Share What’s Gonna Happen At E3, Fire Emblem Style!

E3Oh look, it’s E3 week! That means games, games, more games, and some dumb technology will be announced and we never hear from again! People that we never see for most of the year but only see once, or twice, and that’s it! And finally, we’ll see gamers have to change their pants after hearing about an IP they’ve never heard of but it looks cool only to find out years later that it’s not worth the hype (Watchdogs, is that you?).

Whatever the case, E3 is crazy. And I’m crazy too, so it only means that I have to make predictions on what’s gonna happen. At least FE related!

Guaranteed to Happen

1) Ike will be in the latest Smash Bros Trailer.

Because there’s no way he’ll not be in it. He was officially announced on the website, so with that and the stage, we should be able to get a sense on how Ike plays in this version of smash by the trailer.


2) We’ll see the Coliseum stage.

At the Smash Bros direct they showed the stages and additional stages, so I’m expecting we’ll see the Coliseum at some point.

90-95% certain this is going to happen

Oh hi there nails. It's been a while...

Oh hi there nails. It’s been a while…

3) We will get to see what the hell Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is, honest!

Hey, remember that teaser trailer about Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem in January last year? No, you forgot it!??! I don’t blame you — there’s been no information on the game since, aside from some technical stuff no one cares about (like Fire Emblem characters in the real world lol), However, we should be seeing a trailer of the game, and I have no idea what to expect from it. It’ll be kind of crazy to see just what’s gonna happen, but I have no clue. Just gonna have to take it in style.

More 60-40% certain this is going to happen

4) Now, the above chart that list SMT x FE is believable, along with all the other games for the most part. I didn’t need a list to guess we’d see a trailer of the game. However…

E3LINEUPYeah, I don’t see how a game that hasn’t had any footage shown of what the game does is coming out in August. I already believe it’ll be a 2015 title. If not, at best by Christmas. I’ll be slightly surprised if the date is true, but I trust that listing like I trust my grandma to figure out how to use Twitter.

(Note, my grandma doesn’t know Twitter exists)

5) There will be a new FE character announced for Smash. Who that character is, it won’t be a lord!…well, at least, maybe. I’d like to hope there will finally be some diversity and there’ll be a different character from the FE franchise.

There’s a 30% chance this is going to happen, so hold onto your butts

6) New Fire Emblem for 3DS. I don’t know if it’ll be a legitimately new FE game or if it’ll be a remake of an old game. But it will happen.

Actually, since I put it as a 30% chance, I’m talking out of my ass.

The chances of this happening are AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Walters u funny

7) Sigurd will be announced for new smash!


8) New Fire Emblem for Wii U. Same as #5, except I doubt it’ll come for the Wii U at this time. The only chance a standalone FE title will be on the Wii U is if it’s a virtual console game.

Other E3 Guesses

  • New Golden Sun? Probabbbbly not guys, wait until next year. But there might be a character announced for Smash!
  • Speaking of Smash, let’s actually announce a few new characters this time right?
  • Skies of Arcadia, 3DS. Let’s get it Sega. (Hell, Wii U might be better, but I’d like it mobile so…)
  • Sony will announce something really dumb
  • Microsoft will then have the best press conference out of everyone
  • Nintendo will just be in the middle, despite the amount of games announced, mostly since they’re all coming in 2015.
  • The Last Guardian will find a way to not have footage
  • There will be a case of sequelitis by the end of E3
  • Apple will storm E3 with a game console, stunning everyone in the audience.
  • And…uh…I can’t think up any more dumb game guesses. An obscure video game franchise — 3 of them! — will be announced at E3???

Now it’s your turn! What do you think will happen Fire Emblem wise? Share your dumb predictions (don’t leave me hanging!) What other companies do you have your eye on? Well, whatever is E3 related, share it!

Anyways, expect me to do a bunch of tweeting on Tuesday, since Nintendo’s conference starts at 12PM EST. So stalk my twitter if you want.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

6 thoughts on “Share What’s Gonna Happen At E3, Fire Emblem Style!

  1. (So you’re a Watch_Dogs hater. Good to know…..)

    Aren’t the trailers only for new or (in the case of Sheik, Zero Suit Samus and Charizard) standalone characters?

    Sigurd will never happen Walters. Stop deluding yourself.

    • Ahaha, I actually just took that title because I’ve seen some reviews that weren’t very impressed, and also I believe I saw some listing of DLC or some crap with that that led people to be angry or sad about it. In short, I just took the closest thing in my memory.

      They’ve shown everyone in at least one trailer, character or actual in game stuff, which is why I’m certain we’ll see Ike one way or another.

      Look, let me keep my meager hopes alive man, I need it to stay sane!

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