Let’s All Laugh At Walters’s E3 Predictions, Fire Emblem or Otherwise



The few things I got right

Before we even go over into what I screwed up by a lot, I might as well puff my chest up for the few things I actually guessed would happen:


Speaking of Smash, let’s actually announce a few new characters this time right?

If Pac-Man, Mii Fighters, and Palutena don’t count as a few new Smash characters, then I don’t know what will!


Sony will announce something really dumb

They said the words Vib Ribbon. Twice. And didn’t announce it on any platform! Man I saw so many people crushed about that. So Sony was just dumb for bringing the name up without even doing anything with it.


The Last Guardian will find a way to not have footage

I mean, come on. This was too easy.

…Now onto my failed E3 predictions that failed so hard.

The chances of this happening are AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Walters u funny

7) Sigurd will be announced for new smash!


Results: Well, I mean, it’s not like I had any hopes of being surprised anyways.

8) New Fire Emblem for Wii U. Same as #5, except I doubt it’ll come for the Wii U at this time. The only chance a standalone FE title will be on the Wii U is if it’s a virtual console game.

Results: It’s going to be impossible now, even if they moved into that new building! Intelligent Systems is working on Codename: S.T.E.A.M. It involves Abraham Lincoln and aliens. Well sign me up for that. But yeah, fat chance of a new FE game now, unless it’s a remake. And it’s for the 3DS.

There’s a 30% chance this is going to happen, so hold onto your butts

6) New Fire Emblem for 3DS. I don’t know if it’ll be a legitimately new FE game or if it’ll be a remake of an old game. But it will happen.

Actually, since I put it as a 30% chance, I’m talking out of my ass.

Results: I was talking out of my ass. Then again, I wasn’t expecting to hit it big with this, so not really a shock.

Everything Else

lolI mean, the amount of fail in that prediction piece is epic:

  • I said 60-40 chance of a new FE character announced for Smash. We’ll have to wait for that.
  • I guaranteed we’d see Ike and the Coliseum in the new trailer. We didn’t. Now if I just said any trailer I could’ve gotten away with the Coliseum, but lol at me taking easy way out.
  • I also guaranteed everything SMT x FE related would come up. Well, the best we got was “It’s on schedule”. That sure gets my heart racing IS. It sure does.

So yeah, another year, another prediction game gone down the drain. I can’t wait to fail next year!

Rudimentary Thoughts About E3:

  • Boy was there a lot of complaints about more white guys shooting in games this year. Also just a lack of diversity overall. And…Ubisoft just deciding not to be honest.
  • Apparently Nintendo Treehouse was the greatest thing ever. Well, I guess if you were a gamer and wanted to hear the developers take, ok. But I mean, I didn’t really care for it.
  • The Nintendo Digital Event Trailer, however, was fucking awesome. And hilarious.
  • I think I see why EA has been considered the worst company in the past few years after watching their conference. It’s a shame.
  • Overall though, I think Microsoft had the more attractive games lineup, and Nintendo was the one who inspired actual joy in their products, despite only having a few games. Sony’s wasn’t bad, but they lost me when they talked about Powers.
  • Another year passes without any talk about bringing back Skies of Arcadia in some form. I’ll just hold my tears back…

Anyways, what were your thoughts about E3 this year? Whatever you got, share em!


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

8 thoughts on “Let’s All Laugh At Walters’s E3 Predictions, Fire Emblem or Otherwise

  1. An insightful look into E3 Wallace. Disappointments occur in everyday life amongst all human beings (theories suggest animals have such episodes, too) which range from very soft to very hard. It seems you are taking this quite hard – it is not easy to have a Korean boy.gif routinely laugh at you all the time. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to deal with them if you apply your mind. Perhaps all these predictions may come true in other forms, of course.

    I did not watch E3 for the concept is strange to me and some fans are interesting about their approach towards it. In saying this, it is like E3 hype is chaos, compared to such in a battlefield where there is the constant ringing of gunfire that consistently echoes around. Explosions occur every now and then, too, and too many things occur to keep up with. The many soldiers that fight for their lives for a cause they see just on both sides. Apply this to the everyday SONY and Microsoft fans that ravage the world as we know it. If by chance one of them stumbles upon the former Soviet branch of Sega’s brand new gaming system, the AK-47, then the coming of Hell will begin. I believe such sums up the chaos that is E3.

    Do not be too disappointed, Wallace. Perhaps something good will happen soon to appease you. I look forward to more articles.


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