Fire Emblem And The Legend of Its Arena

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

…So yeah, I completely forgot that E3 is next week. So I’ll try and whip up epic Fire Emblem predictions and maybe some game predictions.

But today, the arena! The arena is probably most unfamiliar to those who’ve played Awakening. But let’s just say aside from a few games in the series, it’s been a FE staple.

Pretty sure you all know from history battles where gladiators fought tooth and nail for their lives, all while people watched the battle in glee. Most of those people place bets, and win some gold to take home. That’s basically how it works in Fire Emblem. You get to choose most of your units to fight in a controlled (I mean basically whatever your level is you’ll fight at that level) space where if you win, you get double the gold, and if you lose, your character is dead and you lose double your gold. Only a few chapters actually have an arena in each Fire Emblem game, but if used properly, it can serve as an advantage…

…In more ways than one! When I first got around to battling in the arena in Fire Emblem 7, I messed with a little, just leveling up my characters while hovering over the B button so I can quit before my characters die. Then I realized I could abuse it. Well, only with healers really. I’ve rarely not done this in any FE game with an arena. I’m glad my tactician stats aren’t affected in later games…

Of course, a few games in the series did not have an arena, notably any of the games past the GBA Line — Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, and Awakening. The arena has been in all the other games, but not counting the remakes on the DS line, you kind of can wonder if the arena will be a staple in future FE games…

Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see what’ll be done with the arena in SSB4. For now, have a listen to the music of the arena. Note that a lot of the arena sounds happen to be remixes…


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