Paying Tribute To A Fire Emblem Game Never Played: Gaiden

Fire Emblem Gaiden CelicaMy knowledge of Fire Emblem: Gaiden is about as miniscule as my knowledge of what really takes place in Genealogy of The Holy War. And I heard the story and levels were kinda crap. Despite that, it’s still a game I think I’d want to play for a decent amount of reasons.

Well, aside from how different it is.

  1. Ok, being different IS its biggest weapon. Let’s just say out of all the Fire Emblem games in existence, it’s the only one with a world map, RPG like battles, and towns. That’s right, normal towns like in a Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Just what was Intelligent Systems smoking? Because despite that they still kept permadeath, the battle system, and the usual cavalcade of units, with only a few new ones. But I dunno, sounds like a FE game I’d love to play today. Especially to see an updated Doma.
  2. It’s another world to explore! We’ve done a bunch of worlds and places, but hey, it’d be nice to see what the heck is Valencia and the places there. Also, to see the characters there (and see Camus!!)
  3. It’s considered the black sheep of the series. Man, lots of things can be the black sheep huh? Well I’ve played some black sheep games (Zelda II being one of them), so I might as well play some more.
  4. Hey, we can always use more Fire Emblem on the 3DS. Even if it’s a remake. Sorry, S.T.E.A.M will not be enough for me!

So yeah, I’d appreciate a remake of this game, if only because it’s drastically different from everything else. Just make sure Genealogy comes first Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

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