SAKURAI BOMB! Ike Returns To Super Smash Bros.

Ike 3(You’ll have to read these tweets to get the bomb reference. It’s a sports term of course lol)

Holy shit. So yeah, pretty much a surprise for the long holiday weekend! I admit it, I’m shocked on every level. I wasn’t actually sure Ike would be back, thinking just in terms of how many characters would be on this roster and definitely following the logic that it would just be Marth and the current FE game that’s around (though the history to say that is short though). Well, I was wrong on that. Even if I was wrong, I still expected a Fire Emblem character to be announced at E3, and it didn’t matter if it was new or not. So yeah, count me wrong on that too. Overall, I was wrong about Ike’s return in every way shape and form. Now that he is around, this probably eliminates half of the Fire Emblem cast (think Micaiah basically…and no not Sigurd, fuck you guys for thinking that and making things awkward), and probably will make Chrom, if he gets announced for this game, the Wolf of this iteration of Smash.

Also this probably ensures a Radiant Dawn stage, but I could be wrong on that. Oh well. Images after the jump.

Ike Ike 8 Ike 7 Ike 2 Ike 4 Ike 5Ike 6Ike 10Ike 9


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27 thoughts on “SAKURAI BOMB! Ike Returns To Super Smash Bros.

  1. *rolls eyes* really they couldn’t have added Chrom? Seriously Nintendo? You bring back the most broken Character you’ve ever made as if he was a good character to begin with. Needless to say I am not to happy about this.

        • As an assist trophy, I am untouchable, immortal, and unstoppable –and in this game thus far –unlike Chrom.

          …and in the end, it’s just a fucking game.

          • Life is a game in the end. We are players in this trivial game, and there are ways out whether divine or retributional. However in the end it seems everyone is a winner. Such is a positive view on life.

            I believe the anger behind Kaxzc Prime is actually stemming from Ike’s misogynistic habits. In the pictures he is attacking Samus twice – once without her “Zero” suit and the second with her “Zero” suit. I wonder if this is the cause of your deep hatred for Ike. I do not like him that much either, but he is a worthy hero and must take up his arm to vanquish Fox McCloud, Link and Mario from obtaining the Super Smash Brother’s Legacy.

            I blew no such blood vessel, Kaxzc. I would land myself in the hospital. This is the last place I want to be. In one, it is so dark and so cold. The smell and feeling of death creeps around your shoulders. I would rather roll my eyes than get near that feeling. Life is beautiful as we see outside the window. It reminds me of a story I read in the hospital room of a man who sat by the window, and to encourage another man he pretended to describe what he saw. The man died and the other moved to the bed, but there was nothing but a wall. The nurse told him that the man was blind and wanted to encourage him. How beautiful life is.

            There was also a horror equivalent.

    • What a trivial move, indeed. I believe Chrom has been surpassed by none other than his great, great, great grandfather Ike. What a surprise!

      Many of the fans of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem alike were expecting the new hero to descend. Unfortunately, such is the tales of our lives. Some new heroes cannot surpass old ones. This is true in many of the tales of war we seek within our actual lives. To separate our social selves from the essence of what it means to be truly individual. Such as here with Ike. Ike is a proven hero from his two games. What he did was more extraordinary than Chrom. I still do not agree with the return of a hero who abandons all, and much have rather seen the great Hector wielding a mighty axe with his beard and what-not, but it is better than a lonesome hero whose fan base exceeds the strength of his right arm that is uncovered to many fan-girls. Not to mention his interesting mouse pad accessories.

      It is no doubt this is a trivial move. I wonder what many think. Such as Wallace or Walters here did not see forsee this, but a lot of his readers had. Myself had no opinion on such a matter; I was more interested in the mechanics of this game. However the 2nd last picture (last WiiU Picture) that you have presented, Walters, looks like Tom Cruise was cast as Ike. There is some strange graphical difficulties involved.

      What is unique is his character design, albeit Tom Cruise, with Ragnell,. My eyes do not decieve me but the sword itself has shrunk. Being a great hero, perhaps Ike surpassed his father and the Black Knight with muscle mass. All the while, Marth seems more effeminate and softer-faced. Do these heroes not grow facial hair? What does it mean to be a man?

      Chrom has been over done by Ike. There is much symbolism behind this. What an interesting world. I look forward to more news with a bold heart. I am surprised you did not forsee this, Kaxzc Prime.

      Do not worry. Chrom has adequate merchandise.

        • Hello again Ashley and Kaxzc Prime. Please understand I am replying so this may take some time.To what Priam do you refer to, Ashley? I am lost in this haze of confusion. Of course, Ike stands for all of Fire Emblem: Awakening. The greater spirit of his hero identity foreshadows over the rest. This is unfortunate news to fans of Fire Emblem: Awakening but I stand nowhere in the fan base. Not even the infamous Lon’Qu has stood up to the wrath of Ike. I am just a keen observer on the side. If Ike is to return, it must be what the majority wants. This is how democracy works. Perhaps such a Lightning Returns, Ike should have his own self-titled game in the form of hack and slash – perhaps called “Ike’s Journey” or “Ike Not in Crimea”

          The mouse pad of Chrom? It is not entirely elegant nor is it fashionable. But any fan girl (and/or boy) of Chrom would want one displayed dearly on the lines of their office. It looks rather unique for someone who wants to be in that interest. The arm rest is the most unique feature within such a product. Whoever thought of it must be a millionaire by now, and “rolling in the deep” such as that one famous song I heard about once upon a time. I am sure maybe one or two at least have it at Nintendo, and most users of have it in their rooms or are currently using one such right now.

          Chrom is also effeminate in his blush. Why is this? I notice it every so often. The interesting hero is Hector of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. He has the ability to grow facial hair and has to be quite muscular to wield an axe. Perhaps Lord Elbert. Perhaps they just liked to keep themselves clean-shaved.


          • Priam is the ‘descendant’ of Ike’s sister (I think) who appeared in Awakening’s final Paralogue. You recruit him after defeating a 50 man army, Priam wielding an aged Ragnell included (beat it with 2 FTW). He likes to talk about training a lot.

    • I didn’t know the game’s most broken character would place only 23rd on the tier list.

      Do you even Logic?

  2. People die everyday of starvation, disease, a star went super nova, a meteor shower is tomorrow, the world is in turmoil, we’re all going to die some day, the sun will cease to exist.

    And this is what you get excited about? Geez.

    Good on Nintendo for not giving too much a fuck about E3 and throwing news left and right, though.

  3. Hey, me again. Long time no see.

    I’m so glad Ike is back. He was one of my mains in Brawl and I stood up for him against all the haters with their “Chrom will replace him” nonsense and it payed off. We like Ike!

    “definitely following the logic that it would just be Marth and the current FE game that’s around”

    It was really dumb how a lot of people (not saying you, but others) claimed there was some sort of pattern where the second FE rep would be cut for the newest lord, even though this only happened once. Once is not a pattern people.

    • Yoooooo, sup Macargo Man. You need to hang out here a lot more!…

      …Wait, I need to give you a reason for that. Whoops! I need to update this blog more often haha!

      Yeah Ike was my main as well, so it’s cool that he’s back. Will be interesting to see how he plays in HD!!!

      Yeah, the pattern itself has little history (I mean there’s only been three smash games to this point), but in general, I just had a sense that Ike’s chances of coming back was slim. Marth you get because hey he’s the first Lord, first Smash character, has a ton of history. Ike on the other hand, yeah he was a main character in two games (starred exclusively in Path of Radiance), but doesn’t have as long a history as someone like Marth. And of course, Roy not returning probably aided in a lot of people’s (and to a certain extent, mine) belief that Ike returning wasn’t in the cards.


      At least we’ll no longer have these discussions whether Chrom will replace Ike anymore.

      • Yeah, maybe I do. The reason my visits are rare because Awakening is the only Fire Emblem I’ve played, so there’s not really much for me to talk about. I’m mostly here for the Smash Bros-related FE stuff.

        Yep, I’m glad too those arguments are over. But now the real fight begins: The battle for Robin to get in over Chrom.

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