced for SSB at E3. That would complete the statement, honestly.

Anyways, it felt like something Sakurai would want to save until later and not reveal now. Also, you can clearly see the hierarchy for Nintendo: ALL POKEMON, ALL THE TIME!!! Well, probably. But the main franchises (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon) got their time to shine. Hopefully we’ll have some others shine more down the line.

2) We will get a glimpse of the stage for the Wii U though.

Well, that didn’t happen. At least, it didn’t seem so. The only stage that was revealed was — you guessed it — another Pokemon stage that hadn’t been shown on the website before. I believe there’s going to be a FE stage, which is either going to be a stage of Marth’s design, or it’ll be a stage based on Radiant Dawn. Which supports A)bringing Ike back or B)bringing forth a new character from the only Wii iteration of FE. We’ll have to see.

Non-FE related info


I guess I was half-right. It looks like the 3DS version will come out in the Summer, whereas a Wii U version will come in December. Yes, it said Winter 2014, but there’s only one month of Winter in 2014, so it has to be December. If not, that version will officially be delayed into 2015, and my guessing would be correct.

At least the 3DS version will tide people over.

4) There will be more veterans announced for the game!

I was KINDA right. As in, Charizard’s basically been in every Super Smash Bros game, but first as a Pokemon, then as a playable character along with the Pokemon Trainer. Now Charizard’s separate. Still counts as a veteran, which would be 4 returning vets to this game (Sheik, Zero Suit Samus with the hot suit, and Yoshi).

5) Three new challengers are approaching!

Well, I bombed this one. Though who knew it’d be so Poke-Centric?!? Anyways, Greninja does look cool, so can’t complain too much. Overall, I guess we’ll get more new challengers announced at E3.

Now onto some other thoughts regarding the Direct:

  • As you might have caught last week, Lyn has returned as an assist trophy.
  • Sakurai stated that bosses may appear on some stages in SSB4. Could this mean we’ll see the Black Knight come out of nowhere and own people?!? Hell yeah!
  • He also made a mention that there’s going to be more assist trophies. At first I said, “Cool, sounds right.” Then I saw in the Serenes Forest Smash Bros Thread that someone suggested Lucina would be an Assist Trophy, and she would be able to pair up with Smash characters. While maybe making her a playable character would be better, I wholeheartedly support the use of Fire Emblem characters and having them pair up. I wish I had thought of that.
  • You know, despite expecting some new characters, there’s only been a grand total of six newcomers to the game, and a host of veterans. With the game forthcoming though, you expect there to be a reasonable amount of newcomers, but what’s going to be the cap on characters? I think it’ll be 45-50. There will have to be some veterans that get cut.
  • Also, considering we have a Fire and Water starter Pokemon, we can expect a grass type Pokemon to be in this game.
  • It sucks there’s only two playable tracks on 3DS stages. That said, I wonder if that means those are the only sounds you’ll hear, or will you be able to switch them with other tracks? I guess it’s unlikely, but maybe not I hope.

There were probably other observations, but I forgot them, I think.

Well, this will provide you all an opportunity to share who you think will be the game. Or any other Smash Bros suggestions/complaints/praise/etc.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

12 thoughts on “Taking a Look Back at The Super Smash Bros. Direct

    • …You keep thinking that Stryky-chan. You surreeee keep thinking that.

      …Should point out if there is a FE character announced at E3, it’ll only get worse

      • You’re lucky I can’t make up a name from yours.

        Judging by the fact that there is a stage from Awakening in the game, there HAS to be someone representing Awakening in the game.

        If it gets “worse”, you’re getting a shot in the face with a NERF Maverick.

          • I see. Nick names are being used. It is quite cute to have nick names. I have quite a few myself.

            Stryker or ‘Claw-Styrker-chan”
            If you want to call Walters something interesting, give him the name ‘Wallace’ as in Wallace from Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword. Wallace is a powerful knight.

            Now do not be embarrassed about your nick name either. “-chan” is a prefix for little, but it is still honorable. To have such a prefix means you are quite valued.


          • Hello Wallace.
            Perhaps you would prefer the nick name Wall-E like the robot that resembles R.O.B floating around a post-apocalyptic world? I think it suits you quite well. The movie is about a droid that cleans up a world that is full of pollution. Such as your blog cleaning up the polluted Fire Emblem fan base that ravages over most of the internet world through HTML.


    • We can not say for certain, The future is never for certain; there will always be ups and downs; but then it will become smooth. Like a boat in the ocean, or turbulence in an aeroplane/airplane. Such is life.

      Perhaps the American/Haitian president of Nintendo will appear as a new challenger, or in some sort of spiritual form such as Reggieice or Reggie Steel. Perhaps.


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