Paying Tribute To A Fire Emblem Game Never Played: Genealogy of The Holy War

Fire Emblem

Man, the internet can be dangerous, honest…

So something tells me I’ve neglected the site recently. Well, I had hoped not to go do that last week, knowing I’d have to take care of an issue, so I planned on having a FE article up. I then proceeded to see a short video of the Fire Emblem Awakening Future Past DLC, then proceeded to play Awakening instead.

So I fucked up, essentially.

But now I’m back, and, unsure of what type of FE article to write since I haven’t played Shin Monshou no Nazo just yet, I decided to write an article (and you might see two or three more of these the next few weeks) on a game that I so proudly included in the webpage title, but never played: Genealogy of The Holy War. Here’s why, despite never playing it, I respect it a lot.


1) It has balls. Genealogy of The Holy War has two stories in one: one with Sigurd, and one with his son, Seliph. Now, when I was growing up and saw pictures of these two circling around, I obviously didn’t know who they were, but when I got into Fire Emblem and stuff around high school/college, I found out they were related. And they had separate stories. But I was like, “Wait why?” Then I found out, and proceeded to go WTF?








Picture included to protect the innocent

Picture included to protect the innocent

As it turned out, you play as Sigurd for a couple of (long) chapters, and then you watch him die a pretty pathetic death. Getting himself tricked? And by a freaking magic attack? I mean dang, that’s not heroic at all. The worst is that he let his comrades (or some of them, if wiki’s correct and all) die. That’s pretty bad. I say all this knowing I haven’t watched all the let’s play versions of it and I haven’t read all of the story to get the entire context of how it happens, but it’s still pretty sad he went out like that.

…And I like it. He’s still the only lord to get killed in a FE game for plot purposes. They really should do that with other/future FE games, just to twist the story around.




More pictures, though man is this impressive

More pictures, though man is this impressive






Spoiler END

It also has some other stories that are pretty cool it seems, and that’s one reason why I appreciate the series.

2) The music. Well, most Fire Emblem music is pretty solid, but Genealogy of The Holy War’s pretty badass. If you haven’t listened to any of it, well, Youtube’s your friend!

3) The scope! It seems unlike all the other Fire Emblem games (I think aside from Radiant Dawn, possibly), the scope, or the maps of the game, are big, and with a lot of objectives. Of course, I think this is the only FE game with a grand total of 12 chapters, which means it’s the only game that doesn’t reach 20, but what needs to be done in each chapter is so big that it’s like 3 chapters in one. Or maybe more than that. Either way, it looks like fun, though, with updated improvements in every FE game, it’s probably a pain to play as now.

Your Turn!

So, has there been a Fire Emblem game you haven’t played yet that you respect/would want to play now? Would you want to play Genealogy of The Holy War? Do you even feel this type of way to a certain game? Well, discuss it in the comments below!


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

6 thoughts on “Paying Tribute To A Fire Emblem Game Never Played: Genealogy of The Holy War

  1. The huge maps and battles were superior to Awakening over ten years before Awakening came out. Yet you went and played Awakening. Sigh.

    It was pretty ambitious, huh?

    • Well hey, it’s way easier to get Awakening than it is to get a ten year old game 🙂

      Yep. So ambitious that I do want to play it, but not with it’s old system (because I am weak, and my PC is weak too) I sincerely wish Intelligent Systems would remake this game for the 3DS. I will play it endlessly.

  2. Another article out of the blue, like this main characters hair and many of the other fellow heroes that seem to share the same similarities as this young man, on a quest to save another kingdom on another world. It has been quite some time, neglecting a site will have consequences in one form or another. I remember when I used to neglect people and not take them for granted; and then I was left alone to think about my own life sadly. Welcome back the hero of Breaking Bad and/or Wallace, now let me comment on your article as I have been doing graciously.

    The main character is an interesting phenomenon. Alas, the blue pigmented hair seems to be a repetitive trait in the hair of many of those Fire Emblem characters. It is quite ‘cool’ to see symbolism like this repeat itself throughout the lineages of Fire Emblem. Notice his build; he is again a pretty boy – but how is this possible back then? Is it because of fantasy? Nonetheless he carries a reasonable sword. His pose is that of justice and extremeism – notice his glaring eyes. He looks upon his soldiers with honor and pride; his castle with a dreaming envision of a future hope that will soon come to a calamity. This man seems prideful.

    I like how you used another pretty girl to hide a spoiler; but if using her will protect eyes of the innocent they would focus all their eyevision on her, no? Then … how would you protect your spoiler? Would it rather be to put her after? No matter. I read the spoiler anyway as I am not able to play this tremendous game. I agree with you on the music – I have clicked You Tube and listened to some of the songs, it is like music to my ears.
    What else can you call it?

    Have I felt this way about another game? Unfortunately I am not going to continue Fire Emblem: Awakening any longer. My heart has been torn in two. Instead I will now explore the Fire Emblem universe in the Sacred Stones, and continue my journey there. The twins I feel very strongly about along with their guardian Seth. He will make it home, and so will they. The Game Boy: Advance engine Fire Emblem series seems very entertaining. I shall replay Blazing Sword as well.

    It all reminds me of those mornings I used to wake up, tired from the rain and all the pain I felt from before, and would open my Game Boy Advance SP and play Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. It was truly, truly a pleasure.

    I look forward to more articles Wallace. Do not be so distant next time, remember you have those who wish to read your articles.


    • I like using pretty girls as spoilers. Well, sometimes. I think it’s just a case of me thinking that would be best. But it depends on the article sometimes.

      Yeah, I’ll try not to be gone for close to a month, that’s basically my newest goal lol I don’t like being away from here for so long.

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